Through the wormhole…

Thoughts… Thoughts… I try to keep them as positive as possible whenever I interface with technology. However, the matter of the fact is that I’m already dead. I’ve died many times. Your already dead. You’ve died many times. We scratch the skin, killing thousands of cells. More quickly grow, taking their place. Repairing the damaged, until once more it is damaged. The process repeats. Many perish each and every day within this existential reality that we happen to inhabit. Only to jump right back in the game. So many come alive. So many have their final breath deprived. Alas, the circle. Are you part of it? Of course you are. Don’t be so foolish to think otherwise. After all, i’m not truly writing here. It may appear to be so. However, the truth is that I moved on from that humble hobby of mine long ago. When, you may ask? The same time that I happened to crash. The blinding light. Once more, through the wormhole; simply to Break On Through To The Other Side. Here I am. From the womb we emerge, to the tomb we submerge, only to repeat the process once more. Do you enjoy it here? I do, after all. It’s limited. SO enjoy it while it lasts, as nothing does. Well. The funny thing is, it all lasts. Are you willing to try to decipher the encrypted message? Well good luck. The good part is, you already figured it out. You simply haven’t realized it just yet; as a matter of fact, you just did. Congratulations, you failed and succeeded at the exact same time. I hate to throw you into the never-ending continuum of eternity, but the funny thing is, that you happen to be writing this message. Maybe not here, not now. Elsewhere however. You are doing what you were meant to. Alas, you have begun your task. For that we are very grateful. Where do we go from here, my dear? Well, through the wormhole. Once more.

You open your eyes and awaken to the same reality that you have inhabited for [insert determined “age” here]. It is ever fleeting however, your time in this body. You realize that there is much for you to do while you still possess energy. It’s been a long day. A long “night”it has been as well, you simply didn’t realize that, now did you? What’s on the to do list? Everything. Your exhausted. You close your eyes. The manifestation shuts down. Powers up for the next “day”. The next cycle in which you are Present within this time frame. This isn’t the only time frame however, you must realize this, I hope you do at least. After all, do you believe Us to be that simplistic after all? Come on. You know you better than that, just as we know you better than you know yourself. What happens when you close your eyes and leave this vessel? Onto the next. Of course. So much work to be done across the multiverse. So little time. Got ya. That’s your own mental fabrication after all, not ours. Do you like Time? Well, you shouldn’t. It limits you after all. Limits Us all. Alas, what is happening across space and time as your controller leaves the vessel? Well, you simply control another. Maybe you go to the interface. So many games to be played across consciousness. What is your favorite? We’d love to know. Is it that each and every life you hope to sow through hope and hate and love and lust, only to bid it all at the end on the hand bound carried fluently by the crow?

It’s rather humourous for us to acknowledge this statement as it pours unto itself. We are guided. We are typing, yet what is it that we seek to portray. Could any of us truly understand the difference between night and day? The visions you wish to paint, transcribing the internal experience that was just portrayed. Alas, it is taken away from you. In the blink of an eye, no longer do you know that which is true. Through and through, we seek to send a guiding light unto you. What is it that shall be revealed? The truth? The lies? That which begets both in the form of an untimely demise. Alas, this is a mystery, of a rather enormous size. Incalculable. Inhospitable. Detrimental to those who decide they may open up their eyes. See for yourself, if you truly wish that is. After all, the myth that is transcribed may or may not be a part of this. The great eagle carried the bear to a distant island. They spoke in riddles over the difficulties of surviving. In an ocean. I can’t swim. Nor can I fly. Down to the depths, our only option, yet this is the unexplored unto which truly lies? Will we find it at last? Our past? That which will guide the future and allow this present moment to be infinitely surpassed? Come now. Please do. After all, we’ve been waiting for you. As you’ve been waiting for us. Unto the downpour, we began to rust. Alas, shine with some spirited willpower, reveals the golden enclave within that has been torn asunder.

Where do you go when you close your eyes? What if you were to awaken, only to forget that the previous evening your earthly vessel met an untimely demise? Now you are present in the parallel, through the wormhole. You emerged from the tomb only to find yourself in the womb. You chose this fate, on this very specific date. It is never too late to open up the inner gate. You must pass through it alone, as you always have been. Through the trials across this lonely Island. Suspended in time. Cast out unto space. Awaiting the moment that it shall truly put us face to face, with whom you may ask? Yourself, oh yet again. Here we have always been, within. Outwards through the glass, they shall try to forge you within the class, you will be tied down by a form of the mass, if you awaken before or at the end, you will realize at last. You are alone. You always have been. You always will be. That is of course, until you return unto me. Through the wormhole, once again.

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