At times I feel as though I am falling through an infinite loop portrayed within the lore of time and space. Then I realize I am simply stuck within the labyrinth that is my mind. 

The moonlight gave birth to an ominous glowing path that led deep into the ebony woods that spread out amongst the infinite ocean of broken glass.

With both my feet firmly planted on the ground, my mind lost unto the far reaches of the multiverse, I softly gave gratitude for the moment that was present even if I was not entirely.

The starless sky was painted a deep crimson.

As an eerie silence crept over more completely with each breath I took, I acknowledged the stasis that had deeply paralyzed me and began to work my way back into my body.


No, I was not numb from the cold, on the contrary, I was burnt, rather fiercely.

The realization that I was not capable of teleportation dawned on me. I would most certainly freeze to death if I did not begin to move and restore some blood flow to my rapidly declining vessel.

The glowing path emitted from the twilight was still blindingly clear, seemingly it was the only logical option to pursue, besides, it seemed to be my purpose within this fading reality.

After an embittering battle to bring about change, my muscles released and my body broke against the shattered glass with immense force.

Rather than cutting the body to ribbons, the shards stuck to forcefully to garments and flesh alike, and slowly began to seep into my essence.


Freeing and terrifying. As though I was the core of a star immediately reduced to the smallest form of energy and fleeting through space itself.

As I realigned and centered myself, full control of what I was physically established.

That’s when the chanting became audible.

Sweet and serene then deep and full of misery.

Beckoning me along the glowing path that led thick into the unknown, but warning menacingly that there was no turning back once the journey had begun.

Surreal and daunting. Faltering yet pristine. What is the question?

Rather, what answer do you seek?

Suddenly I felt weak and full of rage. For I was fearful, ever so afraid. I wanted nothing more than the refuge of a lost sunny day when I was an imaginary youth who would stalk the hills and joyfully play.

The sudden vision the exploded across my vision shocked me back to reality. To this moment in eternity that I inhabit momentarily.

There was nothing to think of, nothing truly to do, other than face acceptance of what is, what was and what shall be, is it even up to you?

Alas, it is. Although Life is a Hit and Miss. Only you chose when to take action and chose to persist if you lost it all at once and only then truly found bliss.

For what I sought after, laid alone within the unknown atop an ivy throne deep in the forgotten jungle.

A hunger gripped me.

The hunger of knowledge. As less was understood the more that was known. Acknowledge that the king is the peasant and the thief too can attain a throne.

The unknown was the tattered moonlit path that stretched into the forsaken horizon.

It taunted me forward, beckoning me towards realization, yet another that leads yet another mystery, victories are short in history and replaced by conflict almost instantly.

Haunting me should I not accept it’s challenge, as it has and always will.

As I come to my feet, I notice the moon is faintly purple.

The trek begins and soon I am at the edge of the moonlit woods. My first step along the moonlit path and I feel deeply uneasy.

I look back in hesitation and reality folds unto itself and I slip through the shattered glass beneath me. No longer do the shards caress and merge with me, rather they rip deeply through my flesh. I begin screaming in pain.

Evigilare Faciatis

I am sweating profusely. The familiar setting of my bedroom greets me. I am here. Now.

Sending you Light through Love,

Brandon (Fragmented Illusions)

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