Serving, Healing, Teaching & Learning.


This industry has defined and will continue to define Humanity throughout our infinite existence.

I say infinite as even as it comes to an end, a new beginning is at hand. Yes, whether in servitude or filling the role of “master” (who in turn is in service to a cause, role or higher “master” themselves, typically, unless you are truly independent entirely and don’t give nor receive to a source other than your own. The latter being far more common, as the second option brings to mind Jabba the Hut from star wars…).

We are often in service or serving a purpose greater than ourselves. We may be in service selfishly, grinding out that horrid 12 hour day simply because at the end of it, the digits in your electronic bank account has grown.

We may be in service to others, pushing through each and every moment of heartache, pain, and growth alongside those of us who might not be able to push through on their own, if it wasn’t for those who had come to their aid, sure you don’t get a large pay cheque, but you’ve got a large heart, and in my personal opinion, that’s priceless.

Last but not least, you might be in service to yourself; whether you are eating healthy, putting in an hour at the gym or cracking open ‘that book about mating habits of orangutans that you’ve been itching to delve into. or maybe you are cracking open that bottle of 2011 Australian Merlot, practicing your kung fu, or rolling up that fine emerald herb you just scored from your farmer.

We are all serving, in one way or another, and if we are not, then we are either in a loop of some mental, physical or spiritual decline, waiting to bounce back up, or we are dead. If you aren’t doing anything in service to yourself or another, as every single movement and action is a service or disservice in reality, then you are most likely on the other side. Even if you are dead, then you are probably serving the living. So in reality, it’s all about the full circle of service within in complicated Universe we happen to inhabit.

It probably seems like I am about to write an article on how you can better serve yourself and those around, and although I’ve already touched upon a few points regarding that topic and probably will throughout the remainder of this article, that is not the focal point that I am trying to get across to you, or is it?

Before I confuse and crisscross, I’d like to say that from my short life on earth thus far, I have been in four different consistent states. Some states are permanent and some come and go. I’m assuming most of you can relate. The first of these states being Service. Yes, service; my primary function, probably you’re primary function as well.

Yes, I’ve been in service to myself, my family, my friends, my community, my workplaces, my schooling, my various practices and most certainly my country, and at the top of that, my planet, Earth, since day one. I’ve been in service to myself by ensuring my survival (oh, but let me tell you, a lot of different people and variables have ensured that I make it to some moment in time, really if I were up to my own survival entirely, I would have died as a baby) and growing myself in different ways, both positively and negatively.

I’ve grown myself positively by being as open as I can to those around me, constantly learning that which I excel at and intrigues me. I’ve grown myself negatively allowing vices and fear to overcome me at different points in my life, and allowing my own notion of my self-worth to be far lower than it actually was in reality.

I’ve been in service to friends and family by being a man of my word and helping them to the best of my ability.

I’ve been in service to my community by being a good neighbor, supporting local businesses and taking part in local events of charity/volunteering.

I’ve been in service as a worker, as I have always been employed, never have I employed myself through my own various skills (although this will change in the future, and I will be able to employ as many people as possible).

I’ve been in service to the schooling system, which was in turn in service to me, talk about symbiosis!

I have always been in service to my country and in the greater schemes, my planet. As we are Humans of Earth. Boundaries simply separate us from the clear truth, that we are all one and the same behind the millennium-old cultures, languages, and practices that we still cling to as a form of keeping “us” separate from “them”.

I’m assuming in the latter paragraph you found yourself nodding in agreement and checking off the points in which you yourself are serving each and every day.


From service, I have learned much from others as well as myself. Through these experiences, I have been able to learn and expand my own skills. I owe everything to the knowledge of those who have lived and those who are living. Not solely Humans.

Nature has taught me a great deal, for she is the most patient and willing of all. Plants most certainly too have shown me a great deal of my entire spectrum emotionally, physically and spiritually. I am referring to psychedelics, of course, the plant teachers that have guided Humanity for a long time, as well as the trees of different species and most certainly the broccoli and avocados I eat regularly, who teach me to care for myself nutritionally as you most certainly “are what you eat” and I’ll add a line from the father of modern medicine as well, Hippocrates, “all disease begins in the gut”.

Animals too, have shown me to love unconditionally and to show compassion to absolutely everyone, regardless of whom they are (I don’t think my dog has ever not jumped into the arms of a newcomer and diligently started to kiss their face vigorously, not saying I am going to start making out with the stranger who walks into the room, but I most certainly am going to smile warmly and hear what they have to say before I draw any conclusions. I expect that of myself and in turn, I expect that from others, otherwise… well then we’re writing a whole different story.).


As I have been in service, and have had the opportunity to learn from those more experienced than myself, it is most certainly up to me to pass on the torch of knowledge when the time comes around, as my previous teachers have done for me. I’ve had the opportunity to pass on knowledge from previous teachers of mine in many different aspects of life to new seekers, just like me. I’ve had the pleasure to teach others about themselves when they were in the darkest spots of their life, as others have taken me by the hand and guided me towards the light when I have been enclosed within darkness. At the same time, I have had the opportunity to teach people how to properly slice tomatoes and steam lobsters in kitchens, as I’ve been in kitchens for many years of my adolescence. I’ve been able to teach what I have learned from others in service, and I wish to continue to do nothing more throughout my Human experience, as that’s the truly the greatest gift, giving and receiving different aspects of our collective experience!

This leads me to my final and honestly, the point that I find is the most important of this piece.


Throughout life, as you import and export various experiences throughout your life, you will find that it starts to take its toll on you. Especially if you aren’t giving yourself the time you need to learn from each lesson that you receive in service and most certainly if you are providing too much service, either as the teacher, student or worker, you’ll find that in you don’t integrate these experiences into your life properly, they will come back to haunt you, rather you will repeat them in a loop until you finally take a step back and start to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.

You have to reconstruct your life. You have to reintegrate lessons you have already learned. You need to heal, your body, your mind and most importantly your soul (as the other two aren’t going to thrive if you YOURSELF aren’t attuned to your own life, your own mission, your dreams, and goals).

So how do we go about beginning this process? It’s literally different for each and every single Human Being, we have to learn to heal, we have to be in service to our own healing process and lastly, we have to pass on that which works well for us, as it could very well work for another brother or sister out there that’s feeling a bit “low”. I’m not going to try to tell you how to heal yourself, that’s not how healing works. Nor can I heal you, no. NO ONE CAN HEAL YOU. That’s your job to be rather frank, and if you believe that it is the job of another or you have faith in a “master” who will teach you to “heal yourself and others”, then you are going to be “healing” for the rest of your life. If you are stuck trying to heal yourself, then how are you going to be of service to others? How are you going to continue to learn and pass on what you’ve learned if you are simply trying to learn how you can once again learn and teach and serve?

I’m not trying to diminish healing work, nor am I bashing on “healers” or people who claim to help you, help yourself (although in a way, they are helping you, help them, as I haven’t read news of a recent ascended master manifesting suddenly and uplifting Humanity into a new golden era. Even if that happened, I really wouldn’t trust it all too much, everything comes at a price.), I’m simply saying, as a guy who has spent a large portion of his adolescent life attempting to learn to heal himself through different practices so that I could, in turn, heal loved ones and those who couldn’t help themselves, that the only healing that has to be done is self-healing. Once you start the process, you’ll see those around you pick up and begin it themselves, or you’ll grow distant from those individuals as you will no longer resonate with these individuals.

Self-love, self-awareness, and self-education are vitally important to the healing process. Being the best version of yourself through healing trauma allows you to in turn be of far more service to your brothers and sisters. It allows you to learn more and more efficiently. It allows you to teach more openly and freely that which you have learned. It allows you to deal with traumatic situations more skillfully, which in turn will allow you to heal more quickly from these situations that cause pain, which will allow you to realize and release these issues, so that you may once again be of service.

Remember folks, it’s all part of the process, we are all in this together, you matter a lot to so many people, and it’s only going to get better and better if you simply allow it to.

Service, Learning, Teaching and finally Healing. These states are constant throughout my life as I’m sure they are through yours. It’s how we handle and live through these states that truly defines us. 

As always my friends, it’s been a pleasure. Please feel free to share this article if it resonated with you and you know it will with others. Message me if you would like to speak more in-depth.

Sending you light through love,



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