Good evening everyone and I pray that you are well. Thank you for taking the time out of your evening to acknowledge this humble writers work. We will keep this article brief and simple. I know we haven’t written in the past few days but we have been incredibly busy with many different situations that have required our utmost attention, mainly the release of our musical counterpart’s “The Aquarian Initiative”‘s first EP which you can find here if you are interested. We have also been dealing with personal issues and the problems of our loved ones. We acknowledge the world is most definitely a perfect place and when we are faced with tribulation we strive to persevere through, as that is all we can do. The world is not perfect, just as you are not perfect, however the Universe seems to be in perfect balance, which is an interesting concept to acknowledge. As the sole reasons for our imperfection is the simple fact that we so not acknowledge our own perfection, therefore it is incapable of coming through.Ultimately it takes every type of fragment in order to make up the whole. If all were the same on very aspect then it would not make for a very interesting world now world it. 

We will use the reactions caused through actions that were present in my own Human experience of today’s time frame to relate to this current article. The day began with the recollection of previous women in my life that brought distress and pleasure (as I brought distress into their experience, as well as pleasure, alas the duality of the Universe we inhabit) and wondering where they are and how they may be doing at this moment in time, I was very different from them, as they were very different from me and of course as they were very different from one another, as it takes all types to run this world, internally and externally. As I lay in bed wondering of these past times my phone went off, it was my mother, she explained that she would be picking up my sister from a friend’s house that is close to my apartment and that she would like to drop off a few things to me. I accepted her offer and she told me she would be by shortly. I spoke with my room-mate briefly about his plans and my own for the day, who was heading out the door to get to his class at university. We are very different from one another but get along very well as we communicate on an open level and never allow our egos to conflict. He left and I bid him good day. I dressed and prepared a pot of coffee (I was preparing to exercise so I didn’t bother to deal with my hygiene until afterwards). My mother called and I went outside to say hello to her and my sister and grab that which they came to give me (a blanket). I told them of my plans for the day and thanked them for the blanket and bid them farewell. I made my way back to my apartment and poured myself a coffee as I began to read a short excerpt of a novel I am currently reading. Suddenly my phone went off, it was my father. He informed me that my mother and sister had just been involved in a motor accident (just so we can be clear, my mother and sister were not seriously injured, rather they were incredibly frightened and in shock, they had minor back pain from the impact but thank the Universe, nothing serious had happened to them). I began freaking out. I told my father I would immediately meet him and we would go and see them. My father informed me that he was already on his way to pick them up and from there he was going to drop them off at the center to file a report. I ran out of apartment and got to the bus stop as quickly as possible to meet them.

The accident occurred when my sister and mother were at a red light. A man high on opiates had fallen asleep at the wheel (after he had stolen his mother’s car, mind you the man was well into past his 40’s) and rammed into the back of my mother’s car. The man was incredibly apologetic and distraught and well to put it bluntly, he was really out of it. My sister was incredibly upset and angry. My mother was in tears (my mother is a beautiful woman, she hugged the man and told him it was OK) and really distraught over what had just occurred (this is her third accident in under three years). The police came. The man was arrested (he’ll pay dearly for the actions that he transmitted, as is the way of the universe. Not that I wish it upon him, although my ego does for what he did to my loved ones. Ultimately however we are the only ones whom we answer to) and my mother and sister were driven to the collision center by the tow truck driver where they gave a report. I arrived at home and spoke with my family over what had just happened. My poor loved ones. My mother was heading to a doctor’s appointment for 3 PM to be evaluated. My sister did not want to go to the doctors. We prepared lunch together and ate. Suddenly I received another phone call.

My room-mate informed me that when I had left the house the previous room mate (whose room I now occupy) had “broken” (she somehow still had a key) into our apartment and taken our internet box (which to be fair, was under her name, and I would have gladly given back to her had she communicated that she wanted what was hers). The woman texted my room mate “you are lucky that I did not take anything else”. I then hastily finished my meal with great stress and ran back to my apartment (was driven to a bus stop and then hopped right back on the bus) in order to see if what she said was true. I arrived back home and me and my room mate spoke of what had just transpired. Luckily nothing else had been stolen, and unfortunately cops were on their way (I didn’t believe they were necessary as I doubted she would be back). I exercised and waiting for the police with my room mate. When they arrived, we gave a report upon what had happened. The head officer called this woman and left a message with her. Upon the officers departure I went for a run to clear my mind. Afterwards I ran to the coffee shop, where I am forced to write now, as it possesses internet. I do not at my own sanctuary. Here I am, writing about an odd day. Alas these occurences happen. Life could be much worse. These are simply actions that bait a reaction and ultimately they are minor. I do not know why I write of them at this moment and time, however I suppose it had to be released.

I’ve never been fond of Mondays.

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