My opinion on Psychedelics.

Good evening everyone, as always thank you for taking the time out of your busy lifestyle in order to read the words this fragment has to offer. The time to unwind has arrived. You have some days to yourself and loved ones. Time to recuperate and pursue that which you truly enjoy doing. This evening we shall speak of Psychedelics; the history and purpose of this classification of substances and why they seem to be gaining such popularity in this age. This is an opinionated article may I add so do not take anything I write as fact, I speak from my individual experience solely. As always, the time has come and we are ready, shall we begin?

Psychedelics can be simply defined as a substance that induces hallucinations and expansion of one’s consciousness upon ingestion. There are many different forms of psychedelics used throughout the Earth; the most widely used and well-known being Marijuana (it also happens to be the least potent, typically producing a state of relaxation, euphoria and expanded or contracted train of thought), which has been steadily gaining an ever-increasing popularity and legality within most of the world. The most well known psychedelics that can induce powerful experiences (both positive and negative) are psylocibin (more commonly known as mush or shrooms) and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide, more commonly known as simply acid), both these substances can induce a full-blown psychedelic experience when ingested in small amounts and can send you on some otherworldly adventures and tribulations when ingested in larger amounts. Psylocibin has been used around the world for thousands of years throughout cultures that practice shamanism and sects within religions that seek a greater understanding of their divine origins and purpose besides that which is taught within their “scriptures” (This includes some sects within Hinduism, the mystery school of Ancient Greece and Egypt, and some sects of Sufis and some sects of Christians as well). Since its discovery by Albert Hoffman in the late 1930’s, LSD has become increasingly popular, gaining wide recognition for the experiences it induced during the “hippy” movement of the 1960’s (although it was abused during the counterculture movement by many, which attributed to its reputation for regarded as an “unsafe” substance by most of mainstream society. LSD was originally used (and very successfully, may I add) in a tool for psychoanalysis before it was condemned by most governments around the world, Hoffman nicked-named the substance “medicine for the soul”, and when used responsibly and in a safe environment, I personally agree with that statement. Although marijuana, psylocibin  and LSD are the most common psychedelics, there are others. Most psychedelics other than the latter stated typically contain the chemical DMT (Dimenthyltriptomine). DMT is naturally created within Human Beings within our Pineal Glands (although this is not yet accepted by mainstream science, this is literally the only organ that possesses the necessary components to formulate the chemical, you can read more about our Pineal Glands here: The Pineal Gland, our literal “third eye”.) as well as throughout most species of Plants and Animals. DMT is found within the psychoactive brew “Ayahausca”, which has been used by the Shamans of South America for thousands of years. You can read more about Ayahausca here Ayahausca. What is it?. DMT is widely regarded as the most powerful psychedelic substance known to man. Producing experiences that are incredibly intense and powerful. So needless to say, Humans have been using psychedelic substances since the dawn of time (in my opinion at the very least and that of many others. Highly regarded psychonaut Terrance Mckenna attributed the use of psychedelic drugs as one of the main factors that gradually increased the intelligence of the Human species in his “Stoned Ape Theory”) by shamans and there communities. Now on to the details, there are generally two paths that the use of psychedelic substances can take you down, the first being the inner (this is where you enter your subconscious directly, and become incredibly aware of yourself, your current issues and possible solutions and much more. It simply allows you to delve into your very Being) and the second being the outer (this is where you explore different dimensions and the overall greater reality, you see that which you typically you not and journey out into the astral planes  in search of answers, whatever you happen to seek and guidance from higher or lower Beings) world. 

The exploration of the Inner world can be both beautiful and horrific, it is generally a combination of the two, or can be an extreme of one or the other, either way you’ll come out with much more knowledge of who you personally are as a fragment of consciousness (most likely anyways, and as long as you are prepared and conscious of what has just transpired; I highly discourage the use of psychedelics simply for fun or to trip out. This can be extremely dangerous and you may end up damaging yourself more than you could have intended. This is of course my own opinion from experience, however I believe many individuals who have taken psychedelics multiple times would recommend the same. Just be careful and wise of your decision to enter this state, it’s always best to be comfortable and knowledgeable of what you are doing rather than ignorant) . You may enter the darkest experience of your life and not know where to turn, unable to realize if this will ever end or if you’ll stay in this altered state for eternity. You may have the most beautiful experience of your life and become at peace with yourself at last, finally acknowledging that in order to love externally you must do so internally first. Maybe you’ll stop taking yourself so seriously after finally realizing that you have become a terrible joke, as we all become at times, now you can either laugh and move on, or you can become incredibly angry with yourself, the choice is yours, as always. In either scenario, you must acknowledge that the experience is an overall representation of your Self and who you are as an individual. This is your subconscious, your inner world and you have entered it willingly for a short period of time. Ultimately down this path you can learn more about yourself in a single even than you could over years of therapy. That which you acknowledge will either frighten you back into submission or allow you to move on from that which is encased your true Being. You can overcome your fears, acknowledge your dreams; what you do with this newfound knowledge of yourself is entirely up to you afterwards. 

The alternative pathway is that of exploring the greater reality beyond our placed limits as a Human Being. On this journey you head into the greater reality. You explore alternate dimensions and meet the inhabitants of those that reside in these dimensions. Upon this journey your willpower will be greatly challenged, as you come into contact with that which should not “exist”. During this experience you will seek wisdom and knowledge by accessing different states of being. The trick however is that as stated above, you will be blown away by what you are experiencing. Therefore it will be incredibly difficult to concentrate on that which you sought after in this alternate reality to begin with. You’ll find the answer that you’ve been searching for all this time, given to you by the whisper of universal winds, only to have it ripped away from your mind as you acknowledged a floating city of all colors of the spectrum that just appeared before your eyes. You’ll be taught the “secrets” of life by an ancient otherworldly Being, only to forget them as you acknowledge that you are quite literally fading in and out of this reality that we inhabit. This experience will likely induce a state of awe and fear to the “traveler” or one or the other solely. You can either accept that this is simply for the moment and that it too shall pass, so you may as well absorb as much as you can (keep a notebook handy and if you are capable of grasping the thoughts in which you are receiving, write them down. It’s never easy to grasp that which is transpiring before you, this I firmly acknowledge, by try to the best of your ability to be aware of what is occurring around you, the Universe is always reaching out to us and gifting us messages that are encrypted. Simply try not to give in to the incredible happenings that are transpiring, however if you simply put yourself in this state for that purpose, then do what you will) or you can give into the moment of beauty or fear and try to push the whole experience aside entirely. In the greater reality you can be gifted with small bits of information from higher Beings that will gift you on your earthly journey, you can either do your best to retain this information or be overwhelmed and lose it as quickly as it came to you. You can become one with the beauty of the Universe, or trapped in the horrors of it, ultimately it depends on your Being, as your inner mirrors the outer. We all experience the greater reality differently. 

Ultimately I believe Humans are meant to carefully traverse the psychedelic experience. Becoming conscious of our inner and outer Universes is something I believe is our right to experience as Human Beings. Ultimately our bodies produce that which induces the psychedelic experience (which is most likely responsible for our dreams and “out-of-body” experiences as well), so it is a naturally occurring phenomena. This is most definitely not to say that trying psychedelics is for everyone as you can achieve these altered states of consciousness soberly as well through dedication and willpower by practicing the arts of meditation, yoga, systema and so many much more. I truly advocate reaching these altered states of consciousness naturally much more than through the use of psychedelics, as it simply much safer and there are no possibilities that you will put yourself into a situation that you may highly regret. The psychedelic experience is a gift and it should never be regarded with ignorance. I personally found it to be incredibly beneficial to me as an individual throughout my lifetime. I’ve had some of the greatest and worst times of my life while entranced in a psychedelic state of mind, as goes with the concept of Duality. I cannot recommend anyone try these substances as I do not know you, the reader, and where you are in your life at this moment and time. If this experience entices you, then do your fucking research, plain and simple and see if it truly is right for you. Always dose small at first and unless you truly trust your mental state and willpower, then please make sure someone whom you can trust no matter what is present or nearby and always consume within a friendly and safe environment. Don’t even think about jumping into it for the sake of “enlightenment”, as it will most likely backfire tremendously on you. So there it is, I’ve given you my opinion on the psychedelic experience and now I pray that you will decide if this would be right for you or not. I personally have always been an extremist, and psychedelics are taking the concept of altering your consciousness to the extreme, and extreme situations as I’ve stated in this article many times already are not always safe. Please treat psychedelics with the utmost respect which they deserve, it’s not always fun and games (although we inhabit the greatest game known to the Universe and it’s meant to be incredibly fun..).

I pray that you are in good health and bid you farewell for the time being. If you have any questions what so ever regarding this article then please do not hesitate to email me at

If you enjoyed the article then please share it with those whom you believe would benefit from its reading .We’re here simply to inform, nothing more.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)


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