Simplex Mendacium.

Pondering upon eternity, it is clear to see.

The fallacy of the prolonged commitment to integrity.

I lose myself upon a wave, crash and burn and what appeal do I give to ye?

Simply the promise of feigned security.

I am known as the wind, flowing free infinitely, yet the discourse demonstrated consciously is one that invades my own sanctum of morality.

Stalwart and headstrong I faced the plague. One that would renew itself in each and every act of my Human Play. 

Shattering across the isles, I scream for “FREEDOM“. Yet at what cost? Is there a price I am truly willing to pay.

If there was a single numerical digit configured, would you join me upon the plane or simply abstain?

Fore I know if I were chosen to accompany a Being similar to myself, a sickness I would feign. 

As who knows what misadventures and deeds have been planted within my subconscious domain.

Thresholds that may injure the body, maim the mental and afflict the spirit.

There are many secrets I wish to tell you, but would you care to understand, even if the answers would cause you to fear the I that is now known as It?

Entranced within a dance, the expanse which is ever continuing it’s journey into the unknown is enveloped within our enclosure.

Painstaking syllables forged within the passionate embers of a rising titan who shall perish as we all do, wondering if I ever accomplished that which I was sentenced to while manifest. 





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2 thoughts on “Simplex Mendacium.

  1. Love you sweet pea ♥️

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  2. Commitment is a necessity if you want to accomplish anything in LIFE otherwise you simply float in the wind and return to dust unaccomplished in anything but the inner back and forth banter between should I or should I not ??

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