Shattering Agreements

Perception is a constantly evolving sense of Humanity, tailored uniquely to each an every one of our own complexes. It is what allows us to see the world for that which we believe it to be at that moment in time opposite to the individual across from us, who happens to view the abstract painting of life in an entirely different manner, even if the two individuals are encountering the same piece of Art. As we grow into more complete organisms that sense is molded by our environment and those whom we are surrounded by, in turn our environment and those around us are molded by our own idea of that which lays before us.

The constantly changing stream before us depicts a single piece of the puzzle in which we are a part of. At the end of it all however, when we begin to perceive our reality as a one way street, then issues most certainly arise. After all, Change is the constant and driving force throughout time and space, and attempting to halt the progress of that which lays before you will never end well for the element which attempts to control the entire experiment; the sense of “order” (which is ultimately only such within the perception of that which makes up the controlling whole) that the controlling element attempts to instill will allow itself to remain so until it essentially “boils” over, until the critical mass is attained, at that moment in time; everything that was under control and maintained in the eyes of the beholder will then crumble to ashes and dust. Natural power pounds down the artificial dam that was so meticulously groomed and ultimately the eternal order of Chaos reclaims its place as both matriarch and patriarch of the perceived reality. Times forgets itself as the illusionary clock returns to its rightful places amongst the dust that is us, and we, oh we return to the cave to try to transcribe the lesson that we lose amongst ourselves time and time again. Your perception is all that you control. Once that leaks into manifestation into the reality then only you can determine if your creation is one of insanity or true humanity.

What we perceive is that which we believe but deep down within what we project is ultimately the ramblings of a caged creature that we believed we had let loose long ago. It’s cage is thick with steel and reinforced with barbed wire that would render flesh into pudding. The gatekeepers and guardians of this ravenous primal animal that represent the primal and emotional Human which we attempt to forbid work endlessly to keep it in check. The shifts are long and exhausting and these inner protectors have no time to replenish themselves, so they must constantly borrow from the life source of our inner kingdom, the heart itself, in order to keep the flames around the relentless beast alight in order to keep the beast in check. Once in a while however the gatekeeper falls asleep and the beast seizes this opportunity to bring that which we are deep down into the light, as it cannot lay within the darkness eternally. When this happens, all that which we believed was in check and forgotten comes into reality, this is what we truly perceive ourselves to be within. When the beast within is released than external factors or person(s) within or current environment begin to perceive us with altered view and of course that would be the case ultimately. As the simple matter of the fact is, that as long as we hold ourselves to denying change, hence denying ourselves and facing the monsters within our inner labyrinth, then ultimately through destruction of the artificially created protective measures we consciously created, we shall subconsciously bring about the full circle thrice fold.

As long as you hold your perception to be a sole truth and prevent its transformation as you prevent your own transformation then everything around you will continue to crumble to dust right before your eyes, even as you attempt to grasp each fragment slipping from the whole, only through the destruction of your set ways will you be able to learn through the creation of another opportunity for growth. If the previous ways are built up once more, than they will only scatter across existence once more, most likely in a more vicious manner. As the creator of our own destinies and seeker of that which we desire, we are that which limits and uplifts ourselves and those around us beyond the vestige of common perception, only through the integration of lessons that come and go throughout our experience are we truly capable of evolving and expanding our own vision. The hero that will face the beast has been and always will be none other than the image replicated in the mirror before us. Guides can show the way, boons can be granted to ease the ensuing battle, but ultimately only we can finally perceive ourselves for what we really are, whole yet completely void. Momentarily present yet infinitely temporal. Stalwart for the moment yet scattered for eternity. Only you and solely you set the perceptions and fictions of the internal and external, allow them to shatter and be free in order to grow into that which they were meant to be, otherwise the figments may manifest as a destructive force beyond reason. The future is promising as long as you believe it to be presently.

Sending you Light through Love,

Fragmented Illusions

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