Our “Holographic” Brain.

Good day to you. I hope that your day has been going rather splendid as you lay confined within the Human Zoo. I enjoyed it thus far, if you’d like to know. The time has come, as it does every single moment, to relinquish that which inhabits. Today we will speak of a topic that will truly question many of your beliefs, if you happen to emerge from a scientific background. However, this information that we shall share with you is scientific information unto itself, and we shall provide links at the end of the article from where we have received the majority of our information. That which we are relaying to you is the concept that our physical brains are not entirely as necessary as we have deemed them to be throughout our history. In fact, our brains may not be the “source” in which we store and receive the information that we gather and receive throughout our Human experience. Now that we have piqued your interest, shall we begin? 

20 years ago, in 1997, an article published in The New York Times reported that children who suffer from brain damage happen to have their intelligence and physical coordination improved by having the part of their brain that was damaged, removed completely. This happens to contradict mainstream biology, as if you have half your brain removed, shouldn’t you also happen to lose half of your “collective functional identity” (your personal cache of knowledge, memories, pleasures, pains etc.) and half of your ability to function as well? No, apparently you do not. Rather on the contrary, you happen to gain back that which you may have lost when your brain was damaged to begin with. This new found knowledge surprised the most veteran scientists, who now acknowledged that this completely contradicted that which they had been teaching and researching for most of their careers. A study conducted by Dr. Eileen P.G. Vinings at John Hopskins University which studied 54 different children who had undergone the procedure brought much of the new found information to light, Dr. Vinings is recorded as stating “We are awed by the apparent retention of memory, and by the retention of the child’s personality and sense of humor”. Of course, convincing parents that a portion of their child’s brain should be removed so that they may function properly once more is never an easy conversation to undertake, however if they agree, the results that will manifest are generally unbelievable, quite literally. Essentially, children that were suffering from chronic severe seizures (a typical by product of severe brain damage) as well as other uncomfortable conditions now had their lives greatly improved and no longer depended on the crutches that they had to beforehand (multiple medications, therapy of different kinds, constant reliance on their parents and guardians to assist them with the most basic of tasks), after the operation in which the damaged portion of their brain was removed, these children were leading normal lives.

  1. http://www.nytimes.com/1997/08/19/science/removing-half-of-brain-improves-young-epileptics-lives.html

Back in the 1980’s, Roger Lewin (a reputable writer for the renowned “Science” journal) published an article entitled “Is your brain really necessary?” which summarized the work of Dr. John Lorber, a doctor who specialized in the treatment of a condition known as “hydrocephalus” (essentially where your brain is filled with water, rather than brain matter). Essentially cerebro-spinal fluid backs up into the skull and builds up pressure, with no way to drain out. Back in Lorber’s time there was were few methods to treat this, as in the present surgical “shunts” can be implemented to drain the fluid. Now here’s the interesting part, back in Lorber’s day a research study was conducted in which 253 individuals who possessed the condition were studied at the University of Sheffield in London. Within the study group, nine of the individuals possessed only 5% of their regular brain tissue left, which would appear to be incredibly detrimental in their ability to do, well anything. Regardless, four within the group had IQ’s greater than 100 and two more had IQ’s greater than 126. Six out of the nine victims were fine, despite the fact that they had water in place of a brain. This is absolutely baffling, and shouldn’t be possible. Unless we happen to generate and retain our “knowledge” from an area outside of the brain. In one of Lorber’s papers, he describes one of the young men who had an IQ of 126, the man gained a first class honors degree in mathematics and was capable of maintaining a proper social life (meaning he wasn’t a reclusive one of a kind “genius”, he engaged academically and socially on a perfect normal level). Upon completing a brain scan of the young man, it was revealed that instead of the normal 4.5 centimeter thickness of brain tissue between the ventricles and the cortical surface, there was just a thin layer of mantle measuring a millimeter or so. His cranium was completely filled with the cerebro-spinal fluid. When this information was released to the public, it was viciously attacked and criticized by mainstream scientists who believed that this was a “fluke” in the brain scanner and that it was simply impossible for an individual to function efficiently while missing such a significant portion of their brain. However, as Lorber repeated the experiments it was revealed that this “fluke” was actually a fact, although the individual quite literally had no brain, he was still utilizing an above average intelligence and maintaining social life. As stated earlier, this condition is now easily treated with the implementation of surgical “shunts” that directly drain the fluid. However, the past studies do reveal some incredibly interesting information, that we are not truly thinking with our biological brains as we have believed ourselves to be for so very long, on the contrary, our intelligence seems to be coming from an “external” source rather than an “internal” one. 

  1. http://www.rifters.com/real/articles/Science_No-Brain.pdf

This brings us to our conclusion within this article, if we don’t happen to be receiving and retaining information within our minds, then where exactly is all the “magic” happening? Well I personally (as many others in this day and age) believe that we happen to be tapping into the collective consciousness as individual fragments whenever we are receiving new information and we are also tapping into that collective consciousness as we recall previous knowledge. Essentially, when a professor, teacher, article or novel is relaying some newfound information to you, they (the authors as well) are tapping into the collective consciousness to recall that previous information, they are tapping into the internal so that they may externalize the information so that the consciousness may spread to a new fragment which in turn will internalize that information and of course externalize it to other fragments so that the knowledge continues to pass on throughout consciousness. It may seem like a very difficult concept to comprehend, after all many of you are most likely wondering “well what of the inventors of the ideas, concepts and tools, what about them, they must have somehow gotten the information all by themselves!” and you are correct, however they aren’t getting this information unto themselves, they are “receiving” it rather as their fragment’s intelligence becomes open enough to receive and then relay the new found information. Essentially, once the intelligence of a collective species is evolved enough for a new “upgrade” shall we say, the consciousness that is the Universe and all within will relay the newfound information to a fragment that is open to receive it (damn, that individual is so creative! Well yes, but I’d like to think of it more so as the individual is simply “open”) and from that individual the newfound knowledge shall reach the masses. This is why you’ll see throughout history that the inventions that helped us the greatest quite literally sprung up all over the world in locations that would not have been in contact one another (or the inventors had no contact with one another) at the exact or similar time frame. This is known as “multiple discovery” and has been recorded since the dawn of civilization. All the major inventions; the wheel, metalworking, electricity and so many more vital discoveries were literally “invented” in different parts of the world, at essentially the exact same time. So what many have proposed before me and that I am simply reiterating to the community that heeds these words, is that your intelligence depends on how open and conscious you are of your role at this moment in time. After all, all individuals excel at different skills, no one is good at everything, and there is always someone more skilled than yourself (which is great because that simply means the learning never ends!). If you follow the path of your heart, where your passion truly lies, then you will without a doubt become more and more gifted upon the path that you follow, as you allow the greater consciousness to flow unto you. You are now able to manifest your dreams and goals into reality, as they have always been within reach, it was simply up to you to literally chase them and grasp them. There is reason why so many “geniuses” throughout time have always been dumbfounded at the idea that some people believe them to be “gifted” or “intelligent beyond measure”, to them, it simply comes because they are “passionate” about what they do and therefore allow consciousness to constantly flow through them, manifesting greater and greater intelligence as they consciously continue their work! There is much more to be said on this topic, and we shall continue speaking of this issue later on. However, for the time being, we shall end on the note that if you wish to manifest the intelligence which you have always sought after, simply do what you truly love. This may be somewhat off beat from the original notion that our brains are useless, however it does go along the same path that our physical brains aren’t required to manifest intelligence. It’s coming from elsewhere, as long as we allow it to flow on through!

As always I hope you are doing well, wherever you may be. If you enjoyed the article then please share it with your friends and loved ones, after all that is what we are here for, to simply inform.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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