Deep Grandiose Mountains.

The internal struggle between the forces manifest within a Human Being are the same forces that manifest within the external world as that which presents itself within as well. Love, what we all live for, the sustenance of consciousness throughout the Universe, can only be externalized and made manifest into those that deserve it around you if you are capable of first internalizing the fire within and acknowledging that love as that which you are and therefore, that which those around you are as well. In turn, Fear, the life force of unconsciousness throughout the infinite can only be externalized into the outer world around you if it is first internalized within our own black heart. The simple matter of the fact is that as those before and those after have stated since the beginning and the end, we reap what we sow. The karmic circle is most definitely in full force, as it always has been and if you are not conscious of that which you manifest on a daily basis then you shall continue to fall further and further away from that which you are and that which you have always been meant to be. There are many changes in store for those that seek them, both positive and negative. You can choose to be the gift desired or the illness that has been feared. When we look outwards into our greater reality and acknowledge the forces present (both positive and negative), we must acknowledge the fact that internally we are manifesting this film that is playing out before us subconsciously as well. As always, the tunnel is before us and we have no other choice than to delve deep within, shall we begin?

Living slumber is how many of us go about our daily lives in this mechanical culture of the 21st western society. In this state of (un)consciousness we essentially collect the “baggage” of the events of each and every day of our Human experience within our vessels, our minds and rather than seeing them through and allowing them to pass through us, we push them to the farthest recesses of our domain, subconsciously claiming that we shall deal with them when the time is right. The timing is never right however as more and more comes with each passing moment, the pile just continues to pile more and more. Soon, it begins to rot within and as each day passes, the stench becomes more and more unbearable. Soon, you find yourself externalizing this stench into your outer world, as there is simply no more room within internally, after all, it just keeps adding up, more and more.

Just as your internal world, which you cannot possibly address, as it is the minotaur within your labyrinth has become tainted, soon your external environment feels the wrath as well. Your Love turns to Hate. Pleasure to Pain. Happiness to Sadness. Those around you, as they are part of you, begin to feel the effects as well. As they try to ease and soothe your demons with their angels, the result becomes nothing more than an energetic tug of war, in which you are both trying to heal, but do nothing more than burden one another more and more until the relationship itself implodes into nothingness, just as it was once everything. You become alien to yourself and if you do not know yourself, then most certainly those around you become estranged in turn. Now the immolation occurs, you burn up. Nothing is left. This is a positive and negative event, as are all within the Human experience, depending on what you are willing to make of it; the process can begin anew, now you are armed with the knowledge of the past so that you may bring it to the future, however it is only you who that may choose to rise from the ashes, or simply continue to gather them.

Just as we fall into a deep slumber, ultimately we awaken as well. Whether it be from the life-giving kiss of a hero(ine) figure who sought you to be whole, or an acknowledgement of the dark night of the soul, once this realization is actualized into your reality, that which lays within can no longer remain dirty and dormant, just as your world can no longer remain chaotic and plagued by Frankenstein’s that were manifested by none other than your own unconscious genius, the internal and external coincide to actualize healing. Cleansing of the space within leads to the cleansing of the space outwards. Healing of the love within (self) begins to spark the love of those around you once more.

As we move about the fluid (or clumsy) motions of our own life, it is ultimately our own responsibility to take charge of our own state of Being so that we may align with the lives that we were always meant to possess. The state of the world is incredibly chaotic in this day and age but the simple matter of the fact is that the majority of us are living incredibly chaotic lives as well (and this falls upon our own shoulders alone), we rarely see that which occurs outside of our own daily lives. We have deified Fear as the threshold in which we dare not pass, and the wall that we have built continues to grow day in and day out. However, the Love that is within each and every one of us manifests more and more each day as we allow the Light to shine through the darkness of our own Being and in turn, into the greater reality in which we collectively inhabit. Ultimately, it is only each individual who may rally their inner forces to overwhelm the darkness of none other than ourselves, and once our inner fear is conquered, we may look to the outer world in turn to rally with those of us that have climbed above the mountain of darkness and collectively, we may pursue that which we have always sought internally, and bring it into external manifestation. 

As the words of Hermes Trismegustus ring true throughout the infinite eternal “As Above, So Below”. Your internal reality is directly influencing your external reality. You are that which you have sought after for so long, and only you can heal yourself so that you may heal those around you as well (this refers to relationships of all sorts- business, romantic, social etc.). Your power is here, and it’s yours to take it if only you allow yourself to do so. 

As always, thank you kindly for taking the time out of your day to acknowledge this humble writers work and I pray that it resonated with those of you that require it at this moment in time. If you enjoyed the article then please share it with those around you whom would enjoy or benefit from its reading in turn. If you have any questions or wish you discuss anything relevant to the article then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sending you Light through Love,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)



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