Descend and Ascend.

Rising from the Darkness was the most difficult of all the acknowledgements towards the ascension.

I sat in the tomb for a long while, coiled in the despair that reveled in my disharmony. Voices encouraged both the existing situation that we inhabited, whispering that everything was happening as it was meant to, that this is only temporary and will continue as long as it was necessary; necessary was an eternity to them. The more I gave into this dialogue the more of the very essence that powered my core slipped away from me. Fueling those that sought after it and draining us of what little vitality remained in the vessel. Still, the Others wished for us to rise. They’d appear very briefly, violently shunned and dispersed by those that claimed to be “protecting” me until the time was right. They knew we were trapped. However, it was us who were both the warden and the prisoner within our own artificial construct. We had the power to allow ourselves to be free, if only we acknowledged the other side to the situation. After all, this was a Universe of Duality, not simply one of individual frailty. The lights would appear and leave behind a brief message as to how we may rid ourselves of the “guardians” of the darkness, so that we may reclaim the key to our own salvation. It was up to us, they firmly implemented that concept each time they appeared. They could be a light in the darkness. Flickering acknowledgement to the path outwards of the dark forest in which we lost ourselves, however they couldn’t simply carry us out, that would do us no good, we would gain no experience if that were the case.  This test was no easy task to accomplish. Finding yourself in the lower world, encased within a low vibration state of Being. Knowing that you are doomed to continue falling, lower and lower, unless you begin to dig your way out. It’s painful, working through this experience. They love the pain ultimately, those that “protect” your continued futile efforts. They love everything negative that emits from you, they soak it up. You acknowledge this, but a part of you loves feeding them as well. You realize that the pain is something that you love, savor. It’s easy to simply lose ourselves in this emotion, as within it we believe that we are not creating our own current situation. We believe ourselves to be the victim who is incapable of becoming one’s own hero. Over much time, much agony and pain, we began to claw. Our nails bleeding as we rip ourselves from the tomb in which we had become encased within.

The screams of agony vibrate through your very Being. Not your screams of course, their screams. Occasional cheers. Occasional lights that emit love, other than that it’s simply you. Isolated. The figments that claim assistance and pestilence are those that solely inhabit your Being. You see them on your journey, clawing you way from the tomb as others regard you as slightly paranoid. Others don’t even acknowledge your conquest, your pursuit for freedom, so that you may once more breathe the air of eternity and attain happiness. This is your battle. Your hands are raw and resemble disfigured claws rather than the delicate hands you once possessed. “You can’t go out there, you are not prepared, it is beneath you”, they scream in vain as you inch further and further to the surface. Further and further towards salvation. The lights no longer offer guiding words, simply love and acknowledgements, the element in which you’ve been seeking all this time. Closer and closer. Your journey for freedom granting you immense power. You’ve been clawing for days, months, years. It’s all the same. Time is simply a variable. The only point that matters at this moment in time is that you are here, finally accepting that you are freeing yourself from the prison that you ultimately constructed. When did this construction occur? You may ponder. The same moment in which you gave in. Gave in to the forces in life that labeled you as inferior, incapable and unworthy of the love in which you have been seeking all along. There may have been external factors that impeded you, that set you along this course downwards, but internally it was you that accepted this “fate”. Internally you were the only one who could realize that it was up to you to move outwards, just as you had decided to retreat inwards. At one point you begin to feel it. The air. “You are dying, just as we are” the crackling voices are once more apparent, low and full of spite, each word tinged with poison. They are correct. You are dying now. Only to be reborn once more, into the world of life, from whence you came and where it is up to your own will if you shall remain.

The Light comes through as you are filled with infinite Love. You have done it. From the womb of Darkness you have emerged into Light of the world. You’ve done it, as only you could have possibly done. All the elements within dissipate as you acknowledge them to be non-physical, solely created in the artificial construct, to aid and parade, to engage and rearrange, your very core so it may burst and be no more. Your Being is engulfed in flames as you make your way to the surface. The vessel that dwelled within may now be the same you inhabit one the journey outwards, you must transform so that you do not once again conform to the forces that had left you ever so torn. Now you’ve been born. You’ve climbed from the darkness of the lower earth, to that of the middle earth, in which you inhabit the acknowledgement of the Darkness from whence you came and the Light that you now seek. There is no going back, there is only moving forward. Alas, where do we go now? Look upwards my friends, as that is where you originated. The time has come for you to journey upwards and never look back, in the pursuit of happiness and been acknowledged and at last you are on track. If you ever feel you are under unnecessary attack, acknowledge where you truly came from, and see that your adversary has not yet emerged from that, you both have traits that one another lack, however in one sense this is positive and in the other this is negative, and truly, there is nothing wrong with that. You have alreadfy descended and now you must Ascend.Welcome Home, the time has come to claim your throne. 

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