Eternal Power Struggle.

Hello and as always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this humble writers thoughts. Tonight we shall speak briefly upon the eternal power struggle that has plagued Humanity since it’s inception and how we shall overcome it in the coming years. This will be a very brief article as this is an incredibly extensive topic that will be covered many times in different forms and from different angles. We shall speak on the history of the eternal power struggle, what it entails and how we can move forward from a power struggle towards a power “funnel”, if you will. Now bear with me, this is gonna get interesting. As always, we are here and more than prepared, shall we begin?

Since the dawn of Humanity we have constantly conflicted with one another over who comes out on “top”. From the caveman who clubbed the other to death in pursuit of his mate. To the tribes of the ancient world struggling against one another over who gets the perfect grazing field. All the way to nations completely slaughtering one another and depleting not only opponent but themselves simply so that in the end they may say “we win, you were wrong, now you owe us”. It occurs on a daily basis in everyday life as well. From the little argument over what you should wear out that you had with your parents, to the argument you had with your landlord over paying rent early which was never agreed upon, Humans are constantly feuding with one another so that they may overcome the other and receive something in turn. Think about it like this, when you win an argument with someone, you typically feel good. Your ego says “I knew it, I was right and they were wrong, now they know how petty their argument was”, you smirk at your opponent and bring up the fact that they were wrong often, or you’re a kind person and let it go. Then you think about the victor of the war, they go to their opponent and say “listen you were wrong, we were right. We knew it. You owe us for being wrong and wasting our time because we were right” however if the victor had been the loser, they in turn would most likely be reciting the same speech to the latter. In short, we are always searching for something and we believe we will find it in the other and so we go after them in hopes that we will receive that which we are looking for. We are all looking for something. As individuals we believe that lovely individual will fill our void of loneliness, so we pursue them only to realize that this was lust and not love, now we berate them for not fulfilling the illusion that we placed upon them and drain them and are in turn drained by the same person at times as we most likely did not fulfill the illusion that we placed upon them either. In the terms of collective entities that conflict (such as rival sports teams, rival political parties, rival military forces, rival nations etc.), we always believe our side to be right and the opposing to be wrong and so we conflict with them until one of the sides is too drained to continue, the victor then belittles the loser for being “wrong” even though as stated earlier had the loser been the victor they would have given the opposing entity the same speech. Ultimately we’re all coming from a different perspective and it’s difficult to say that who is right and who is wrong (however those who do not live morally and humanely are ultimately living negatively and unconsciously, so they could be defined as “wrong” but ultimately they are simply ignorant and must answer to themselves one day). The point we are getting at is since the beginning of time, Humans have picked sides (individually and collectively) and chosen to drain the other side of their energy so that they may come out on top with what the other possesses. We drain others energy because it boosts our own. Everything is energy, so that’s what I’m referring to. Individuals drain one another emotional energy. Nations drains one another’s financial energy. Both can drain the latter in turn. It comes in waves, no one is always going to be on top and no one is always going to be on the bottom, it’s all a matter of perspective however, so if you believe your always on top, then in your own mind you might be (however others may have a hard time being around you) and if you believe you are always on the bottom then in your own mind you might be (and just as the latter others may have a hard time being around you), it’s ultimately all about finding the balance in your life a sailing smoothly. It’s also ultimately all about finding ways to generate your own energy in life so that you don’t have to rely on others to fill that void and in turn they don’t need to rely on you. 

Now that we have acknowledged the fact that throughout our short existence (we’re really only in the 21st century of “recorded” history for Humanity. That’s really short if you think about it, 20 lifetimes if you are a healthy individual) as a collective Humanity we have relied on draining one another of energy in order to feel “better”, we can discuss ways to generate our own energy (as individuals and collective entities, and eventually as a collective Humanity), ways to “funnel” energy down from the source rather than drain it from other fragments of the source. The most important aspect of generating your own energy is ultimately pursuing that which makes you happy. That which you are truly passionate about in this life, as that is without a doubt what you will excel at, not only excel at, the most important fact of this state of Being is that whenever you are working on your passions you are going to be in an overall positive state of Being. Negative thoughts and emotions will not flow through you as you are constantly creating in a positive manner through your heart. While pursuing your passions you will be present and able to identify with what you are accomplishing, you will not feel the need to identify with those around you who are not pursuing the same positive goals as yourself, as you will acknowledge that which you have to offer, and you will ultimately look for something that the individuals whom you associate yourself with has to offer in turn for your own offering (this is in the form of knowledge, true friendship, beneficial services etc.). once you acknowledge the fact that you are more than capable at generating your own energy, you will no longer look towards others energy in order to supplement your own, you will only look towards others whom are generating their own energy through the pursuit of their purpose so that you may develop a symbiotic relationship with them and both thrive from one another’s company. If you truly stop fearing your full potential (which drains you and puts off the energetic vibration that you cannot hold your own ground, which in turn notifies people around you that they are capable of dominating you, which in turns drains you even more, so that they may supplement their own energy as well) and allow yourself top strive for that which you are truly passionate about, then you will notice all the parasitic relationships in your life simply falling away. This is simply because you are conscious of what these relationships truly mean for you at this point and acknowledge that they hold no benefit for you whatsoever, they’ve done nothing but hold you back from achieving that you which you know yourself to be capable of. Now that you are energizing your Being unto yourself through your own pursuit of happiness (chasing your passions and acknowledging your ambition), you will no longer attract individuals whom you resonated with beforehand so to “lean on one another” (drain one another of your true potential), they will most likely acknowledge a change within you and either try to revert you back to your old state of Being or they will avoid you altogether unless they believe they can benefit from a sudden encounter with you. 

So now ultimately the choice is up to you, you can either acknowledge the fact that parasitic relationships plague your life or you can accept the fact that you truly do possess symbiotic relationships in this life. If you acknowledge the parasitic relationships (that you most likely “benefit” from as well), then it is time to make some drastic life changes and step up to your full potential that you know just as well as everyone else you are more than capable of offering to the world, it’s actually the sole purpose for your existence, allow your higher self to take command of this earthly vehicle and pursue that which you have always meant to, in this way you will constantly be engaged with each and every moment of your life and you will no longer allow yourself to possess parasitic relationships, as they will do nothing but take away from your own energy source where you could be manifesting that which you are meant to. If you are already pursuing your passions, then keep doing as you will and all the power to you. As stated above this was simply a brief introduction into the “energy struggles” we as Human Beings have thrived upon throughout our existence, it pointed to the history of our individual and collective parasitic relationships with one another and offered a very simple solution as to how we can rid ourselves of these relationships and allow symbiotic relationships to thrive in our life. Ultimately Human suffering is caused by our own minds, as that is which creates our reality (although of course there are certain aspects of the collective Human experience in which the manifestation has little to no control over their life, as they live in a very difficult situation; poverty, slavery, conflict zones etc. However it is up to us whom have the resources to step up our game and unleash our full potential upon this world so that we may help those around us as we help ourselves), so if you really want to get past the “dark night”, look to the root cause of which caused it to begin with and then look at the ongoing factors that are increasing this unhappiness. Get over the negativity, rid yourself of the relationships that are not symbiotic and acknowledge that which you are here to do, the world needs you now more than ever before. We will cover the history of the parasitic relationships and more strategies as to how we can unlock our full potential and thrive within symbiotic relationships in later articles, for the time being however, I bid you a good day. 

As always, we pray that you are well, wherever you may be. If you enjoyed the article then please share it with your family and friends. Those whom you truly believe will benefit from its reading, we’re simply here to inform, nothing more.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

2 thoughts on “Eternal Power Struggle.

  1. Ah, yes. Equanimity, balance, and self-responsibility. All things necessary for a fulfilling life! By the way – I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! 🙂 Here’s the link:

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    1. Ah Kayla, I’ve had a very busy past few days but truly appreciate the comment and without a doubt appreciate the recommendation. I pray that you are well:)

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