Flowing mechanics

We are who we are. That’s ultimately all there is to it. Well that, and infinitely more. We start off as an empty cup and as we grow into who we believe ourselves to be, that cup begins to overflow. To the point where you are now drowning into you believe yourself to be. As with the law of Duality, the contents of this vessel differ greatly from one to the next. Some are filled with fire, humility and terror while others with earth, poison and control, the list goes on eternally. The real question however is, are we consciously aware of what we are “filling” ourselves with on as we move through our Human experience? Or, are we simply taking what is offered while wearing a blindfold, after all what we do not know won’t hurt us, will it? As always, the time is now my friends, shall we delve in?

In this day and age of rapid bombardment on all forms of the Human spectrum (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), it is more important to be constantly aware and thoughtful (do I really believe this, or am I simply going along with it as everyone else around me?) of each and every single piece of information we happen to digest (and yes, absolutely everything is information- when you exercise you are giving your body information to become stronger, when you don’t you are giving it information to become weaker. When you read an article or book consciously and determine for yourself if this happens to be true, you are being thoughtful of the information you are digesting and taking in only what you see is truth in your perception, when you are taking everything you read at face value, you are unconsciously gluttonous, you can’t tell reality from fiction as the two were never separated in your own conscious; the list goes on an on, but we believe you get the point) and it determines our perception of reality. The simple matter of the fact is that we know who we are until we allow ourselves to fit an unconscious mold of whom we believe ourselves and others to be- we call this the ideal cog. It fits perfectly into the construct of the machine presented without presenting any problems. This happens to be a problem for Human Beings, as we are not mechanical, we are flowing. We are not artificial, we are natural. We are that which we are, not that what we must be.

In the 21st century, predominately in the Western hemisphere, we are causing more problems for ourselves than we can even possibly fathom, and why is that? After all, generally those that live in this part of the Earth are perceived as the crème of the crop- with the bolstered economy, advanced technology and “democratic” governments, surely we must be moving forward, rather than backwards, and the matter of the fact is that in some aspects of our culture we are moving forward (some advanced symbiotic technology works in tune with Humans and the Earth, and allows us to live a more free lifestyle. Our cultures are accepting of that of the entire culture hemisphere generally-social, religious, etc.- , although some parts of the West are most definitely lacking in that regard as well and of course we are typically not living day by day to simply survive, we have recreation and peace to some degree as well, although that is being challenged constantly as well) while others are most certainly degrading (our health care system has people constantly moving backwards financially even if it doesn’t solve the problem, we attempt to control and destroy disease rather than determine the root and cause of it and move towards a solution from there, as our ancestors did through holistic practices for a millennia. The system clearly favours a select portion of the population while others can barely scrape by, even though they work day and night relentlessly. Over all in many aspects of our culture it’s every man for himself, and if you can’t find where your piece fits into the puzzle, then someone else will most definitely do it for you, taking your energy to supplement theirs, powering their dreams with your vitality, making their thoughts your own.

Being conscious of your place in the world not only allows you to see reality for what it truly is (the positive and the negative), it allows you to then in turn bring about change however you deem fit. Acknowledging the fact that only you can empower or destroy your current state of Being is the first step into actualizing your dreams into reality; the other option is of course as stated above, allowing others to empower themselves through your own unique set of skills (as they see what you truly have to offer even if you do not) while in turn allowing your own source of energy to dwindle away day by day. Essentially it’s the choice between destruction and restoration, as you cannot have one without the other and through free will and your own conscious decision, you are more than capable of turning around whenever you decide it is time to. Of course, we all have commitments in life, and some of you may be thinking “It is easier said than done”- and I couldn’t agree more, as we all have commitments that take up our resources, the decision to change and live life more fully is most definitely a commitment unto itself, the largest commitment of them all ultimately, one that will in turn change and alter all your commitments and every aspect of your life- as long as you are willing to commit to it. The simple matter of the fact is that this commitment never ends. As soon as you allow yourself to fall back on your promise to yourself then you will see old patterns beginning to remerge in your life, and in turn, positive change will emerge as you commit to it on a daily basis. 

It’s our choice to be ourselves in this world, and although it is never easy, nothing worth having in this life is easy- and as each day passes, with anything in life, it becomes easier and easier, after all, practice makes perfect. If we allow fear to rule our lives, those who are fear incarnate are capable of using that energetic sustenance to fuel their own agendas against us. Just as we allow love to rule our lives, being ourselves and truly doing that which we will alongside those who rule through love as well, we begin to see that those hiding in the darkness can’t hide from the light forever, and that loving yourself and in turn your own live through conscious affirmative action (living your life as you were meant to) will in turn affect those around you as well, allowing the light to break through them as well. After all, you can’t change anything in this lifetime until you ultimately change yourself and determine what exactly it is you were meant to change all along.

As always, we are very grateful that you took the time to acknowledge this information, use it to your benefit and those around you in turn. We pray that you are well, wherever you may be. If you have any questions regarding this article, please don’t hesitate to message us. 

Sending you Light through Love,

Fragmented Illusions.


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