Days of Power.

Good day to you all and I pray that you are well, wherever you may be. As always, thank you so much for taking  the time out of your day to read this humble writers words. The energy in the air today is beautiful, is it not? Empowerment. Freedom. Recognition. It is International Women’s Day. Today we recognize the struggles and perseverance that the Women of this planet have endured and achieved in turn. Ultimately we live in a Male dominated society, however the “shift” is slowly turning the power over to the Females. One day it will simply be in equilibrium, as the two genders represent vital aspects of the Universe of Duality and are just as important as one another. However, I am not trying to take away from this day of empowerment to Females whatsoever, as you’ve all absolutely earned it. No matter what anyone can say, the truth is that women have been suppressed (and still are to this day to quite the extreme in many parts of the world) emotionally, intellectually, physically, in essentially all aspects of their Being, so no one can be surprised that in the 21st century they are standing up for themselves and now more than ever before choosing to make their mark in the world in whatever way they see fit, after all it is more than their right to. Today we will speak of the phenomena that when we attach certain meaning to days, we also in turn change the overall energy that flows throughout the day, as we are conscious of this new thought wave, the collective consciousness is in turn affected by each individuals thoughts, after all, our thoughts create our reality. 

This day overall has been one of great fatigue. I struggled to get out of bed this morning, despite sleeping well over my usual limit. On top of that, My mind suffered from a constant fog, and only at this moment in time is it beginning to clear. It’s interesting to note ultimately that the 8th of March this year is International Women’s Day and as stated in the introductory paragraph, we are more than pleased to celebrate this date alongside our sisters. We embrace them for their perseverance and dramatic rise to bring equilibrium back to this planet. It’s difficult to acknowledge, but the women that have brought about our existence (although men are just as vital, it’s a very different situation) and nurtured us into the Beings we are today have been suppressed for most of our time upon this planet (not in all societies, as before the colonization of the Americas, many societies were matriarchal and or at least gave women the same respect as which men received) and in many parts of the world they are still suppressed. Although we won’t delve into the rise of the Divine Feminine right now (as the purpose of this article is to solely acknowledge and try to find reasoning within days of power and how they affect the collective consciousness overall and how that in turn manipulates each individuals energy levels), we will most definitely write an article on that subject very shortly. Back to the discussion. The first other male I spoke with this morning (my roommate) told me that he himself had felt incredibly drained, and only barely got out of bed to make it to his university lecture on time (he had planned to awaken early and go to the gym and complete a few other tasks before his class), however he felt incredibly drowsy none the less. 

The day had to begin regardless of my state, we had to push through in order to utilize what energy we possessed in a positive manner. Walking back and forth between my room and the kitchen (to pour cup upon cup of liquid caffeine into my system) for the better part of two hours, I finally managed to splash my face with water and head out the door. The day was absolutely gorgeous. I basked in sunlight and fresh air caressed my skin, I breathed in deeply (usually the air is rather stale, as I live in a densely populated area, for once it was incredibly refreshing) and continued on my way. My mind was still muddled, which didn’t correspond with the clarity my environment emitted. I began messaging from of my friends, asking them if I should release the music today, or Friday (weekday or weekend, I decided upon Friday ultimately once I received enough feedback) and was informed that it was International Women’s Day by a female friend of mine, I wished her good day and continued on my business. Suddenly something clicked with me. I looked around and observed a few individuals around me. Most men I saw had their heads held low. Others had a grimace on their face and were clearly not embedded in a positive mindset. The women around me seemed to be leading the charge. Confident of where they were headed and emitting a powerful aura (although I can’t say this was the same for all that I saw, as some women’s heads were down and clearly lacked that which the others had grasped, maybe they were unaware of the date that time had landed upon, maybe they were simply having a tough time in their own Universe, after all everyone has problems), this seemed to really synchronize with me. The women around me seemed to be aware of their growing power and didn’t hesitate to resonate with it. The men seemed to be unsure of themselves, as if their own power unto itself was draining. Immediately upon this realization my friend messaged me and told me how she had already been told to “Go to work, you don’t need to protest” (in his defense I don’t believe he said that as a direct accusation, rather he commented on my females friend’s post, who can be incredibly assertive and direct with her statements and some people interpret them in the wrong way) and she immediately sent a rebuttal towards him. Another women then commented on how it should be a gender equality day, as that is what the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife stated over social media. The male felt the need to assert himself, as he didn’t enjoy seeing the fact that my friend was doing so on her “day of power”, for lack of better term, he wanted a piece of the pie, so he lashed out in hopes that she would be drained and pursue an argument with him. The other female felt the need to assert the male archetype as well, maybe she was uncertain of her own power. My friend in turn felt drained and wasn’t able to enjoy the “recharge” that she deserved on this day. I continued walking around in a vain attempt to work myself into pursuing various tasks that were planned out. 

I went to a coffee shop and began writing this article but I simply couldn’t get out of the brain fog. I wandered the streets and eventually went back to my apartment where I battled the prolonged drain until I gave in ans turned on a movie and believed the day to be over, as I would simply surrender to the exhaustion and eventually drift into sleep. I awoke to a phone call from my parents, it was brief but they informed me of their own exhaustion throughout the day. Maybe I was wrong, it was just another day. Maybe the weather was the reason I personally had felt so exhausted. I felt there had to be more to it however, so I dressed and ran out the door to write down my thoughts on this Day of Power. 

I believe considering it is accepted throughout the world that today is International Women’s Day, that the collective consciousness of Humanity has empowered the Feminine aspect of Humanity while dis empowering the Male aspect. This is no attack. I am perfectly comfortable with it as I’ve stated throughout this article. I believe this is why Women around the world have felt incredibly confident and possibly full of energy, as they are conscious of their current power due to the fact that we have assigned a day of power to the divine Feminine. This also infuriates the male ego, which is why males will have lashed out at females for asserting their own power in this day and age, as the male ego wishes to reassure itself that it is still most definitely in “control”. Of course many will say “of course women are more assertive on International Women’s Day, it’s their day of recognition and of course they want to be recognized!” and I completely agree but I simply believe that it could be somewhat deeper and more complex than that. The collective consciousness of Humanity agrees that this is a day of empowerment for the female consciousness, so women who are conscious of this empowerment will in turn feel empowered in all aspects of their Being. They will appear more powerful physically, emotionally and spiritually, not only to themselves but to others as well. This will not work of course if there are those who are unconscious of their own empowerment and refuse to accept it, as they are not conscious of the power they are receiving from the source. This will also upset individual and collective egos as well. Male egos especially will lash out at conscious females for being too “dramatic” as they fear the power the women are receiving. Organizations that are against female empowerment will attack females today more than others. In short, the collective consciousness accepts that this day is associated with the Female aspects empowerment, Females that are conscious of this empowerment will feel especially powerful in all areas of their Being on this day while those that are unconscious of it will remain in the same that they usually are. The conscious Male aspect will in turn feel somewhat drained, as it willingly accepted the empowerment of the female aspect on this specific day. unconscious male egos will lash out at the concious male aspect for their empowerment, fearing that they will not be able to “handle” (for lack of better term) an empower female aspect. 

Ultimately I await the day where the Duality is once again in a state of equilibrium, however considering we have had a male dominated culture for so long, the power will have to shift to the other side first before it can once again attain balance, at least in my own opinion. We shall explain why we have this belief in a later post. For the time being however, we bid you farewell and pray that you are well, wherever you may be.

If you enjoyed the article then please share it with those whom you believe would benefit from it, after all that is all we are here for, to simply inform.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)



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