Time is of the essence and ever so precious.

The experience that a Human Being measures their life in is linear consciously and multilinear subconsciously. Where we internalize and externalize our energy, our “time” so to speak essentially defines our existence- in the past, present and future. History repeats itself until it is ultimately addressed and corrected permanently, yes as creatures that change by the day, is permanence even a natural state for one to be caught within?

That comfortable conformity that we find ourselves engulfed within as members of society who dedicate themselves to the maintenance and longevity of the collective that we happen to inherently sprout within. Not to say that being a respectable and productive member of society is not honorable in the slightest, as it most certainly is- as social creatures, it is almost unnatural to not be willing to commit oneself to the cause of the collective, not only in benefit of oneself so that you may be able to raise and care for those that come after you, as your parents before, but so that you do not feel alienated from common society.

As time progresses however, unless an equilibrium is maintained in all areas of one’s self in relation to their dedication to the collective, a rift may begin to form. A tear in your very essence, that unless woven back whole, will rip you apart to the point of no longer relating to the collective nor oneself. A search begins as one realizes that the root of the wound was internal rather than external all along.

This happens all too often in life. We learn and more than often, do not learn, from these experiences, which then determines how we will react to similar situations in the future. So to say, as we externalize energy through actions then we internalize the corresponding experience as a memory to determine how the past can help our present selves determine the future.

It’s very easy to get caught up in situations that throw us off of our own equilibrium in exchange for the short term game of the moment, or the promise of the future even, we can forget our own past in order to appease the present, whatever that may be. It’s important to uphold your external responsibilities, no matter what they may be. If you find the daily and chaotic grind of the collective repressing your own internal and natural flow, so that you yourself are no longer externalizing that which you hold within, then it is most certainly time to let yourself have a bit more time to replenish that which may be forgotten for the moment. Ultimately you are a beautiful part of the mysterious puzzle of Life, but only an indiviudal piece can see itself as precious within infinity. 

You are precious and finite. Time is limited. Energy is dispersed at one’s Will. 

Sending you Light through Love,

Fragmented Illusions


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  1. Good to see you on the blog again !!


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