Unbecoming of Us.

Causing pain in vain is a necessary component of the Human experience, a lesson which transpires countless lessons in turn. It is unconscious and unintended. Once we become conscious of the hands that we have dealt upon those around us and in turn ourselves (if we ever choose to do so) then we may begin to determine the subconscious intention of the action that was manifested to begin with. We do it to those we love the most. Strangers in the streets. At random, perpetual and climatic, a seemingly harmless encounter can turn into one that is vicious (either mentally or physically) in the blink of an eye. Simple progression leads to complex digression. Complex restoration leads to simple desecration in turn. The cycle that seems to repeat itself over and over again, as if we almost are counting upon it, as if it were a part of us. Does it have to be a part of our cycle until the moment we at last return to the earth? Or, do these seemingly random encounters in turn hold nothing but a statement, one that we were meant to acknowledge a long time ago one that will continue to reinforce itself more stalwart unto at least we give into it and digest that which has been partially processed for a moment in space. As always, we are here and the time is now shall we delve in?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again whilst expecting different results, as famously quoted by the brilliant mind of Albert Einstein. This simple statement is the epitome of so much of Humanity however, that you would almost believe us to be a rather insane overall complex and to be completely honest, we most certainly are (depending on if you view that as a positive or a negative , the matter of perception is entirely up to you). And why is it that day in and day out we happen to believe that we are in fact in the pursuit of happiness, even if the temporary moment is absolutely miserable? “As long as I do “insert task” as well as “insert drain and finally “insert pain”, then ultimately, at the end of it all, I’ll find myself content then finally once we get to the bottom of whatever it is we have filled ourselves up with (distractions more or less), we still find our self in the same boat, which happens to be floating upon a rather turbulent sea. Frustrating, is it not? After all, should we not feel accomplished and at peace now that our physical world appears to be in order? Well, unfortunately, just because the car is mechanically sound, doesn’t mean you should get in it and begin driving if you happen to be intoxicated do you catch my drift? As a result of our frustration that is now gnawing at us from within due to lack of peace of mind, we happen to find ourselves filling up on more mundane distractions than we happened to fill our time slots with beforehand; we’ll throw on the tube, read a brilliant book, sip a numbing beverage, maybe go outside and work on the homemade shed, after all, everyone is different and I most certainly don’t know what gives you a form of pleasure. Also, this is not to say that we are all living mundane lives and must begin to figure out our shit because we are wasting our precious time on obsolete activities! No, this is simply an example, and you may or may not resonate with it, just thought I’d put that out there. Now, we are in the midst of whatever it is we are doing before we turn the lights out and press rinse so that we may repeat accordingly the following day, we still may find ourselves rather bothered within (or we may have numbed that feeling and be perfectly OK with it) and along comes another Human Being, who may or may not feel the same as you. You engage in simple talk that appears harmless at first. Maybe one of you performs an action that unknowingly antagonizes the other, it was unconscious and not purposeful it matters not. The switch has been flipped, and the infernal blaze has now been approached by aquatic rapids. BOOM. Afterwards you are both somewhat confused as to what happened, resentful and angry, maybe one feels as if they have the upper hand while the other feels incredibly drained. Now you both may retire until your next reunion. Deep down you know this can’t be healthy to say the least, but your only Human ultimately, emotions happen, do they not?

We as Human Beings are enticed with the concept of power in whatever form it may present itself; in the form of financial dominance, physical prowess, intelligent manipulation, emotional snares– whenever we happen to know we have the upper hand in a situation or over another individual whom happens to lack what we happen to possess, it makes us feel pretty good, does it not? We have an abundance of that which whatever lays before us does not, so no matter what, we happen to be the author of the terms in which are to be agreed upon, otherwise there shall be no terms at all, correct? Now this is of course not always how the “transaction” is dealt with, ultimately there are those of us that want nothing more than to see the world around us grow just as we in turn grow. We don’t want to take away that which is present around us, as we know that as long as those around us are thriving then we too shall thrive in turn, this is the concept of symbiosis and it’s ultimately what has allowed us to survive on this intelligent and beautiful rock for as long as we have, however the latter option is clearly the more dominant portrayal of relationships in the 21st century which is clearly depicted in the overall spectrum of Humanity presently (socially, economically, romantically etc.) and that is due to the fact that we are programmed to believe that having control of any situation or individual will ultimately bring us into an overall beneficial state. This may be true, however there are two sides of a coin, while one may be facing outwards (in power) the other is in the darkness (out of power), this is simply parasitic and the coin will either be constantly tossed (the struggle for control is constantly shifting) or it will be cemented in its original state. The wheel on the other hand is the perfect example of the opposite of that which we have just defined, rather it is constantly moving forward in motion, in balance and if it happens to fall over, it is quickly propped back up so that it may continue moving towards its purpose. A symbiotic relationship is just that. Constantly moving forward on both sides in a balanced manner. Supporting one another when the other falters so that the progression may continue. This is the natural way of any relationship throughout the Universe, pure harmony with the intent of thriving with all those involved. The mechanical way of control that we have become so accustomed with is clearly it’s opposite, with the intention of one’s growth at the expense of another, sounds like Cancer, does it not? Well that’s precisely what it is, a parasitic growth that will continue to take more and more if left unchecked and healed.

Being consistently conscious of where you lay in your relationships and environment is one of the keys to success throughout this experience. You must be aware of those who you hold close to you and really perceive if they in fact hold you close as well, or only smother you when it is convenient for them, this also applies vice versa in turn- are there individuals out there who do whatever they can in their power to make sure you succeed and do you in turn give them the same energy exchange in turn, or do you simply take what is offered and wonder why they become more distant and distant. Don’t put all your cards in one basket, as the old saying goes; this applies to absolutely everything in life. You never know when a match may just fall from the sky and set flames unto your entire “basket”, leaving you with nothing but the memories of that which could have, should have and would have been. More than anything, have the courage and strength to acknowledge when it is time to let go of that which is no longer applicable to your own life, follow your intuition and cut loose anchors that are holding you back from setting sail upon the sea of life, that which you desire so dearly.

As always, we pray that you enjoyed the article and gained insight from that which was transcribed within. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me. All the best to you and until next time.

Sending you Light through Love,

Fragmented Illusions

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