Embracing the unknown is the epitome of Humanity and has been since the dawn of our intelligence.

Those that stay within the borders of the secluded village or the concrete jungle are never the individuals who carve a path for the seekers cut from the same fabric of that which we are.

Visible footprints leading into the dense ebony forest are always forerunners for a true adventure, for those that are willing to embrace their own legacy or rather take the hint that is laid out before them.

Following the mass simply based on instinct that there is safety in numbers may very well lead you alongside you loved ones into the grave.

A shallow grave filled with nothing but trinkets and precious heirlooms that you and those around you accumulated throughout your years chasing that which resides externally rather than internally.

The internal wonders that reside in the few seekers of the pack that chose another route have led these few along a beaten path, unto a new dawn.

Allowing yourself to be and truly see that which it takes to properly ascend into who you were always meant to be.

This is the path I take, upon my pledge I sincerely pray that I may find peace within my Life so that I will not be restless upon Death.

As I look upon the infinite horizon, I take heed of the warning that has brought others salvation and others endless suffering.

The Truth is right before your eyes, not in the books that promote doctrine and lies, nay are the present within the past or future, the only moment is here, right now, to arrive there is no detour.

Lose yourself only to find your Self locked within an infinite matrix that seeks to aimlessly lock you into a moment of continuous stasis. 

For what is the point in living until the end of time if you are stuck within a machine that intertwines moments of agony and the sublime.

2 thoughts on “Tedium.

  1. Welcome to the machine …


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