Umbra Disputatio

I feel it deep within my soul.

Deep within my very essence.

My heart yearns and reaches out into the lucid landscape that grows deeper and deeper within my vision. Further and further I feel the call pulling me back into my core.

I’ve been summoned, once again it seems, to come face to face with MYSELF. It’s terrifying truly. I’ve grown accustomed to the mechanical ways of my society, myself blending in as a humble drone, eager to serve and fearful to master. That is a problem. A large one in fact. As if I were to sacrifice my very gifts, that which I came upon this energetic plane, to begin with, then I must have long ago made an unconscious suicide pact.

No, however, it is not the time. I have been shown the hourglass of my own moments and not now shall I die. Nor shall I fry, wither and rot away. No, I will look myself in the mirror and say, “Never, and most certainly not today.”.

For I am a warrior. I spill many types of blood. Physical, mental and spiritual, I see the tether which is essentially an organic plug. That brings life to clay. Allows the ghost in the box to feel both happiness and dismay. Allows me to sing a soliloquy and seemingly portray, a new world.

For I am a poet. I spin stories as I make love then take flight like the winged dove to bring peace to the unplugged. To bring love to the unloved. To bring beauty to the grotesque. To bring truth to the unsaid.

I am a thief. I stalk late in the night. I steal the emotions of those around me, typically those invoking the negative tendencies such as horror and plight. I, the conduit rain down upon happiness and stealthily grasp the final egg from the lonely mother’s nest.

For I am a warlock. No clan of my own. My family doesn’t see into the other worlds or they block them out and old blood lines of mine have been crisscrossed with cursed bones. Shame, I have none. For I answer to none. Only the highest creator may judge the chaotic abyss that I manifested from.

I am loyal you see, to infinity. Eternity is my guide and time mocks me endlessly. To show me away, a brighter day. A darker night, one which is within sight shall merge with me, unto the eternal dawn until I am once more the infinite twilight.

I used to lay underneath the fireplace. Rolling amongst the ashes and bones. Until I saw within and cut a path towards my throne.

The path I still trek.

The one that shall lead me to my death.

That which fills me with life, allows me to exalt the highest light.

Now that I have stretched, I can see that I have grown nowhere near my full height.

Stress and fear, two old friends of mine that my ego clings to rather dear.

Only I can truly peer into this unparalleled moment in time of mine that brings me near.

Acceptance. Yes, I truly hold responsibility and most certainly would pray that I am able to keep up with the accountability that is being thrust upon me, more so each and every waking breath.

Yes, this life is a test. One in which I shall no longer rest until I have reached the apex and am at my very best.

Not alone, however, but with each and every one of you. For I feel your pain and exalt in your pleasure, this much is at least true.

Now, for the time being, I feel as though it is due. My time is only beginning, very swiftly all of a sudden, I feel imbued with hope and am born anew.

The Call of the Wild has taken hold once more.

Answer at your own discretion, choose which door.

As each path is different, laid with traps and treasures. 

A wise Human would watch the blind wander from afar, and remain light as a feather.

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