Beginning of Mastery.

Hello. It’s been longer than it should have been. However, as always thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this humble writer’s message. There has been much going on lately. It has been difficult for me to immerse into that which I am meant to pursue. I succumbed to the pressure that I faced during my absence, but have returned to a point of strength in which I believe I am capable of bleeding these words once more. Before I go any further, I would like to point out that I will be bringing the amount of articles I write down a single daily, rather than striving for two or more. I will focus all of my energy into a single complete work rather than divert it towards multiple works of meagre quality. I will also begin to do video logs every second day to conserve time and energy. As writing and putting these articles together can be rather consuming of my time and energy. Regardless, the topic we will discuss today is that of Human mastery. It seems to be a subject that commonly occurs in my articles, so we may as we;; devote a piece to in the in its entirety. As always the time has come and we are here. Shall we begin?

The concept of mastery has been around since the dawn of consciousness. Beings from all over the spectrum have entered the game of life so that they may master the game unto itself, not in the whole of course as they are an individual fragment, they simply enter in hopes that they are able to master that which they seek in life (their passion), whatever that may be. Humans have always sought out their dreams in hopes to manifest them into this physical reality. Some have persevered through many tribulations and come out on the other side victorious in their life’s endeavors. Some have not been so lucky to step into their true mastery and strive for that which they seek to obtain and have come out on the other side less than satisfied. There can’t be only victors, nor can there solely be losers in a universe of duality. However, as a Being of free will, you can consciously make the decision to either master the life that is currently unfolding before your eyes or to simply allow it to play out in front of you. There are two steps to mastery, the internal that then leads to the mastery of the external. By this statement we are simply referring to the fact that once you are capable controlling your inner world (be it your mindset, emotional state, knowledge etc.) then you are capable of gaining control over the external world in front of you and bending it to your will through hard work and perseverance. 

Controlling your inner world is a constant struggle that we as Human Beings are faced with every waking moment of our lives. We are constantly challenged with the duality of the Universe. Giving in or giving up. Persevering or simply fearing. Acknowledging or forgetting. The obstacles that test our willpower and the actions we take regarding these issues mold us into the Beings that we are. Every choice we make and every action we take has a corresponding effects in our life and the choice we make will ultimately result in a regrettable moment or an invested moment energetically. Essentially with every choice that we take we will either move forward into achieving the greatness that we strive towards, we will stay stagnant or we will fall backwards in time, to a place that resembles that which we despise. We give in to fear or we adhere to our dreams. Essentially these challenges come in the forms of personal struggles (vices, relationships, emotional states) and we either overcome the obstacles or we give in to them, or we do neither and hope that they fade away (which rarely happens in the real world). If we overcome the fear that holds us back from accomplishing that which we strive towards, then we step into the true mastery of the domain we are entitled to. Vice versa as well, if we allow fear to overtake us then we forget that which we strive towards and either fall further and further away from our “truth” or we must continually climb back towards our reality. This is the first conflict that we must overcome in our lives if we hope to obtain true mastery of the Human trinity (mind, body, spirit), the mastery of ourselves. We must overcome the obstacles that have held us back internally in the past after all we as Human Beings are typically our own worst enemy, and we tend to hold ourselves back more than anything else in this reality.

Once we conquer ourselves internally then we are capable of moving forward and conquering the external world around us. We do this by pursuing our dreams and passions, that which we truly strive towards and would be chasing if that which held us back internally had not been an issue to begin with. Conquering our outer reality is only possible once we have complete faith in our infinite potential and acknowledge that whatever it is we seek in this world we are more than capable of manifesting as long as we are willing to commit the energy and “time” that is required to manifest our dreams. Ultimately if you know what you truly hope to attain in life and are not pursuing it to your full potential then you must acknowledge the fact that you have some internal “drama” that must be dealt with before you move towards manifesting your dreams into the external. The dreams arrive in the internal. From there it is up to the Human Being to acknowledge these dreams as passion and purpose. Then they must give up that which has been holding them back from accomplishing that which they strive towards. You must give up the fear. The negative emotions. The Beings that surround you who do not have faith in you or believe in your dreams, as ultimately they are simply unaware or afraid of accomplishing that which they strive towards, and don’t want to see other’s evolving as they stay stagnant. You must give into your dreams and allow them to consume your very Being. Rather than giving into your fears and allowing them to consume you. In the universe of duality, these are the two paths you can follow ultimately. One paths lead you into the mastery of your very being and the conquering of that which you seek to attain, the conquering of your internal reality which you then manifest into your external reality. The other leads you into confusion and distortion of who you are and who you could truly be.  

Ultimately these are words that are somewhat directed to my very Being. I have been working through very difficult decisions. It has been stressful. Some nights I found myself immersed once more into my old thought and habitual patterns. Losing myself internally through uncertainty I was no longer capable of manifesting that which I promote on a daily basis. It is over now for the most part however, and we find ourself stepping back into the pursuit of our own goals. We shall continue along our accepted path.

As always, I pray that you are well, wherever you may be. If you enjoyed the article then please do share it with your friends and family, those whom you believe will truly benefit from its content, after all that’s what we are here for, to simply inform. 

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented illusions (Brandon)

1 thought on “Beginning of Mastery.

  1. Pursuit of goals fearlessly never swaying along kit accepted path .. the toppermost of the uppermost !!


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