Amoroso Ahora

We were side by side.

Yet there was a feeling that could not diminish, nor could it override a sudden black hole enveloping inside. Even though there was the infinite promise that a new dawn would soon bloom, I failed to realize that only I was being consumed.

This sudden burst of paranoia, some would call it a mere phobia. The Now I was told was a lovely crimson wrapped present, the past and future were nothing more than realized and promised lessons.

I saw the ashes, skulls and twigs swept into a pile, constantly defiled by a single rose glistening within the holographic cycle.

Sand and dust scoured the ever descending floor, a voice angelic yet ravenous softly said, “you shall” and then shouted intensely, “be no” before returning to daunting tone it whispered, “more“.

As the strength of a single cell has brought empires to their knees, a single word is all that is required to make the embers of passion freeze. Suddenly the work of a millennia, of a single second are seemingly one and the same. Both are nothing. Both require repair. As learning is simply remembering.

I forgot that I was meant to kiss her goodbye. The sound vibrating from across the space we share is clearly a sigh. The released friction of someone who is all too familiar with the concept of a simple lie.

Looking into billions of pixels is the 21st century equivalent of gazing into the stars. What have we become, some say we are evolving but my truth is that at last, we are coming undone. No longer do we reminiscence upon where we are truly from. Science and magic, the arcane arts have attempted to dismantle of infinite complexity into nothing more than a formula, in which some deity decided it would run “Humanity” “Universe” “Beginning” “/Humanity” “/Universe” “/End”.

I wish, I truly do, that I could allow myself to give into this wound. One that was created long ago, one that I continue day by day to sew.

They say it’s healed and now it’s best to be forgotten.

Yet I cannot recall the day in which I allowed it to expand beyond my imaginary coffin. Into reality.

I gave birth to a mental fallacy that is subjectively allocating more resources into searching for part of me that is buried at the bottom of the Universal sea, infinitely attracting multitudes of sirens and succubi which search for a heart more wholesome than I.

I found her.

She calmed the storm of my internal forlorn.

Soothed the chaotic eternity of misery.

She lays by me, ever so eloquently and beautifully.

Eternal bliss for now, until the moment begins to slips away from me.

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