Embrace the moment for exactly what it is and don’t allow it to escape you.

Don’t allow it to fabricate itself alternately from the reality that you inhabit.

It’s easy to lose yourself in a wormhole.

Some have been in one so long that they couldn’t imagine the notion of perceived evolution as self-imprisonment.

Just as it’s easy to envision self-imprisonment as a curse rather than the truth of yourself finding a way to break on through.

Each experience unless repeated infinitely in a loop is, in fact, an expansion of oneself, albeit the positive or negative effect on you overall.

Order to Chaos.Chaos to Order. Rinse and repeat.

Each moment part of a momentary transformation as part of your own individual journey.

Always know that you are the compass most importantly.

You are the light and the guide of your own path.

Your heart shall lead yet your mind will decide how it shall pursue the true path or shadow endeavor.

There are infinite possibilities, variables, and components that will affect you externally through secondary forces in which you are in no control over other than how you react and internally that will challenge you and force you to adapt.

Change. The constant companion of the Human species.

A trusted lover and despised stalker.

One that pushes you forward in the most desperate of times and hunts you mercilessly when you are at your most vulnerable.

For without change there is nothing but fear of what will be rather than acceptance of what can and what will be.

For we are capable of being our greatest ally and our own worst enemy, as a millennium of wise men and women have quoted unto both you and me.

This is our planet. Ours together. The collective memories, imprints, and endeavors have interwoven our blood together.

The fate rests within the stars and the cell of an eagle feather.

Decisions we shall make, consciously and unconsciously. Unified or individually. Terrified, or at last free?

That the answer is not up to anyone to choose.

It has always been your destiny.

Love and Light to you all,


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