It’s a wild world, and it sure doesn’t slow down. Nor will it, anytime soon. 

On the contrary, it will only pick up. So, in order to stay afloat as you continue your sail throughout this immaculate and desolate experience, we all collectively inhabit, this life, you are going to need to manage your energy and time so that it doesn’t end up managing you.

Or rather, so that someone else doesn’t see your incredible strength and talent before you realize it’s there, and then somehow manages to use you as one of the tools that they draw upon so that they may better themselves and actualize their dreams.

This life of yours is exactly that. It’s yours. Essentially your soul, your essence and what you bring to this game of life that we play with one another, is in truth all that you have. Everything else is a variable, a resource that comes and goes. Even love, for in truth, if you do not manage good love or appreciate it when you have it, one day it simply won’t be there. And vice versa, if you inhabit a toxic romantic relationship with another individual and don’t let it go when the time comes, then eventually it may very well end up consuming you.

It’s all about management, on many different levels.

Managing your inner world so that you may better grasp your outer world. Managing your relationships (familial, romantic, social, professional) so that you maintain symbiosis throughout them on a short and long-term basis and “pulling out” from them when they become clearly parasitic and begin to do more harm than they are worth.

Managing your time so that you are keeping balance throughout your own life in the three main aspects that we as individual Human Beings really need to pay close attention to; our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Once one starts to lose momentum, so will the others. If you start eating a poor diet, you will have brain fog and from there possibly develop depression or another mental obstacle you will then need to overcome.

If you begin to feel that life is dull, meaningless and ultimately nothing more than an experience in a meat box, then yeah, you are probably going to be depressed and in turn not feel the need to hit the gym when you know you most certainly should.

If you start to focus on the negative aspects of life, then you won’t allow yourself to see all the positivity and abundance right in front of your eyes if you simply open them up.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have abundance, what positivity are you speaking of?”. Well, you actually have a computer, do you not? You have access to wifi, do you not? You probably have a roof over your head, if you have access to the latter. From those three standpoints, you have access to universal information. You can learn about whatever happens to intrigue you. You can study a new skill, obtain it and then put it to use in the real world. You could even apply to new jobs regarding the new skill set that you have obtained through studying the field of choice through the internet.

If you manage the energy that you currently possess, no matter how little or how large that reserve is, you can put it to use so that it is working as efficiently as you allow it to be and grow as you allow it to. It will also depreciate and subtract as you act carelessly and irresponsibly. Your energy is what you utilize to gain new skills, through those skills you can aid those that require your certain skill set to solve their dilemma, through the exchange of skill to consumer or individual in need, you will typically be paid, either monetarily, subsistence wise or karmically, really the choice is yours to charge what you feel your worth is.

Ultimately, you are the only person who truly knows their own worth. If you know your worth then, in turn, you can prove your worth to others who in turn shall then know what you are made of, or they will let you know that you could use a little more improvement this applies to all forms of relationships. You must meet the energetic needs of another in order to engage them.

I can’t go to a CEO of a fortune 500 company and tell them to invest in my dreams, without first giving them an explanation as too how my dreams and their investment will benefit us both. If it’s not going to benefit the opposition I am proposing to, then why would they wish to align themselves with me? If I have something to offer and I know the return will be marginally higher than the initial investment, then we have something to work with.

I can’t tell my lover that I need to go to school in another country for four years, but I expect them to wait for me. That’s simply not fair, and as sexual and emotional creatures we have needs that need to be met, and I can’t meet those needs if I am on the other side of the planet.

I can’t tell my friends that their opinion of me or my personal philosophy is flawed, as free will is a very real force, and I’d be flawed to not allow others their own personal opinion and then, in turn, to respect it as well.

I have to manage each and every relationship in my life to the best of my ability given what I currently possess. After all, everybody is doing the best they can with what they possess (in all aspects), only once you learn, attain and receive more of what you seek can you, in turn, move to the next stage of your own personal evolution.

We are the masters of our own destiny. 

We reap what we sow.

Respect and care for your own life.

For, in the end, only you are responsible for yourself.

Sending you Light through Love,

Brandon (Fragmented Illusions)

*On a side note. We have our domain back. The site will be edited and reconfigured to a new layout within the next month. I’ll be looking for feedback, which would be greatly appreciated as it is modified, thank you.



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