Stop holding on, it’s time to let Go.

Good day to you all and thank you taking the time to acknowledge this writer’s message. The time has come for us to release a statement that will hopefully resonate with many of you, as we wished it was written to us in our past on many different occasions. We’ll try to get what we are attempting to transcribe in as short of an article as possible, and what is it that we are attempting to transcribe to you? Simply that it is time to move on, as it has been for quite some time. As we discuss ever so often, our past (experiences and events) typically stick to us more than we would like, even if we refuse to acknowledge that fact. We allow our past to mold our present (as we perceive our past experiences to directly correlate to our present moment, meaning that we believe these past experiences will be very similar to those that we are currently experiencing, and those that we “will” experience. This closes our minds to endless possibilities, and truly suffocates the essence of who we are meant to be as Human beings) and dictate our future. Now if your thinking “What the hell is this guy talking about? My past doesn’t dictate who I am even slightly, and I never relate the past to my future, I don’t know who would. I’m here, right now”, well then congratulations, you can stop reading (or maybe your just in complete denial and need to read this very badly). Regardless, we have come here to share, not to rant, as always; shall we begin?

You may have experienced a traumatic experience in your past. We all have ultimately. After all, you can’t have happiness without its contrast, nor can you have love without hate, the two exist within the spectrum of duality, whether your willing to admit the fact or not is simply up to you. Say this traumatic event was social (you embarrassed yourself at a gathering previously, and now have a difficult time engaging in gathering, believing that the past may repeat itself and not allowing yourself to experience and alternative path than the previous) and it has hindered you from progressing socially ever since. Maybe it was a traumatic event involving family (depending on the degree of severity, which can range from a mere disagreement that happened to evolve into a lengthy feud all the way to consistent abuse which could be mental or physical, or a combination of the two. However, we won’t go too deep into that pond, as we are not here to invoke the past on an unsettling level that would make you uncomfortable, unless you are of course prepared to face that wound) that has prevented you from making amends with those who are meant to be the closest to you in life, or, it may have even prevented you from opening yourself up to the idea of either growing into another “family” (this could be through a romantic relationship, a serious friendship or beginning your own family) simply because you are unable to stay emotionally stable in this type of relationship for any length of time due to your past experience. Maybe it was a traumatic romantic relationship; it started out great and incredibly powerful, yet as the initial illusion faded, the negative period began. You now find yourself unable to trust potential partners, for fear that it will end up just like “last time”. In any of these situations, you find yourself unable to live in the present moment, as you are constantly believing the past experiences will dictate those in which you have yet to live through. You approach every scenario in a biased manner. Not allowing yourself to experience that which you were meant to.

Maybe it’s the complete opposite, you’ve experienced such a profoundly positive and loving moment in your life. Unfortunately, you are constantly comparing the previous experience to that which you are currently engaged in. Maybe you have a hard time getting to know new people in the city to which you just moved, as you believe these individuals will never be able to understand the depth in which your character provides, unlike your old friends, who really seemed to “get you” and you likewise with them. You approach every conversation with a superior tone, trying to see if this individual will be able to resonate with your “authentic persona” and relate to it (*news flash, if I am describing you. Then you may be in dire need of a reality check. We have faith in you, just try to give the new ones in your life a chance, they may just surprise you..). Maybe you can’t stand going to see your good friend or lover’s family. After all, they’re aliens. Nothing compared to your gracious loved ones who raised and were raised alongside you. You never allow yourself to directly engage in conversations with them, to get to know them, not after the first time you met them at Jenny’s aunt Stacy’s anniversary with her husband Jimmy, in which everyone was belligerently wasted and reciting the history of their family’s involvement in the civil war, and you, being the good person you are, had to be the designated driver for both Jenny’s parents and Stacy and Jimmy. When you got home, you told Jenny very firmly that you would never allow yourself to be immersed in such a primitive environment. Maybe you are unable to engage in a new romantic relationship, as your previous was the love of your life. Your eternal soul mate. The new guy that just asked you out ordered onions on his burger. Although he was sweet, his breath was foul. That new girl you just grabbed coffee with? Well she drinks tea. Only decaffeinated tea. You ponder if she is even Human. You are unable to move past the first week with a new individual, as you simply know it’ll never be as good as last time. Once again, you find yourself unable to find happiness in the present moment, as the past experience was incredible, and you believe that it will never be able to repeat itself, especially in the current scenario. You judge black as blue. You believe grey will never be gold. 

Ultimately, your living in the past. Worried that it will manifest in the future, or, not manifest in the future, as it was great then and you can’t trust the idea that it may become once more. You find yourself unable to accept the situation before you, in the present. What matters more than anything, is that you need to accept the fact that your standards are set too high or far too low. Your preventing yourself from manifesting the life that you truly deserve, and you deserve everything this life has to offer. You were meant to thrive in every aspect of your life, not struggle to survive and barely meet the quota you set for yourself ever so long ago. The past does not dictate your current predicament. The future has no bearing on what you are currently engaged in. If you find yourself anxious about what to come, as what has passed has been ever so depressing, then you need to acknowledge that it is you that is preventing yourself from moving forward and accepting that which has happened; sure the past events were traumatic, but they are exactly what the description entails, the PAST. They have no correlation to what you are currently experiencing, and have to right to affect you any longer, unless you allow them to do so. If you are depressed about the future, as the past was ever so splendid, then once again, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are not allowing the beauty that you once experienced to seep back into your life, as you are holding it to a standard, and beauty and positivity do no have standards, they come in all shapes and colors, all sounds and vibrations, it is truly up to you, to determine that which it is. You must move on from the past, and acknowledge that the future will not behave in a certain way simply because the past events behaved so, if you live like that, then you’re not really living at all, your simply thinking and judging within your mind. Allow it all to dissipate, and face that which in front of you right now without hesitation, without judgement. Who knows, you might just love that which manifests before you. 

Of course, if you are having an incredibly difficult time accepting that which is holding you back from living the life you truly deserve, then it may be time to talk with someone who is willing to listen. Letting it all out, and trying to come to a conclusion together, after all, two minds are truly better than one. As always, if you just read this article and it deeply resonated with you, however you do not know where to continue then you are more than welcome to reach out to us here at Fragmented Illusions. We are no medical professionals, and that should be the first resource you reach out to, however if your nervous as to where to continue, then we are more than willing to hear and offer advice on a solution. 

As always, if you enjoyed the article, please share it with your friends and family, those whom you truly believe will benefit from it. After all that’s what we’re here to do, simply inform.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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