The power of Gratitude.

Good day my friends. I pray that you are well wherever you may be, and that you are thriving in this new “week” as you so deserve to be. On this end of the line it has been an interesting day. Perspective has been gained and wisdom from our true elder has been obtained. For that we are incredibly grateful. The topic in which we wish to discuss with you is that which we hold very dear to our heart. It is the unrecognized power of Gratitude. Many of us take our the simplest of things in our lives for granted. Our loved ones. The fact that we possess enough sustenance on our table each evening. The fact that we are as healthy as we allow ourselves to be. The fact that we are happy and loved, so long as we allow those traits to shine through. Being grateful not only allows you to acknowledge that which you have received (or given) from (or to) another individual, it allows you to show them the love they (or you) deserve in the process. Alas, before we go too deep in the introduction, we shall begin, and so it is time, is it not? 

We all have moments in our lives in which we are incredibly thankful for an experience that has just occurred in our presence, or rather, we are grateful; Your parents just drove you to a friends house when it was completely out of their way, the cooked you a lovely meal without asking anything in return from you. Your friend just helped you out with some research or assignments, they could tell you were overwhelmed, and they had free time so they were more than happy to assist you in this endeavor. Your lover just took you out for an amazing day which included all your favorite activities, even though they happen to find this activities horrid, they love you and could tell you were in need of a boost, so they went along with the day nonetheless. You feel worthy, loved and appreciated after you receive this type of attention, after all, you deserve it. We all deserve to be treated in such a lovely manner, after all, we are Human Beings and our purpose is to thrive (the pursuit of happiness, if you will). However, the more important aspect of this arrangement is that the question, are you recuperating the generosity in which you are receiving? Are you truly grateful for what these individuals have done for you? Have you shown them the love that they truly deserve for acting in such a positive manner towards you, or do you believe it to be your birth right to be treated in such a manner? Ultimately, are you acknowledging that which has been done for you, and returning the favor later down the road in turn? The matter of the fact is that many people in this day and age have forgotten the true power of gratitude. They take the most that they receive for granted, simply because it’s a part of everyday life so it begins to truly lose it’s meaning. This renders them unconscious to that which sustains them; that meal and drink that you were just offered and received was not your birth right, the individual who prepared and placed it before you was not truly obligated to do so (unless of course, you are at a restaurant, in which you are paying for the meal, in this regard you are being provided with a service, and to which you are exchanged currency for sustenance, clearly involving a fair exchange. This doesn’t mean however that you shouldn’t thank your chef and server if they provided good service), they did so out of their own goodness, and in turn they typically expect something in return, by something I am referring to a thank you, a clear indication that you appreciated that which you received, in short, your gratitude. Not only will the individual whom provided something for you feel the appreciation that you initially felt when you were cared for, they will see that you truly acknowledge and reciprocate the love that was provided to the producer, a clear exchange of love if you will, which leaves both parties satisfied and happy (you received something that was generous and in turn you showed your appreciation for the generosity).

The true power of gratitude goes a long way in the end. As both individuals involved in the exchange come out on the other end satisfied and with a positive mindset. Gratitude also goes much further than the simple initial “gratitude” that you extend towards individuals whom assisted you in some way. It also allows you to forgive those who many have wronged you more easily, how is this possible? Well for example, you have had a huge argument with a loved one, it was rather intense. Words were said that should not have been spoken. You were hurt, they were hurt and now you don’t know where to continue. Will you be able to mend such a disfigured wound or will you allow it to become a part of you? The first step is to of course acknowledge that which has taken place. If you are able to muster the courage, now you must remember the good times you have had with this individual, the times you were grateful to have them alongside you. If you can acknowledge these moments (the positives) and realize that they ultimately outweigh that which has just occurred (the negative) then chances are you are in need of rekindling with this individual and forgiving them over what has just occurred, and allowing yourself to be grateful for having them in your life once more.

On a daily basis, if you are in need of a positive boost (an energetic charge or motivational surge if you will) then you should simply envision that in life which you are grateful for. That which keeps you charging no matter what. The most common examples I can give you are your family, friends, pets, occupation (if you are truly grateful for it), your surroundings, your “gifts”(skills which you have accepted and honed over the years). Acknowledging that which you are grateful for reminds you about what in life is truly worth fighting for, no matter what. Ultimately in life, we have so much to be thankful for. No matter our situation, we must be grateful for our life. If we happen to be in a positive situation, we must be incredibly grateful for it and pray that it sustains as it is meant to. If we are in a negative situation, we must be grateful for our life and the opportunities that will emerge from the ashes, we must be thankful that our situation can change at any given time, allowing us to move on to who we are meant to truly be in this life, even if our current circumstance happens to be holding us back. There is a reason why many of the healing arts focus primarily on “gratitude” as their source for continuing their work. In energy work many healers focus on that which they are grateful for, as this brings you into a positive and pure state mind, allowing you to focus on love and why you are doing that which you are doing to begin with. However, if you focus on gratitude, no matter what your profession happens to be, you will thrive. If you focus on what you are grateful for while you work, then you allow yourself to be immersed into a positive state of being until you are reunited with that which you are grateful for. If you allow yourself to focus on the negatives and the fact that you are not happy with the work that you do, then typically you won’t thrive in what you are accomplishing, as you are doing so in a negative state of Being, and it reflects in the work. 

Ultimately, gratitude should be redirected to every aspect of your life. Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for the struggle you are currently enduring in order to attain that which you truly want in life. If you allow yourself to be grateful, not only will you bring more joy and happiness into your own life (as you are living in a positive state of Being), but you’ll also be bringing more love into the lives of those around you. In turn, you’ll simply be more fulfilled. People will notice and the Universe will in turn. Good things will start happening, as you deserve them too. Be grateful my friends. 

I am incredibly grateful that you took the time out of your day to read this article, thank you, reader.

As always, if you enjoyed the article then please share it with your friends and loved ones, those whom you believe will truly benefit from the reading. After all, we are simply here to inform and the more people we can reach, the better.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)



4 thoughts on “The power of Gratitude.

  1. Love that you included being grateful for our struggles as well. So important! Really enjoyed this. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Alalyak and I hope your having a lovely evening. More than happy to write to those that enjoy, so thank you in turn!


  2. Nice article. Even though I know all of this on some level in my mind, it was very nice to see it written out this eloquently. I needed this today, so thank you for sharing. Life really isn’t some divine right… any of us can go at any moment so being thankful to still be here makes a lot of sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anytime my friend, i’m happy that it resonated with you.

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