Equilibrium within the internal and external.

Good day to you all and as always, thank you kindly for taking the time out of your day to read this humble writers words. I’ve struggled greatly the past week to be completely honest. As  a Human Being, my experience is constantly filled with emotional highs and lows. Today however I feel as if I have conserved enough energy to externalize that which has been internal for a while now. I feel very week energetically. This has affected my Human Trinity (mind, body and soul) exponentially. I acknowledge however that if I do not break through this obstacle as soon as possible, it will only continue to become stronger and stronger. Thus I find myself in front of the machine. Racking my brain as to how I will be able to explain the state of mind that keeps me intact and quite literally sane. Time is running away, and there are monsters in which I must keep at bay. Alas, I shall emerge as I always do, on the other side with the knowledge as to how I shall continue. Through and through, my time is due. I will formally acknowledge before we begin however that this shall be a personal article. A reflection unto my own Being that some of you may resonate with, it may help you break through the barrier unto yourself, it may bore you. Who knows, it won’t hurt to acknowledge the feelings of another fragment, as from the womb we are all the same, then defined through the egotistical life that we force upon ourselves in vain, into the tomb, we are all the same. Only upon the middle Earth do we truly differ my friends. Alas, the time has come. Shall we begin? 

The quest to attain equilibrium within Humanity is something we shall struggle towards eternally, on both an internal (in this article, the internal will refer to to concept of the individual where as the external shall refer to the organization, which is nothing more than a group of individuals that possess a collective ideology) and external level. We shall begin with the individual struggle of the internal; this is when we as individual Humans do our best to attain equilibrium, some even strive towards the illusionary concept of perfection (in whatever form they may adhere to), so that they may transcend the darkness or light of the world. Attaining balance is what the majority of Humanity strives towards, and it is most definitely not as easy to attain as we may prescribe it to be. It takes almost a lifetime of experience to finally attain our own internal code of Duality, and then truly presently living a balanced lifestyle without faltering requires incredible mastery over one’s life. In order to truly live a life of duality, an individual must acknowledge that which they have to offer to the collective community through the discovery of their natural skill sets and passions, that which they truly excel at and truly take pride in accomplishing. Once they acknowledge that which they have to offer, they must be willing to give that back to the collective community so that the individual may thrive alongside the whole. Now that the passion has been established (which in a sense can be defined as their own “light”, that which shines through them and reaches others in a positive and beneficial manner to all of those involved), the individual must acknowledge the darkness (vices and sins that we as Beings of emotion and free will all possess) within them. Vices and sins can rate extreme (those that wish to harm others in any way) to minor (such as mild substance usage and minor disagreements with other individuals), in the case of extreme vices, an individual must seek out assistance so that they may transcend these instances permanently, as eventually it will destroy the individual. Extreme vices will never allow an individual to achieve equilibrium. Minor vices on the other hand must be moderated on a consistent level so that they do not eventually become extreme vices. For example, if is OK for an individual to use a substance in moderation. It is OK to have the occasional disagreement with another individual, after all we are emotional beings and feel the need to express ourselves when we do not agree with the opinions of another Human Being. If you are capable of subduing the urges to commit even minor vices than all the power to you and you will most likely be a much happier Human Being in the end if you manage to abstain from your proclaimed vices and focus on your passions and positive activities instead. 

Much of Humanity (myself included) falls into a delusional sense of the need to pursue some form of individual “perfection”. They may avoid contact with all other Humans as they believe these individuals will “taint” them or lead them astray from their own pursuit of “perfection”. What is it they are trying to perfect? Maybe their own individual minds through the constant search for knowledge and wisdom, so that they may finally understand the “truth of it all”. Maybe they are attempting to perfect themselves physically, so that they may at last conquer those less powerful than themselves in the hopes that one day they will be able to control their physical surroundings and other Humans without fear of repercussion. Others seek to perfect themselves spiritually, to cleanse themselves of the energies of this physical reality so that they may ultimately transcend it completely. Ultimately, whether you are trying to “perfect” yourselves in any aspect of the Human trinity, or possibly a combination of them, you are living in your own artificially constructed delusion, as this is your own perspective of perfection, not the whole’s, a mere fragment of perfection and that unto itself is a petty illusion, distracting you from actually benefiting the collective community (which is ultimately also preventing you from truly benefiting yourself). The simple advice in this segment is that as Human Beings in our current evolutionary state we are most definitely far from perfection, and the pursuit of such a delusional concept will blatantly impede you from achieving that which you are capable of. 

Now we shall discuss the concept of attaining equilibrium within an external (or group of individuals with a similar ideology) environment, which as you can imagine is much more difficult than within the internal environment, as we are now dealing within multiple Beings of free will and a unique emotional state, so coming to common ground with all parties involved is more difficult than it sounds. We shall also briefly describe the external pursuit of perfection as well. Achieving equilibrium within an external group is what we hope to attain when we join groups of individuals whom we believe we shall resonate with. We join these external identities as a stable individual who hopes to offer their own skill sets to the greater reality and the individuals that accompany you in the external identity possess their own unique skill set and hope to offer the same. Progress occurs within the external identity when all parties involved in the active process of achieving that which they seek are at peace with the actions of one another and comfortable with the actions they and their contemporaries are achieving. Problems arise when two or more of the individuals within the collective come disagree on one matter or another and conflict over a particular reason. This disrupts the equilibrium and impedes the accomplishments of the collective consciousness that has been externalized. Equilibrium within the external can most definitely be achieved (and is on prevalent in the success of the most influential groups and companies in the world), however incredible willpower and diligence is required from all of those involved in order for the equilibrium to be maintained. Now many external groups also seek perfection in their own delusional ways. They believe that they are correct and all others are inferior and therefore subject to criticism, isolation and in the most extreme cases, destruction. These individuals are typically in equilibrium with one another internally and the complete opposite of all others with opposing beliefs. This simply means that they are at peace with the members of their own internal “faction” and opposed to all other external factions. This unto itself is a delusion of course just as the individuals search for perfection is without a doubt a delusion. Ultimately the goal of the external is to continue accepting more and more individuals into their ranks and to maintain it’s equilibrium internally as much as possible. This is a near impossible task however, as nothing everything crumbles and is replaced eventually. 

I wrote this article simply because I have been utilizing far too much of my energy which led to a recent breakdown. I was trying so hard to write constantly on a daily basis while pursuing my music and other passions as well as relocating and looking for new work, that I simply burnt out and could no longer keep up with what I expected of my own Being. My vices resurfaced momentarily but extremely and I finally found the courage to seek help. I have grounded myself once more. In this day and age it extremely easy to lose yourself amid the chaos of everything is going on. Anyways, if you are in a bit of a rut yourself, then I pray that you find yourself peace soon. 

As always thank you kindly for taking the time out of your day to read, I hope you enjoyed the article and if so then share it with your friends and family, those whom you believe will truly benefit from it. Until next time.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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