Fluid Control.

At times we lose ourselves in the past which in turn disrupts and throws us off the path of where we are meant to be in the future. Presently we are here at this very moment in time and only we have the power to determine our course in the ocean of eternity. In this day and age of constant bombardment on every spectrum of Humanity (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual), can you really blame us for sway off course at times? After all, if we have been affected in the past by certain events, then surely the ghosts can catch up to us in the present and affect us in the future. The simple matter of the fact is that as we come to grips with our own current situation (the reality of it as it is not going to dissolve one day without action and manifest into your dreams the following day) then we are capable of allowing ourselves to gain “ground” (work through our own issues, rather than simply creating more) inch by inch and day by day upon the stage of our own life. As always, the time is now for a discussion, shall we begin?

Every now and then I believe that I know exactly what is going on in my life. I’m in complete control and there is nothing that can disrupt this current state of Being. This is usually the day before I throw myself into a chaotic void that lasts until I accept the fact that I truly knew nothing of what was going on in my life. I in fact had simply created a specific mold in which to encase myself, and when change began to come into my life that didn’t exactly fit into that mold, chaos ensued. The destruction of what I had limited myself into believing that which I was just so that I may be given another lesson on that in which I shall become. The thing was, I didn’t know what I was meant to become, but I had known that which I was in the past, so of course rather than allowing myself to multiply and diversify as a healthy Human Being should be constantly doing, I reverted to previous thought patterns and ways of life, as that is what I had known and was comfortable with. After all we are creatures of habit (be they negative or positive) and breaking these habits require a bit more clicking your heels together three times and stating aloud “Now be gone!”. In fact, good things never come easy at the end of the day and changing that about ourselves that no longer fits with who we are becoming can be the largest challenge of our lives, and why is that? It’s due to the fact that it doesn’t happen over night, in a month or a year- it is a conscious effort every single moment of our Human experience. 

When we find ourselves in “control” of our lives and following a script that we wrote in the past, then eventually when we no longer find ourselves in control of that script we break down. Chaos ensues and for a short while we find ourselves falling into a bottomless pit. Eventually a branch within the pit catches us, we look upwards and find ourselves climbing back to where we once were. At this moment in time we have the option to revert and conform into that which we were, after all it is what we know and what we happen to be “good” at or we can begin building a platform in which to continue our ascension into unknown territory. This territory happens to be frightening however, as it has not been mapped out by our inner pioneer, even the voice within is uncertain. Now of course our instincts kick in; do we fight through the unknown path or take flight and retreat backwards, eventually coming back to the pit in which we delve into once more? Ultimately as Beings of Free Will, the choice is yours, as it always has been. 

Many of us have a hard time understanding the fact that it’s ok to take a step back and allow yourself to let go of that which determined our path for so long, as it is no longer apart of who we are. Once we begin to unpack that which has characterized our Human experience, we see the lighter load allows for much easier ascension into who you truly are- a mystery- the great unknown, just as everything around you is unknown. This not only applies to you, as you are constantly becoming and in-becoming (placing and freeing limitations on none other than yourself), it also applies to everyone around you; you may believe you know someone, but the simple matter of the fact is that the tip of the iceberg is typically a mere reflection of yourself, what they allow you to see, what you are both comfortable exposing to one another due to how you interpret that individual. You can continue understanding an individual on a more deeper and deeper level as your relationships develops (as each individual evolves within the relationship) or you can place limitations from you (or others) have perceived, and close the door to something that could have brought you much more understanding of yourself, as ultimately we learn just as much about ourselves through others as we do them, as we are all very similar constructs (the form) yet infinitely different Beings (the unknown). 

As we allow ourselves to unfold a little more each and every moment, we ask that you simply allow yourself to do the same, who knows, you may even enjoy it. 

As always we pray that you are well, wherever you may be. If you have any questions or would simply like to discuss some aspects of this post, then please do not hesitate to message us. 

Sending you Light through Love,

Fragmented Illusions.



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