Forsaken Sun.

There comes a point in time when you begin to ask yourself what in fact is worth fighting for. 

Even if the answer is ever so simple once it simmers and boils down from the chaotic conflagration we manifest it to be unto its pure form.

This very moment.

In fact, this may be the overwhelmingly decisive factor, the very pinnacle, of what you and I have always fought tooth and nail to attain, what we have always strived towards, was this single moment in time.

Let me tell you, I will fight for this very moment until the end of time. Until the heavens shake and melt upon the earth and the underworlds melt a fall into the eternal void.

The simple matter of the fact is that nothing will ever keep me away from this moment.

As WE are this Moment, both you and I, it is us and together we are One.

No not in shape, nor in thought. Yet separated, we would have but a single thought.

A single stroke within the infinite masterpiece,

A fractured spec of light bouncing off the eternal prism

You and I, at this very moment in time, are the moment.

Even if you are unaware of it, as I’ve seen just how hard and long you have fought to be here, I know that this is exactly where we were always meant to be, right now.

 The thing is, I wouldn’t change it for all the world, not for all the secrets of the Multiverse.

Truly, my love, this is all I have ever fought for.

This honest acknowledgment,

This simple statement,

This single moment.

The fight that I have at last come to peace with is currently in pieces across my fragmented reality,

As the sole author of my own book of destiny, it finally dawns on me,

That this is as whole as it ever has been and as it ever will be.


For it is true,

I am fragmented in Truth,

the final and first breath of fresh air shattered against an inferno of abyssal hail.

This finite moment within the infinite was cemented the moment I sought you out,

ever so cold and drenched from the crimson rain,

in a torrent of hellfire and pain,

You alone whispered my name and allowed me to at least for a moment, be tame.

For I am a wild beast. A raging tornado. A serene pasture and a graceful waterfall.

Yes, I see you at long last gentle lily flower, staring at me from beyond the moon’s shadows, whispering and biding me ever so closer.

This, yes this oh sweet sunflower, is what I fight for.

This Love. This Moment. This Life.




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