“Life’s what happens when you are busy making plans”.

That’s a quote my father has repeated to me consistently since I was a child. I’m certain it was a quote said by the famous Sir Paul McCartney of none other than the legendary Beatles, the iconic rock band known to all and revered by many.

As a 21-year-old man, I am truly beginning to feel that statement and understand it better as each day passes. Time truly slows down for no one. It is not your friend. It is natural and unemotional, it won’t stop for you nor will it support you through your times of tribulation just as it won’t allow of the moment of pure bliss to last an eternity.

Really, Old man Time is simply there to measure your growth and experiences as a Human Being. Considering we have the gifts of free will and intelligence, what we happen to do with our life’s is entirely dependent on what exactly we choose to do with it. Of course, there are circumstances in which you are no freedom on how you proceed from day-to-day. Slavery is rampant in the 21st century just as it was in the medieval ages, a simple google search will enlighten you in that predicament. That’s an extreme case but is actually rather commonplace in most parts of the world, even in the backyards of 1st world nations that cling to the concepts of freedom and liberty for all.

However, allow me to impart on you my own perspective in the hopes that if I myself need a reminder down the road then I am able to look back and have a taste of my own medicine.

Where I am, at this moment in time, in every aspect of my life, is entirely dependant on the choices I have made myself of my own free will. The good, the bad, the ugly and the remarkable all rolled up into this big strudel of the life of myself, is entirely my own will. I can say that as an adult. Yes, there are things out of my control; like mother nature, the global market and conflicts growing upon Earth.

However, what I am in control of is what I decide to do at this very moment in time. I can decide what path I truly wish to pursue. I can control my own emotional and physical welfare.

If I’m unhappy and feeling down, well then it’s my responsibility to figure out why exactly I’m “off” and how I can get back “on”. Find the root of my own misery, and start putting it back together from there.

If I’m unhealthy physically, then I need to take myself to a doctor, nutritionist, hit the gym or give myself some time in nature.

Others can most certainly help me, those who are more knowledgeable than myself in one area or another, but it’s up to me to take that initial step of owning responsibility for what I need to take care of at that moment in time so that I can be my best self and be my best to others, and accept help along the way in accord.

Really only we can truly manifest and implement our dreams individually. Just as only we are truly responsible for our own welfare in all aspects. As I said beforehand, most certainly we require others to truly help realize our greatest dreams and fears, so that we may conquer and bring about accordingly with a collective group of like-minded individuals who are on a similar path as yourself, but only you can acknowledge what’s preventing you from being where you intend to be alongside those who intend to be beside you as well.

It’s always been within you; your hopes, goals, dreams. Only you can see that. Only you can truly actualize your potential and do what you really intend on doing. If you are in a rut, why exactly is the question you must ask yourself, and how are you going to bring yourself out of that. Well, ultimately it’s up to us to inch our way closer, day by day, to where we are truly meant to be.

All I am saying is. Time waits for none of us. The world needs what you have come to offer. People need you, and you most certainly need yourself. After all, Happiness is truly the ultimate pursuit, but how exactly are you going to attain that and ensure that you are uplifting those around you in turn?

As always, sending you light through love, until next time. 


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