Letters to the Embers.

I was young and foolhardy. Taken aback by her with full force. I had little room to breathe myself. All my energy went into soothing my demons and assailing my angels. She came out of nowhere. It feels like a life time ago, yet I remember just as quickly as I forget. Flying like a bird into the horizon as I burrowed deeply into the earth, we contrasted fluidly just as light refracts through the prism. In my ignorance I unconsciously went through the motions of our lust, as she consciously manifested love, for none other than a wounded wolf laying by the bed of a river.

Arrows pierced me. Anger, Hatred, Ego, Greed. Poisoned tips that went deeper into my blood stream as she day passed. As I continued my hunt through the ebony woods, the hunt for nothing more than the satisfaction of a tainted mind, more and more wounds appeared upon my body. As the dawn approached and I took rest, as my demons could not seek me in this environment, she would come down and valiantly tend my wounds. As she did so, the poison of my illness seeped into her, she cared not however, for she was blinded by the light of love. As she healed my wounds day by day, I was blinded by nothing more than lust for the pleasure of the release of the pain for which she brought upon me. 

The nights grew longer just as the woods grew thicker. My hunters became more numerous, more powerful. My angel visited me in the daylight less and less. When she did so I would lash out in rage and agony unconsciously as she tended me, resulting in her developing wounds of her own, that stemmed from mine. Her feathers began to wither and it was clear that she was growing weaker each time she saw me, just as I was. 

Weeks passed without her visitation. I no longer ventured deeper into the woods. I lay by the riverbed surrounded by the apparitions of my darkness, spears and muskets raised viciously at me. My wounds oozed puss and grew black, it was clear that the end was near. Each night they assailed me relentlessly. I lay there in agony, too weak to fight or take flight, it was clear that my end was near. 

As the light of the sun dawned on me, my enemies retreated as they always did, for they feared my love just as much as I did. I called to her in futility. I feared she had forgotten me, nay however as within moments my love grounded next to me. “I feared you had forgotten me” she spoke softly, tears forming within the vast ocean of each iris. “I had”, I retorted loudly. Just as she was meant to spread her wings for a final time, she did so. She did not look back, for the sick animal I had become was a very difficult sight for her to behold. I watched her fly away into the light. It was time I returned to the woods, the pain had become one with me at this point. The attacks of the demons no longer caused pain, as much as they simply numbed. 

As I wearily crawled throughout the vast and endless jungle dimly lit by nothing more than a half crescent moon, I noticed the embers in the distance. The light in the dark that would cleanse me, purify me, rebirth me. As I came closer and closer the vast bonfire that was now clear before me beckoned me towards it, the home in which I had always been searching for. 

My pack, my brothers and sisters that had gone their own way into the darkness of the woods that called us within stood around the inferno. Reduced to nothing more than bones themselves, they rejoiced and howled feverously upon acknowledging my scent. “you are home at last, we have waited long for you” the eldest of my sisters sang to me. “it is time” I cried aloud. 

Passing through the familial circle and closer and closer to the raging inferno waiting to consume me, I glanced to the sky one last time. She was not there. She was at peace. She was home, wherever that was. Just as I was at last. “I do love you” I whispered softly to the wind before immersing myself in the cleansing flames from which I came. Everything went black as I closed my eyes and rejoiced in the death of that which I had become. 

As I opened my eyes once more, I lay by a riverbed. My black fur had attained streaks of white and my wounds sealed as if they had never been present. 

I looked to the sky and she was circling overhead. As she descended to the earth beside me, she looked me in the eyes.

“You are home at last, I have waited long for you”.

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