Creating and Clearing Space.

Good evening everyone and thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this writer’s thoughts. Tonight we shall speak of the act of creating and clearing space. This simple action can really have profound effects upon your personal life and those around you that share the same space. If you are feeling disorganized, chaotic or cluttered and you analyze your surroundings only to acknowledge that your external surroundings clearly represent your internal being, then maybe this is simply a ripe opportunity for change. As always, the time is now, so let’s dive in. 

Are you feeling somewhat sluggish? Your mind is all over the place. You can’t seem to make a decision and it’s clearly affecting you. You acknowledge that internally, you seem to be out-of-place. You are unhappy with how you are feeling but don’t exactly know how to go about tackling the problem without having to delve into issues that are disorganized unto themselves. If this sounds familiar, then ultimately you are most definitely not the only one. We all lose ourselves in this fast paced world at times. Work sucks. Your relationship is rather hectic. Your social life is beginning to gnaw at your very being. To top it all off your space (your household, bedroom, area of relaxation, office etc.) has seen much better days. You know it’s time for change, it all of the above aspects. Of course, the first thing we must acknowledge is that our space needs clearing, it needs organization and order, it needs peace so that you in turn can begin to find peace with within as well. To begin, I know you are all highly intelligent individuals who may be wondering “Is this guy really writing an article to remind us that we should clean?” and the answer to that is simply yes, here’s why. 

I personally find that whenever I am feeling turbulence beginning to wreak havoc upon the internal space of my “vessel”, the first thing I do is clear the “space” of my external surroundings. The space in which I inhabit is always a clear representation of my own personal internal state (speaking from personal experience of course, I personally do know some individuals who excel in what they proclaim to be “perfect” chaos, their personal space is an absolute mess, but they seem to be holding their own perfectly well. I do believe however that if they were to cleanse their space they would be even more efficient). This goes to say that without further justification whenever I feel off beat, I immediately begin cleaning my space and rearranging it into a different state (this is because internally not only do I feel cluttered and uneasy, but I also acknowledge that my current internal “arrangement” is not playing out as I intended, so the rearrangement of the external will allow me to later on rearrange the internal and move on from the state of stagnation that was holding me back beforehand). I do the cleansing in a state of stillness, allowing myself a moment (5-10 minutes) of meditation so that I can simply move away from the noise within that made me decide upon the action to cleanse my space to begin with. 

Now this is of course a very simple article as it shall serve solely as a reminder to those of you that are feeling rather chaotic that the concept of cleansing and clearing your personal space shall truly serve you in recovering the stillness of your mentality as well. We all lose ourselves at times and it can take us an unnecessary amount of energy in order to get back to our prime. The simple action of cleansing your space will not only revitalize your external but it will give you the opportunity to back away from your hectic internal while you focus on the task at hand. Once your space has been revitalized however you see fit, you can now begin to reintegrate back into a stable mentality internally. I would like to point out that whenever I cleanse my space I try to give myself the rest of the evening (as that’s typically when I perform this ritual, as I’m always the most hectic after a long day) to simply relax and reintegrate into my space before returning to my internal mentality that was causing me so much chaos to begin this. I believe the action of relaxation (if it is possible of course, if not for the entire evening as you may have business to attend to, then try to give yourself at least an hour of stillness if possible) after the cleansing may be the most vital of the entire ritual. It allows you to ground yourself in this new external environment while cleansing and grounding yourself internally in the meantime. Open up your windows for an hour after the cleansing, allow the room to breathe fresh air as well as yourself. Afterwards, light a candle or some incense, I personally love burning sage in the area. 

I felt the need to put this thought out there, as simple as it may be simply due to the fact that (as I stated in the previous article) moved living spaces in the past few days. I found myself uneasy at first, as all my belongings were scattered from the move, I found myself in a similar mental state (hence why I was unable to write yesterday). After a session of “feng shui” (feng shui is a Chinese philosophy of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment) and cleansing however, my new space transformed into an area of serenity for me once again and I found myself at peace today. I am however in need of a proper rest (as I haven’t given myself the opportunity in the past few days), so I shall leave you with that thought my friends. Feeling a bit lost? Disorganized and chaotic? Cleanse your external space and give yourself some time to reintegrate into your renewed surroundings, you may find that it has given you the opportunity to truly give your mind and Being the much-needed cleanse that has been necessary for ever quite some time.

If you enjoyed the article, then please share it with your friends and family, those whom you believe would personally benefit from an external and internal cleanse.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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