It comes in waves.

Good day to you all and as always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this humble writers words. I’ve been feeling very off the past few days. By that I mean I have been feeling down and out, and I’ve really had to push myself very hard in order to accomplish that which is required of me. It isn’t easy but this isn’t a cry for help, ultimately it is simply an issue that I’ve dealt with throughout my life. My personal Human experience comes in waves. I am constantly creating, optimistic and confident one week and the following I drop. If I don’t stay persistent and work diligently throughout this time period then it will be very difficult for me to reach my peak once more and I can easily stay in my “low” phase for a consistent amount of time. Alas, I’ve surfed this wave rather diligently and am beginning to come out on top however. Many people arte like this. Many are not. Our emotions and states of stability vary from one to another. For some they are consistent throughout their entire lives. For others it is a constant low, only to reach untold highs for short periods of time and vice versa. For some, such as myself, it comes in waves. Alas, the topic we will discuss today is that of Humanity’s constantly changing emotional states and why it will always continue on this path (unless we continue to do as we have throughout the 21st century and alter our youth’s natural systems with chemicals which “stabilizes” them). Alas the time is now, and we are ready, shall we delve into this subject?

Humanity has always been a very unique and independent species. Individually we are very different from the Human that sits beside us. Culturally we are vastly different from the society nearest to us (even within national societies, there are distinct differences in culture from one province, even one city, to that of their nearest “cousin” for lack of better term. For example I reside in Ottawa Canada which is located in the province of Ontario. Toronto, a larger city located within Ontario is distinct from Ottawa culturally. Toronto is more diverse in its population and is a more liberal city (forward thinking, dominated by the ideas of youth, all types of professions thrive) whereas Ottawa is a more conservative city (respectful of our customs, dominated by the foundation in which Canada’s values were built upon, business and political profession thrive here, all though all types can be found, you typically need to have a higher education to thrive in the nation’s capital). Now if you were to compare Canada to its American neighbours you would find an even larger culture gap. If you were to compare the states of the USA, you would find a very unique flair to each state that distinctly separates it from its neighbour. It goes on and on from there. As stated in the beginning however, each individual Human Being will typically be vastly different from the one next to them (they may share similar ideas, morals etc.) but there is a nearly impossible chance that they will be nearly identical in all aspects (unless you are dealing with identical twins, even in that regard they may appear similar physically but emotionally and intellectually they will most likely be very different creatures unto themselves).

Now that the concept of distinct identity has been established throughout the Human race, we will move more into why that is (our purpose being unique creatures) and if it will continue to be this way throughout our enduring collective experience as a species (if we will remain intelligent creatures of free will and distinct identity, or if we will merge our intelligence into a collaborated collective to further our intelligence through the use of intelligent mechanical technology).

The matter of the fact is that we as Human Beings were gifted with intelligence and awareness (of our consciousness) above all other upon the Planet we inhabit (Earth). This is due to conscious evolution. Our consciousness has continued to evolve throughout our inception as a species, just as all other species will continue to evolve in turn as well. The matter of the fact is that our intelligence has continued to evolve as we have been required to adapt throughout the various “stages” we as a species have endured. We built walled cities to keep out invaders. Invaders developed siege weapons. We developed professional armies to patrol our lands to simply intercept the invaders before the raiders could engage. The raiders began developing hit and run tactics. This is a very basic and brutish example, as it involves conflict, but you get the point. We are constantly in a race with ourselves to beat ourselves and come out on top. Humanity is struggling to overcome itself. It acknowledges that there is more to life. However rather than admitting the simple fact it struggles with itself (through conflict and aggressive diplomacy) in order to win energy from itself rather than acquiring it from the same source that gifts it with intelligence to begin with. Back to the original point.

Humanity is a unique representation of the “whole” broken down into “fragments”. Each individual Human Being has a distinct set of skills and emotional traits that, when acknowledged and brought to the attention of separate fragments who themselves have acknowledged the gifts they possess, can then aid in the pursuit on the “minor whole” (an issue that the select group of Human Beings are pursuing in order to come to a proper conclusion) that the select group of fragments are pursuing to piece back together. Once the group of fragments have pieced together a minor whole, in turn they are able to pursue a more serious issue alongside another group of Human Beings that have pieced together a “minor whole”, once these two groups have come alongside one another they are now able to put their two “minor wholes” together in pursuit of a “major” whole. Once this is complete the process continues deeper and deeper until a vast majority of fragments have united to create a very complex and extensive whole in which they believe in. Each individual fragment amongst the now vast whole is without a doubt still individual in its demeanor and mental/intellectual disposition, although some will very similar, they will still have their differences, however they will all be united under their collective pursuit, or the collective truth that they have found to be their unifying factor. Due to the fact that we live in a Universe of Duality (Can’t have the light without the dark and unfortunately although both aspects share similar qualities they will never be on and the same, there will always be conflict between the two varying forces. A simple example for this is the masculine and the feminine, although we may share similar qualities and although there seems to be a proportion of direct similarities within each aspect, think about the LGBT communities, we will never be one and the same, and we can’t continue without the other), there will always be conflicting halves that claim to the collective whole. In turn this will cause direct conflict between the two halves (who don’t realize the simple fact that they both possess what the other seeks, and if they were to simply unify under a common cause and under the direct intervention of peace and diplomacy, they would at last be whole) until one half overcomes the other and consumes it. This however does not make the winning halve whole, rather it destroys the other halve and suppresses it under the guise that is a fallacy. This simply repeats the cycle until the other half once more gains strength and due to its collective and heavy pain body (which is an emotional state that is contained within our individual and collective egos that is caused by painful memories and experiences) it initiates the initial conflict and most likely is either suppressed once more or suppresses the initial victorious halve.

Essentially the summary for this point is that we are all unique and varying fragments of an initial whole. We come together to pursue collective interests. We form minor and major collective groups until we form a larger community. Due to the fact that we have egos and have a difficult time coming to grips with ideas and concepts that are vastly distinct from our own, they may even conflict with our own beliefs, we in turn conflict with other communities whose perspectives vary from our own, even though the matter of the fact is that if we to simply integrate with one another rather than defy each halves purpose, we would most likely come to the conclusion that we’ve both been searching for and in turn be able to come together as a whole. When we accept one another and openly seek to find truth and consciousness while intelligently communicating with one another, we are able to come to a collective conclusion, rather than an individual conflict that separates the collective consciousness.

The final point is if we as Humanity are bound to eternally pursue this way of life, as it is a natural state for us as Human Beings with the assistance of our biological intelligence. By that I mean we are individual unique fragments with a specific skill set that once acknowledged allows us to assist in the collective evolution of intelligence. Living in a Universe of Duality however, halves eventually conflict with one another with the narrow mindset that they are the whole (their ideology is right, while the others is incorrect) and that the other half is a fallacy. We as the Human species are on course to naturally transcend this old way of life (conflicting with one another’s views without even attempting to acknowledge and accept them for what they are) and to ultimately acknowledge that we as individual fragments all contain some truth, and when collectively interwoven we contain the grand truth, we are one, we are whole as a collective consciousness. Now we can either continue down our path of natural evolution. Utilizing our biological technologies as our main tools (our bodies, minds, plants, natural elements and so much more) to pursue our destiny. Or we can continue down the path we have also been pursuing throughout time, that of utilizing mechanical technologies as our primary tools. Although at this moment in time we utilize both, we most definitely utilize our mechanical tools far more often than those of our biological counterparts. This is evident in the destruction of not only our biological surroundings but also our biological tools (Human bodies are becoming weaker and weaker with each generation that passes by. Our minds becoming less and less sharp we begin to rely on technology to solve all of our intellectual problems. Our planet being more and more ravaged in exploitation of its natural resources in order to fuel the mechanical tools that are being developed). Although the concept of duality demands that we utilize both technologies in an efficient and orderly manner in order to reach equilibrium. This means that we utilize our mechanical technologies in such a manner that they develop our biological technologies and faculties, in a sense they support and expand our biological technologies rather than diminishing them. The matter of the fact is that if we continue down either path, we will suppress the other to the point where they will eventually come into conflict. Either that or we will completely destroy the other aspect of ourselves and become something entirely different from what we were originally designed to be. Just as the societal aspects must forego their differences and merge in order to become one, our biological and mechanical technologies must forego their differences and merge to reach a healthy equilibrium within this Universe of Duality. Ultimately this is an incredibly meaty topic, so you can expect further posts on It all together, for the time being however, we shall leave you with this to digest as food for thought.

As always, thank you kindly for taking the time out of your day to read this article. I pray that you are well and you shall hear from us soon. If you enjoyed the article then PLEASE do share it with your family and loved ones. We put much energy into these articles and all we ask is that it is digested and dispersed to those whom would truly benefit from its reading.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

2 thoughts on “It comes in waves.

  1. I did enjoy it. I would share but it is not a topic of most around me virtually or otherwise. My topic of concern is culture and thus I hit upon it. And, when I say culture, I mean the man-made system of collective values that a group of any size and make up might share.

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    1. Thank you for your honest reply Bonsai and by no means are you required to share, if you feel it you will. Happy you did enjoy to some degree however.


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