The Incomplete Man.

Good evening everyone and as always thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this humble writers words. This evening we would like to speak of the concept of the Human trinity (the mind, body and spirit) and where it stands today in the 21st century, versus where it stood in previous more simple times. The simple matter of the fact is that in order for us to act consciously consistently all three of the elements within the trinity need to be intertwined and balanced on a stable level, in many of our lives in this day and age this is simply not the case. Alas there is much to speak of and ever so little time as always, we are ready however, shall we begin?

The modern-day Human Being (speaking in the general term) is an anxious and somewhat confused creature. It does not know that which it truly strives for nor does it truly acknowledge that which it dreams to attain. The majority of us allow ourselves to completely be consumed by our thoughts, whether we are in social, professional or familial situations, rarely are we truly present and in the moment. When we are in social situations we are typically thinking of how we are going to respond to a previous comment, so we aren’t truly taking in that which the other individual fully has to say. Maybe we are thinking of our physical appearance or possibly a physical discomfort that has continued to this moment in time. Our stomach aches from a poor selection in dietary choices. Our body aches from the strenuous workout we just put ourselves through. We are constantly immersed in these different thoughts rather than focused on the task at hand. If we are not completely immersed in our mind (which 80% of the time, the modern Human Being most definitely is) then we may be completely immersed in our physical reality, that which requires only the physical body to partake in. Maybe you are going for a run or doing a sport of some kind (which most of the time you are not fully present in as you may be thinking of the past and future rather than focusing on the primary physical interaction at hand), maybe you are having fun (in a variety of ways) with a friend or loved one but cannot fully engage yourself in the moment. There is also the possibility that you are so immersed in the physical aspect of the physical action that you are partaking of that you completely forget to think of possibilities that may occur when an external factor comes into play. The external factor that was always a possibility if you had simply acknowledged it then jeopardizes your entire physical action (maybe you didn’t acknowledge your opponent was faster than you were and you attempted you make a move against him based on speed, which resulted in you losing the physical interaction to the opposing side which perceived your incoming action before you went through with it. at last there is the spiritual aspect, which is rarely thought of at all in this day and age. Even among those that “grasp” the spiritual aspect of our Humanity, it is simply taken into the mind where it then becomes an idea and a concept in which the ego latches on to. When we speak of the spiritual “portion” we are simply referring to that which you truly are, the unnameable, the infinite, the truth, that which require only silence, as that is truly what it is and all it has ever been. Ultimately, the modern-day Human has come to a point in there lives where each aspect of their trinity (mind, body and spirit) has been separated and unto itself is perceived as different part of the whole, they do not act in unison rather they act individually. This unto itself fragments the Human Being from its full potential. 

Now the question arises, why does the fragmentation of the Human trinity make us less effective as Human Beings overall? Truly, would it not make us more effective? As we are able to tap into whatever fragment that requires our utmost attention at the moment in time. Well the matter of the fact is that we truly need to be conscious and present in the combined power of the Human trinity to truly experience our reality to its utmost potential. So essentially, our trinity and the three corresponding segments which make it whole each serve a simple purpose that goes down a line into which the whole works through the segments in a unified manner. When we are aware of our “Being” or what we can call our spirit (as that is simply what we are unto ourselves, conscious fragments of the Universe that power a vessel which is our body and either think through our mind or allow it to do the thinking through us when we are unconscious of that which we strive towards), then in turn we allow ourselves to be conscious of our purpose and our true potential which as infinite and vast as the universe unto itself. We allow ourselves to be conscious of our true passion and that which we love to strive towards and when you love what you do, little can stop you. The spirit works in that manner as you are conscious of your infinite capability and power and also aware of that which you love in life, you acknowledge that this is simply a Human experience and that your time is limited so you better accomplish that which you seek within the time frame that you possess. When you are aware of that which you strive towards, then you can utilize the mind in turn. The mind will serve as the tool in which you can “think” and grasp the possibilities that lay out before you. The mind allows you to either get lost in it or utilize it to achieve that which you strive towards in this life. You can think through various situations and possibilities and then come to a conclusion on how you will act upon them within the physical reality. So far we have the spirit, which allows us to acknowledge our infinite potential and our true passions, that which we truly strive towards in this lifetime. With the wisdom of the spirit, the mind can then come to search for the knowledge and actions it needs to act out in order to achieve the passion of the spirit. So far the spirit is the body of the archer, the mind is the bow and last but now least we have the body, which is without a doubt the arrow. Finally, the body utilizes the knowledge of that the mind gathers and decides upon in order to fully actualize the potential of the spirit in the physical reality in which it inhabits. The body simply acts out that which the mind believes through the will of the spirit. For example, your true passion is painting  (your true passion could be absolutely anything, as every single profession is an art in this world, as long as you acknowledge it to be) and this is what you strive for in this lifetime, to be a master painter. Your mind then acknowledges this passions and thinks of that which it wishes to paint on that very day, your mind decides it would love to create a an abstract painting of a moon and acknowledges this as it’s desire at that moment in time. The body then sets to work to physically create that painting. All three components of the Human trinity are working together in perfect unison in order to accomplish that which the Human Being wishes to accomplish. 

Unfortunately in the 21st century rarely do Human Beings allow themselves to work as they were meant to. They constantly over complicate things for themselves as they search for more and more to fulfill their story. The matter of the fact is that if you simply allow yourself to do as you will, that which you truly yearn for, then you allow the Human trinity that encompasses your very Being to come through and achieve that which you were meant to accomplish. If you stress yourself in the mind, then the body won’t be able to actualize that which you seek to complete to its full potential. If you are not truly striving towards that which you yearn for in life, then you are unable to think of the ways in which you could truly accomplish this task through the mind and actualize it with the body. Ultimately it is up to you to discover your true passion, and then acknowledge that you are infinitely capable to do that which you truly yearn for in life, as it is your right to. Once you discover that which you truly yearn for, then you are able to mentally create a situation that you can physically manifest. We’ll speak more of the Human trinity and possible ways to step down into your true “self” in further articles.

As always, thank you for reading the article and I pray that you are well, wherever you may be. If you have any question regarding the article then please feel free to message us via the contact page. If you enjoyed the article then please do share it with your loved ones and friends, those whom you believe will enjoy and benefit from it’s reading.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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