Living Art.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and I pray that you are well, wherever you may be. It has been a long day, however the new space is cleared and prepared. The vessel is tired, yet the voices wish to write, if only for the sake of the art. Of course, that is not why you nor I am adhering to this “deal” that we have struck. You have come to read, and I have come to “bleed”. Simple terminology my friends. It matters not, the time has arrived and never shall it be denied. Shall we begin?

Whatever it is that you are doing at this moment in time, it is your creation, manifested by your own will. Maybe you are working in order to generate the resources that you require in order to provide for yourself and those you love. Possibly you are seeking the knowledge that you require in order to lead the role that you wish to fill in this lifetime (studying through an organization or on your own behalf). You might be practicing your passion, that which you yearn to master more than anything else in life; this could be your dedication to your local debating club, your consistent practice within the martial arts, maybe you practice an instrument for hours upon hours each and every day. You don’t seek recognition for that which you do. You pursue these crafts simply out of necessity, practicing your “craft” is secondary nature to you, similar to breathing, and without this constant repetition in that which you strive towards, you’ll simply fade away and lose that which you truly are, you’ll lose yourself. 

In this day and age of confusion and uncertainty, where many of us find ourselves at a loss for what our true purpose is, where we pursue that which the “quota” puts before us as “proper” and “diligent” but forsake the activities in which we truly yearn for,  I believe the root cause of what we lack is rather clear; we are neglecting ourselves, rather we are not allowing our Beings to enjoy life as the Living Art in which they truly are and rather are  simply assisting in steadying the hand of unconsciousness as it sketches out a mediocre piece that does not compare to what was originally intended by the Inner artist. “You already lost me my friend, I’m no artist. I simply build fences for a living, and literally for a living. I do what I must and then enjoy my life when I no longer have to pretend that I care for what I do”. Ultimately you already contradicted yourself (please acknowledge that I am not simply pointing a finger at those who were disenchanted by the above statement if they simply are “fence installers”; if you are disenchanted with whatever you do on a day-to-day basis; this could be your profession, education and everything beyond and in between, then I am speaking to you!), as whatever it is that you are accomplishing, no matter how unimportant or vital, is still that which you are “creating” (literally, you can pick up your pet’s dung in a sloppy manner, and because you weren’t paying attention for a moment, as it is such a petty task, you ended up reaching in the incorrect location and now there are feces on your sleeve, rather unfortunate, is it not?), you can either be present with the task that you are pursuing and complete it in the manner that it was intended to manifest as, or you can simply rush through it and accomplish it in a sloppy manner, possibly resulting in more time and energy wasted as a result of having to fix integral errors.

Being present and diligent in whatever it is that you are manifesting is what allows you to sculpt the masterpiece that your life truly is. You yourself are a work of art which requires much patience and energy in order to create that which you truly yearn for. In order fuel the creation you must be passionate about that which you are doing and you must care for it. Ultimately this means that if you are not happy with what you are doing in life, however it is necessary in order to generate the required resources in order for you to thrive then it should be clear that it is time to begin erasing the unnecessary “rough patches” within your “masterpiece” that are preventing you from living your Art. Essentially living your Art means that you are adhering to the responsibilities of everyday life; this means you diligently and honorably work the profession that you have selected, you don’t cut corners and you fulfill each day’s duty to the very best of your ability. If you happen to literally be living your “Art” on a daily basis (ultimately our Art is that which we are most passionate about in life, so if you happen to working your dreams on a daily basis then all the power to you, and living by this “code” becomes much more fluid) then it becomes that much easier to constantly pursue the latter. Ultimately even if that which you do for the sake of  gathering resources to live your life is not what you truly love then accomplish it with integrity nonetheless and allow yourself to flow with it. Stop assuming that the work is not worth the attention it deserves and rather than focusing on the negatives and when you get to go home, focus on the positives and simply allow yourself to flow with the work. You’ll find the “time” goes by much quicker if you just try to enjoy it, rather than dreading each and every moment of it. 

Allowing yourself to be the Living Art that you truly are is entirely up to yourself and if you are willing to simply take charge of your life and truly appreciate yourself for what you truly are, a masterpiece. Not only does the application of manifesting yourself as Living Art apply to your literal professions and practices, it also applies to yourself being conscious your own strength and beauty, your own power. Ultimately self-love and fulfillment is the first step in order to achieving the visualization of your masterpiece, as once you acknowledge this fact then you realize that no matter what you are doing in life it is that which you were destined to be accomplishing. Once the realization of your masterpiece is acknowledged (and truly empowered by your own passion) then that which is not required in your life will at last be cut loose and you will focus on completing your life’s art diligently rather than focusing on that which does not concern you (putting other’s “masterpieces” completion before that of your own, pursuing activities that don’t entice you alongside individuals that do not resonate with you). Ultimately, you are the creator of your own destiny, alas, you are the artist of your own masterpiece. The decision is entirely up to you if you shall pursue you piece until it’s “perfection” (manifestation of your life’s goals and dreams in a positive manner) or if you will allow yourself to be sidetracked by allow the clutter this world has to offer. What will you decide my friends?

As always, thank you kindly for reading through this article. I have moved into a different space, and haven’t been resting properly for the past few days, so if this work seems rather unclear, or if you can’t decipher that which I intended to transcribe within this message then please contact me and I will be more than happy to clarify the meaning.

Alas, if you enjoyed the article then please share it with your friends and family, those whom you believe will truly benefit from its reading.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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