Diligite Umbra

I feel as though I am weightless.

Floating freely through this subtle moment within Time-Space.

This is truly a rarity, for at times I feel as though Atlas himself has taken a reprieve and asked my shadow or rather, tricked that apparition into taking his eternal place.

Truly, as though the fire in my belly has been beaten down to the faintest of sparks, it is because of this feeling of weariness that I allow myself to bleed in the dark.

Too long has it been since I’ve begun, yet shortly ago I must have forgotten, which is why I find myself in this rather stubborn situation, the one I only days ago begotten.

To open a lock that I held within my heart the same way my body contains my soul.

What fragment did I keep within that crimson little box?

Truly it is clear, yet if it is not then you shall never know of the tender love that left me whispering to the river that our love is still forever, let it be known.

For it was I who took to the sky, sweet moon child, to reclaim my place amongst the stars,

to challenge that which claims to be the brightest,

to deny my ego the opportunity to make my heart the blackest

For my own worst enemy lies in the ripples of the river.

The one staring back with eyes of ebony, claws of embers, it makes me quiver.

For I am no saint, I cannot begin the ceremony nor can I hope to deliver

Any of the self-indulgent, blind and reckless sinners

Similar to myself, the one hand I can stay, the one hand that can portray

The love that I give, receive and take away.

For it is true that I feel weightless, and it may be because I am not tied down with you.

As I look at the clouds of infinity, it breaks me to begin anew.

For I was your first, I drank deeply from you,

Your soft November lips, your fire ignited an inferno, one that had relinquished being true

Your fluid ocean eyes saw right through my traumatized disguise

Your guiding hands led me back to green pastures through no man’s land

As I rose parched from the desert dunes, you hydrated me.

A wild monsoon, a fanatical hurricane, this dismay is not in vain

For it was you who taught me once again that in order to remain,

Love is the path each soul must never refrain.

Through the light in your eyes to the warm love in your hips.

I feel as though many opportunities have been missed,

And they shall continue to be missed, for I am simply a man, with albeit, an unknown plan

I do know however at last,

How I feel about you, the chaotic and primordial buzzing in my head tells me it must be true,

That we are lost, swimming circles in an underwater volcano, burning up and through,

And until that time we are anew, forever shaping exotic puzzles through the infinite time loop,

Know that right now, to be here at this moment in its earnest and fullest, is all that was ever asked of both me and you.


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