Finding yourself where you were meant to be.

Good day to you all and as always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to acknowledge these words. It is a new week, a new beginning if that’ what you wish to make of it. As always, you are currently faced with decisions and how you take action upon them will determine your future course in that area of your life. Maybe you are in the midst of whether or not you will continue with your education; finding it unsatisfying and wishing to pursue a path that resonates with your overall mission in life more.maybe you are searching for a new opportunity within your professional industry, knowing that the current opportunity is no longer fulfilling you. Maybe you are searching for love, either in your current relationship (in this regard, you simply would like more out of the relationship as it is not what you expected) or you are searching to begin one downright. Ultimately, you as an individual are most likely searching for something in some specific manner that resonates with the current path you are following in life and in order to find that which you are searching for, you must take action. You must make a decision and follow it through to its end. Alas, that is what we will speak of at this very moment in time, as this fragment unto itself is in the midst of a personal conflict in which a decision must be made and considering the year that we happen to be manifesting (that of transformation and change; that is of course if you allow yourself to acknowledge this “energy” in the air and then manifest it as you see fit), I believe many of you that happen to be reading are most likely in a similar situation, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So now as always let’s get to it, after all “time” is of the essence”, shall we begin?

Our lives revolve entirely around the decisions we make, the chances we take and the actions in which we partake. If you aren’t moving in some direction towards attaining that which you seek, accomplishing or doing that as you see fit, then your either stagnant due to negative actions you’ve partaken in the past or you may be dead and simply unaware of it. Every single Human Being is defined by the chances they take, as they must often make a decision between multiple variables which leads to another set of variables as you progress through your own life. These decisions define who you are and who you appear to be.

Some of us effortlessly move through these actions in a flawless manner, completely conscious of that which they seek in life. Therefore the actions in which they partake in are typically of a more narrow road, as they know exactly what they wish to bring into this world and go about taking that which they seek on that single road, the alternative variables receiving little to no energy whatsoever as they are possessed by the goal which they seek. This happens to those that truly acknowledge their purpose and are not confused as to how to attain their goals. They may have multiple talents however they acknowledge that one of these talents is truly their purpose and they are incredibly passionate about it and the alternatives are passions are well however they may not entirely represent the individuals true purpose, they are a part of who is individual is overall, but they are do not exactly correlate with the purpose that the individual is here to fulfill (or maybe they do, after all we are all our own unique fragments. The possibility that your many passions may all correlate to your true purpose is a very grand possibility; for example you may be an excellent gardener who only uses the fresh ingredients that you nourish yourself in the restaurant that you own where you are the main chef. Your fitness for passion allows you to thrive in your career as an emergency worker. Your love for breathing techniques allows your to thrive as an international pilot who is constantly on the go, as you tune in to yourself and never allow yourself to blank out from that which you are currently doing). So yes, there are some individuals in this world that simply know exactly what they seek and how to attain it, therefore the multiple options that they have to decide between in order to take action for that which they seek to manifest is never that difficult to decide between, the flight of their “arrow” (their purpose) is clear and true to them.

Then of course there are those of us that are indecisive as to which path they shall follow throughout this lifetime. It may be that we are simply unaware of that which we have to offer the world (everyone has a special talent(s), it’s up to us to discover and acknowledge them however) as we realize that we can do “anything” that we want. It may be that we have multiple callings, or a single calling but external expectations that warp our ultimate decision into a beast that is much more difficult to tame than we were hoping for. In the first case it is up to us to experience life and eventually come to a conclusion where we acknowledge that which we truly wish to manifest in this world and then we delve in and pursue our portion of history. In the secondary case where there are multiple options in which we seek, we must brace ourselves and meditate deep within until we discover in our own hearts what is truly right for us, what is truly our calling and that which will fulfill us. In either case, you may have external forces (family, friends, society, etc) that are constantly antagonizing you to make a decision and generally they’ll be pushing a decision which they believe is right for you and disregarding what you believe to be right for yourself. In this regard you must block out all external factors (that is if they are pushing towards one decision or another and not supporting your overall decision upon which you do what is truly right for yourself) that will not assist in you making the decision for yourself; the answer can only be found internally and ultimately it is up to you to come to that conclusion on your own terms. If you are seeking that which you wish to pursue in this life (if you are currently unaware of that which you intend to manifest) then the best advice is to simply travel and learn on your own accord. Go and do that which truly brings you joy in this world, find happiness, once you find that and you are conscious of that which brings you satisfaction and joy, then you have most likely found your calling (as long as that calling is truly a positive one and you find yourself and those you serve benefiting in a symbiotic manner and not parasitic). It’s difficult but your true calling must be found on your own accord. If you are pursuing something for simply the sake of it or because those around you have strongly suggested that you accomplish this if you truly wish to “succeed” then you may be in it for the wrong reasons and won’t be able to excel in that which you do as much as you could have had you followed your heart to begin with. 

At the end of it all, it matters not where you are, as long as you intend to pursue that which you wish to. If you are excelling in your journey then all the power to you and we pray that you continue to do so, as your productivity and creativity is assisting in moving the world into a much better place than that which it is at this moment in time (as long as your path is one of positive change, as discussed earlier in the article). If you are in the fork in the road and uncertain as to how you should proceed than worry not, as you will come to acknowledge that which you truly wish to pursue eventually and when the time is right. However you also must be conscious that you are in pursuit of change if that’s which you seek. You won’t find what you’re looking for running around in circles. So allow us to briefly explain this. If you are truly looking for your path in life then you must first step out of the bush. You must help yourself, if you truly wish to move forward. This means manifesting the change on your own accord as it is up to you, no one else. If there are negative aspects in your life that you know are holding you back from achieving your greatness, and that you know very well that you are capable of cutting these aspects out of your life, then you must do so on your own accord. You won’t find your passions in unconsciousness; running around in circles, when you truly are not enjoying that which you do. Therefore you must be conscious of the change that you are seeking to manifest in order for it to truly take hold. Therefore, continue doing as you are if you are certain of the path you are following and achieve it with the beauty and power that you are ever so capable of. If you are uncertain of what you seek in life, then begin to question the uncertainty and pursue that which brings you (and those around you) the happiness and love in life that you deserve. If you are stuck between multiple options, then you must look within your heart to determine which is truly the path you are meant to follow. We all have many skills in this world, many passions, however there are those that stand out among the variables and they reach out to you for that reason entirely. More than anything, have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition among this path. You will find yourself in the place in which you were always meant to be. 

As always if you have any questions relating to this article then please do not hesitate to reach out. If you enjoyed this article then please share it with your loved ones and friends, those whom you believe will benefit from it. After all, we are here to simply offer perspective and inform.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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