It has Begun.

Within, it truly has. Outwards is where we shall relay this newfound source of information and inspiration that we have managed to grasp. For as long as we are capable, we shall do that which we can. Spreading the truth of our own internal Universe out into the greater reality; it shall be judged. It shall be hated. It shall be appreciated. Above all else however, it shall be true, if only from the perspective of a single fragment. That which has begun is difficult to comprehend. As once you begin you will find it extremely difficult to end. Twists and turns will guide you through an endless transparent maze. That which extends externally does so because of your internal gaze. We’ve been feeling this way for quite some time. It is intense however. Typically we’d rather hide. Away from reality and the descent into profanity. That which is unconscious. Unthinking and unflinching to the point that which we reach our brink and decide to rise above or remain sinking. So now, we shall speak of the event that has taken place, after all it’s not part of the race, it happened in a space in which we kept our pace and then suddenly vanished without a trace. SO I suppose we shall begin in the same point as to where we ended last time. Which brings us right here and right now. Oh dear, will you allow yourself to be consumed by fear, or will you open yourself up to a portion that is far more sincere. It won’t be easy. It won’t be difficult either. At the end of this task that you have decided upon, you may come out the sole survivor, alas, that is what you have always been, that is all you ever shall be, the sole soul who has made it through that which you believed you would be unable to do.

This task of life, is ultimately a double-edged knife. You may grab one side and carve out that which you were destined to, your own piece. Your own fragment shall we say. This will be a painful experience, it will be difficult, in the end you will emerge bloodied and crippled (changed), however, you will have done that which you have been destined to do, ultimately this is all that matters. The other path you could follow however is simply not picking up the knife at all. Staring at the whole, knowing you could carve that piece out, however you acknowledge that it will be painful and you don’t know if you are willing to put yourself through that. You stand there. Staring at the double-sided knife. Anxious about picking it up and allowing yourself to carve out that which you are meant to. Day after day, you allow fear to paralyze you. “I’ll get to it”, “Maybe tomorrow”. By the time you are willing to finally pick up that knife and begin the work you’ve been meaning to set to for so long, you are exhausted. You’ve been cheering on (and being envious of) those who have picked up the knife. You’ve watched them thrive and go through their own hardships, their own pain, however they have been diligently carving their own piece. Now you see that those around you have finally managed to carve out their piece. You decide it is time. However, a younger shadow sneaks up from the entrance behind you (the entrance into the realm of life, in which the whole is there, the knife is a representation of willpower and perseverance, of love if you will- rather than fear), they look at you for a moment with clarity. You look at them anxiously, wondering their purpose and why they happen to be in your “space”. The younger shadow materializes at last, it is you, younger, more willing, and they pick up that double-sided knife without second thought and instantly begin carving out their fragment from the whole. You become angry and reach for the knife within the younger self’s grasp, you hand goes right through the blade, right through the materialization of the younger self, you have become the shadow. Your place has been taken. 

Over time, much time. We shall carve our own path. This we acknowledge. It will be painful. Many hardships shall be endured and overcome. At the end of it all however, it shall be more than worth it. The pain shall turn into beauty, as it always has been, it simply required some rearrangement of perspective. I suppose more than anything, all we wish to say is that you have a path. We have a path. We must find ourselves on that path if we truly wish to thrive, after all if you refuse yourself your own heart, then it is only you who has allowed yourself to be denied. 

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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