The law of Karma.

Hello everyone, I hope that you are doing well, wherever you may be. I’m in the process of moving from one place to another at the moment, so my state is rather hectic overall, however it should be completed by tomorrow evening, so the work is almost done. That is rather off topic, and I apologize, however, if any of my writing appears to be somewhat disgruntled in the next few days, you will know the reasoning behind it without having to search for a random conclusion. Today we will speak of the law of Karma, what it entails, how we gain/ lose and work through this universal law. Many of you are probably thinking “I know what karma is and I most certainly do not need a written tutorial on the concept” and if that is the case then you are most likely correct and have no reason to waste your time here. However, if you’ve ever heard the term and wondered of its true meaning, or you’d simply like to refresh yourself on this concept, then sit tight and let’s delve in. The time has come, as it always does, shall we begin my friends?

Oh Karma. The Universal Law that governs us all on a daily basis. It affects us all in different ways and we are living the way we live due to our karmic balance. Karma is roughly translated from Sanskrit as “action, word or deed”. Essentially the basic understanding of the law of Karma is “You receive what you give”, it’s the eternal circle of life that balances out one’s choices either in this life, or the next (yes, that means that if you are currently living a life of power due to the painstaking labor of others who hardly receive anything in return for that which they so diligently accomplish, you may want to change your ways, otherwise you’ll end up returning and living a similar experience as to those who suffered underneath you as you prospered. Realistically, in another dimension you are already working through your karmic balance for what you are doing a day-to-day basis. What goes around comes around ladies and gentlemen, what goes around comes around). Of course, in your current life you generally won’t feel the forces of Karma too strongly, as long as you live a balanced lifestyle, you’ll still answer for the good and bad that you endure and put others through once you go through the wormhole, but typically you won’t notice this law come into play at this moment in time unless you are truly pushing the boundaries. The question now arises, what is pushing the boundaries? Well it should seem rather obvious, you are either living a normal and balanced life, which won’t affect you too significantly as stated above, or your living at either end the extreme in a positive or negative manner. 

Before we get into the effects of living in both a positive and negative manner, we should address the issue of those of us who are currently working through karma from our past lives (and current) and how we can allow ourselves to simply work through this “baggage” without further collect more and hindering ourselves from living the life we are meant to. We should take note that most people have karma to work through (and those that don’t will most certainly accumulate some, it’s rare to find incarnate masters of the universe who flow through life just as seamlessly as the sea) and that we can either acknowledge this and work through it as quickly as possible or we can continue to live unconsciously (which is really the easy way out and entraps us in the endless cycle that so many of us find ourselves in) and accumulate more and more of it, which does nothing but make more work for us down the road and prevents our assistance from reaching not only ourselves but those who we were meant to help in this lifetime. So, what does working through karma entail? Well, it involves your current situation in life, that which you were born into; were you born into an especially difficult situation upon Earth? Maybe you have a mental or physical ailment that greatly impedes your progress in this lifetime and you must work very hard to overcome these difficulties and do what you came here to do (You were born blind, deformed, mentally unstable etc. Although the trick to being born in these manifestations is to really accept them as what you are, and not see them as impediments, but rather as gifts that you can utilize to not only benefit yourself but also those around you. What do I mean by that? Well, instead of seeing yourself as a universal victim who was born into this horrible life that you must endure because it’s part of your “struggle”, you could flip that around completely and use it to your advantage and to motivate others. Say you were born with a disease that makes you live only for a short duration. Maybe you have no motor control over your body. Instead of using these as crutches in life to makes others feel bad for you and in turn make others do everything for you, as “you can’t help yourself”, you could start helping others and doing that which you’ve always dreamed of, regardless of your ailment. Start speaking to those around you and accomplishing that which you’ve always believed was impossible. Encouraging those around you to start living to their full potential as they see you doing the same. You may be missing a leg, but you can still climb that mountain, as long as you are willing. Of course, we must acknowledge the fact that some ailments are incredibly difficult to work through, although they allow you to shine like a beacon of light in this world, they also require much “healing” and work in order to restore your manifestation to its full potential!), maybe you were born with the incredible intellect and access to whatever it is that you wish, however with great power comes great responsibility and you can either choose to utilize these incredible resources that you’ve been gifted with for the betterment of the whole entirely or you can use them solely for your own self, which is not why you received these gifts. After all, you worked very hard in previous lifetimes to attain such a powerful manifestation, so if you decide to use it to help solely yourself, your simply going backwards from whence you came. Working through Karma essentially means accepting the struggles that you are going through in this lifetime as part of your “contract” and following through with them honorably, eventually overcoming the balance and allowing yourself to strive towards your true destiny. On the other hand, if you happen to be struggling and not accepting this as part of your life, that you will eventually overcome through perseverance and a positive mentality, then you are not working through karma, you are simply building up more and more of it, which is still required to be worked through. By this we mean if you try to take advantage of those around you who are struggling as well so that you may be more comfortable in your current situation, then you are only making it worse for yourself in the end (as you made it worse for your brothers and sisters who are struggling through the same situation). 

Now, onto the two extremes in which the minority of individuals upon planet earth live, however these two types of individuals are those that are often accomplishing constantly and doing as they will, they also happen to be competing against one another for the fate of our planet as well as the favor of the majority of “balanced” individuals who simply wish to live their lives on their own accord and not be bothered by the larger scheme of things.

The first type of individual we will discuss is the extremely positive individual, those who have worked through their karmic balance and understand the Universal law as a whole. They strive for the betterment of all mankind, the planet and life in general. These positive individuals spend the duration of their lives helping others and revitalizing the planet and all aspects of it. They pursue the arts and intellectual areas in a positive manner, giving true knowledge to the scientific community, writing for change and the pursuit of happiness in the philosophical and literary communities, starting charities to help those who truly need it, giving a voice to those who have not through the power of music and in so many other ways. They are here to assist us in moving onto the next stage of Human evolution, where all Beings live in complete harmony with one another and respect the wishes of those around them without question. They build up a large amount of positive karma, and upon passing through to the other side, they continue to work through the “light” as they manifest once more (if they choose to do so of course, we must acknowledge that we possess Free Will after all, and are very lucky to do so). 

The second type of individual is of course the extremely negative individual, these are individuals who care not for the law of karma, they do not understand it even slightly. They take everything they can and never give back. They destroy that which surrounds them for mere “power”, without even acknowledging the fact that they are simply destroying themselves. These individuals rape the planet for it’s “resources” without thinking of the future or the side effects, they exploit the weak and take from the poorest simply because “they can”, it makes them feel “powerful”, as they realize up against a true adversary who is capable of generating that which they so highly sought after (power) on their own accord, they do not stand a chance. So they hide, and they take, and take, and take more, without realizing that it is simply themselves whom they are taking from in the present. These negative individuals allow their twisted minds to create technologies that help the individual but hinder the whole. They pursue the arts in a negative manner and twist them to the point in which they represent the complete opposite of what they are meant to uphold. They go through life completely unconsciously, and upon passing on to the other side, acknowledge that they must now go through all they suffering the caused to begin with (they also acknowledge that they were suffering just as greatly as those around them, however their unconsciousness did not allow them to acknowledge this simple fact).

These are the two types of individuals who build up the largest amounts of Karma, while either being aware of that which they do, or disregarding this simple universal law entirely. Ultimately, as Beings of Free Will, we always have a choice. We can either go through life in a balanced manner, without regarding the greater reality and not truly affecting it in any manner, however this is typically the most enjoyable way to live life, as we are allowed to see both sides of the spectrum whenever we wish and not delve too deep into either wise, it is however typically a life of ignorance, even it is blissful. You can choose to live life like this, and for that there will be no judgement, only love towards your decision, after all you are truly the only one who can judge how you choose to live your life, as it is yours, and no one has the right to impede on that choice. However, the alternative is to delve into one of the extremes, in our hearts we all know what is truly right, and that which is truly wrong, it is up to us to simply walk down whatever path we decide upon, and see it through until its end. We live in a Universe of Duality, so there will always been “Good” and “Evil”, no matter what. You as a Being of Free Will however, have the right to decide that which you are. Now the question arises, which path shall you follow? The choice is yours, as it always has been. 

As always, we pray that you are well and thriving. If you have any questions regarding this article then please feel free to email us @ We are more than happy to discuss that which may concern you. Considering the concept of Karma is truly infinite, you can most definitely expect more posts on the subject in the future, this was simply to give you a basic and broad idea of the concept.

If you enjoyed the post then please do share it with your friends and family, those who would benefit from reading it. We wish to reach a larger audience because we truly believe that which we speak of will truly benefit those who seek to comprehend. We are here to inform after all, nothing more.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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