Potentiam Tuam

“Nobody is you, and that is your power”. 

I was reading through my journal, and on a single page my lover left me a beautiful note of encouragement, and that was one of the passages enclosed.

It really boosted me, as at times I can truly be my own worst enemy. As a Human Being, I think that goes for most of us. However, I can also be my greatest ally, if, and only if, I simply choose to be.

Each individual Human Being brings exactly just that, their “Being” to the table, or rather, to the “game” of life, for lack of a better term. By each individual “Being”, I am referring to their totality. Their history, the experiences that have shaped just that and lead them to where they are at this moment in time. The skill set and wisdom that they have accumulated up until this moment. Their passions and dreams. Their fears and insecurities. Everything adds up in the equation and the outcome is you, and who you believe you are and what you perceive to be.

The simple matter of the fact is that as Human Beings, we deal with both sides of the fence. The positive and the negative. The familiar and the mystery. Experiences and memories accumulate as we add to them with each passing moment.

In the end, you are who you are, nobody knows what that is, typically we ourselves (especially within Western culture, where we tend to lose ourselves outwardly and rarely give ourselves time to delve into the cave that is ourselves) lose track of who and what we are and what we wish to become.

Labels and misconceptions of others can really affect us. We identify more with what we are seen as and what others wish for us to become, rather than listening to the siren going off within, indicating danger and fallacies being pushed upon us, pushing us off of our own path and unto another artificial one. Created for you, not built by you.

That is dangerous. 

Losing faith in yourself. Not allowing yourself to be that which you are deep within, can not only be exhausting but most certainly it can be dangerous and eventually lethal.

Identifying more strongly with another’s vision of the best version of yourself is truly not be true to your authentic self. It’s simply putting on a mask. Underneath that mask, deep within, you will be conflicted, uncertain and most certainly do damage more and more each day to yourself.

Once you begin to go down this path of uncertainty and lack of self-confidence, then only you can realize that you must eventually turn around. Turn away from the ego. The mental construct that allows you to flow in our hive-like and mechanical society. Turn within, and back to your truth. Back to yourself.

Once you start the recollection of the collection of that which you have been ignoring. By collection I am referring to the collective of dreams, natural abilities and goals that embody you, and what you came to Earth to achieve, to begin with, your mission- then piece by piece, you can begin to put yourself back together and strive towards where you are meant to be and where you truly belong.

There is no knight in shining armor, nor is there a fair maiden who is going to complete you at last and gift you with the life you have always dreamed of.

On the contrary, you, the knight (both genders, every human is and can be a warrior) must put on your armor, dawn your blade and shield, and go to war against that which wars against you. That which prevents you from being your authentic self. You must destroy the petty tyrants, the demonic vices and the “invisible” dragons that plague your existence, that stand in the way of you leading the life that you are meant to live.

Once you start on the path, it is up to you to see it through.

After all, only you know what your mission entails, what you want out of this fragment of infinite existence that you encapsulate and dictate.

The simple matter of the fact is that no one is you and that is your power.

You are what you have always been searching for.

All the power that ever was and ever will be is here, right in this very moment. Only you can acknowledge and manifest that.

Sending you Light through Love,

Brandon (Fragmented Illusions)

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