Moving in the proper Direction.

Good day to you all and as always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to acknowledge this piece of writing. Today we will discuss a topic that we all face at one point in our lives or another. Some later on in life and some very early. Some to an extreme degree and others to one that is hardly apparent. That which I speak of is the eventual separation of an individual from their “clan”, the individuals whom we call family, those that raised us and cared for us (or maybe you have a different experience regarding your own clan, after all this world is not all sunshine and rainbows and we all have a different relationship with our clan. I personally have a very solid relationship with my own, and I pray that you do as well. If you do not, well then I pray that you are capable of developing one with them eventually) until we gained the skills that allowed us to do so for ourselves. This period in our lives can be hectic, as we transition from having the assistance and guidance of our loved ones in regards to how we go about our daily lives to having to decide how we will go about these activities on our own accord. We transition from a period of guidance to one of freedom and responsibility. This allows us to grow into the individuals whom we are meant to be. I personally have made this complete transition recently, and considering I’ve always been a fairly independent individual, it hasn’t been much of a change for myself in that regard, however it can be a rather intense transition for many of us (which is fine, we all live different lives and have grown at a different pace. We’re all in the same “book” ultimately, we just may be on a different page depending on how fast we “read”). Without further ado, shall we begin?

We all go out into this world on our own accord at some point in our lives. Some of us leave at an early age due to difficulties within the familial “nest” (either externally or internally induced) while others leave when it has become “time”, leaving the local area for further education or the pursuit of a profession that sparks one’s interest. Others stay until the later years of their life. Leaving the comforts of “home” is typically the beginning of finding your place in the greater reality in which we inhabit, and then through determination claiming your destiny. The greater reality is not a comfortable place, although some of us may cling to the concept that is a safe and easy ride out there, the matter of the fact is that the Human species of planet Earth has more to acknowledge and once acknowledged, has more to manifest than it ever has been required to do so in the short amount of time that we possess if we truly wish to turn the tides; after all the matter of the fact is that our Earth (and we alongside it) is slowly but surely dying (pollution, corruption, conflict are all at an all time high, don’t believe me? Then please take this opportunity to think for yourself and do research a bit of what is truly occurring on this planet, fine, here’s a few links to start. Ultimately we must manifest the change, and I believe it we will save this planet no matter what, however change isn’t going to magically occur, unfortunately:)


So although the later half of that paragraph have seemed rather off topic, it resonates with the fact that I firmly believe that the more of us that step out our comfort zones and awaken to the reality that awaits us so that we may begin to take action in a positive manner, the faster we will be able to truly transition into a more positive age for Humanity, where Earth thrives alongside it. Essentially bringing us back into balance and reviving our symbiotic relationship that is meant to be in effect, rather than the parasitic relationship (where we take more and more from the Earth until she can no longer handle the energy drain) that we currently manifest. 

Now ultimately when we head out on our own without the support (or in some cases, with the support) of those who cared for us for the initial development of our lives, the reality of how “reality” works begins to set in. Everything costs money in this world, real relationships (social, familial and romantic) are not nearly as easy to maintain and develop as we believe them to be, as we are all such different creatures and can’t exactly see eye to eye at all times (or we can pretend that we do, but that simply causes more pain in the long run) and on top of that the world unto itself is a very chaotic place; most nations and their inhabitants are truly struggling on a daily basis. Others benefit from those that suffer and typically are the reason why those that struggle do so. In short, if you simply open your eyes it’s very easy to see the corruption that plagues this mental illusion. In short, life is tough. This generates much fear in us all. If you are not afraid, then hopefully you are optimistic, if you are neither then you are simply ignorant. The fear causes many of us to shut down and not acknowledge that which is truly occurring. If you shut down then you either a) return to the nest in order to await the right moment when you are truly prepared to face the real world or b) simply withdraw into yourself and provide for yourself and those immediate to you. Now if you overcome the fear, then your true work can begin; you can allow yourself to accept your fate here on this planet, and realize that the only way we are going to fix anything is through action rather than words. Essentially, stepping out on your own is the first test, you will either be “created” or “broken” and returned for repairs. Unfortunately the latter usually takes place. Even in the year 2017, so many of Us are afraid and therefore unconscious of what actions to take in order to move forward in their lives. Don’t get me wrong, there is an ever-increasing and beautiful percentage of the population who are conscious and working towards change, but many still cling to the old ways even when the signs for necessary change are clear. The actions that must be undertaken are inevitable however and it is up to each and every one of us as Beings of free will to either step up and take part in the “shift” (when I refer to the “shift” I am speaking of an inevitable change in all aspects of Human society- government, social, health, education, religion. It all has to change in order for us to move forward as a species. Change, what we can also refer to as Evolution is the only variable that is constant in this Universe, both positive and negative). The point we are getting at is, when you step out into the world for the first time, it can be very intense. Now that you know what the world is truly like then you will either withdraw back into a state of unconsciousness or move forward to make the change that you wish to manifest in whatever way you see fit.

In order to move forward as a species must first move forward as individuals and claim conscious responsibility for that we manifest in this world, no matter what. Now more than ever before we are entering a critical mass within the Universe of duality. More people than ever before are aware that change must be incorporated into every aspect of Human society if we are to truly take the next step forward. However more people than ever before are seeing this change and refusing to accept it, shying away and wishing that they could simply stay in the comforts of the past forever, unfortunately for those that think that way it is simply not feasible any longer. Humanity needs every single fragment of its whole to truly step up to their own individual plate and manifest the positive change in which they came down to this dimension to channel to begin with. No matter what happens, we need to acknowledge that we cannot stay this way. You can’t hide away from that which is occurring any longer. Your heart and spirit are crying out for you to take charge and truly move forward to the freedom that we all seek (and yes, we are all seeking now more than ever before and why is that? because deep down each and every single Human Being upon planet Earth acknowledges that there is so much more to life than the pursuit of comfort through material gain within this planet. After we rendered controlled religion obsolete in the 1500’s we began to control our physical environment through the industrial revolution as we sought to control our own spirit and to finally discover why we are here to begin with. Well now we’ve mastered our physical environment but we have forgotten that which we have been in pursuit of for so very long. We have forgotten the question; why are we here? what is it that we truly seek? what action must we partake in if we are to receive this knowledge? We must step into our true roles and begin the search anew together!) or to simply fade away in the ocean of unconsciousness that so many of Us drown in. I know it’s difficult to truly do that which we yearn for, however more than any thing you must acknowledge that you are the only one judging yourself for not accomplishing or for accomplishing, you are afraid of yourself, because you know deep down that you can do absolutely anything that you truly wish to accomplish. My friends, you have no reason to ever doubt or question yourself; this is what you do. You are here to do just that. Together, our various pieces coincide to form the puzzle, isolated we are simply a mess, believing itself to be whole. Those that judge do so out of fear or envy, they are afraid that they aren’t capable doing that which you do or they truly wish they could tap into their own abilities and don’t know how to go about doing so. Now that you are out, don’t look back, ever. You must keep moving forward in a positive manner. You are far more powerful than you could even fathom and your thoughts create your reality so you may as well make them positive. 

At the end of the day however it is up to you to make the decision to manifest your passion and energy in this world rather than fearing that you’re incapable. You can step out into the real world and do what you are here to do or you can allow yourself to be immersed in fear and either run backwards or sit down, stagnant as a rock. We all need you, the world needs you and most of all, you need you. You can either assist in the great shift that is happening or simply watch it happen, as it will either way. More than anything I simply hope that this awakens you to the heartbeat in your chest. You are alive, so please just live the life you were meant to. You’ll be much happier for it and we all shall be as well. Once you’ve separated from that which held and cared for you, allow yourself to begin to care for the external rather than solely the internal. 

I hope you are doing well wherever you may be. If you have any questions regarding the article then please feel free to contact me and I’ll answer at my earliest convenience.

If you enjoyed the article then please share it with your friends and loved ones, those whom you believe will truly benefit from its reading.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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