Lost questions, late answers.

Blinded by an alien light that seems to envelop me with the grasp of a lost yet all too familiar lover.

As I come together, piece by piece, I understand that rather than succumbing to the ever hanging implosion that silently haunts me, I must simply release.

Release that which has come upon me silently. Choked both my guile and irony, leaving me fragmented, a puzzle, beautifully bound yet missing vital ingredients in order to truly please.

You and Me.

It is not that I am distraught, rather I am simply immersed within thought. Although the process of purification is fluid, it is flawed and uncertain. For I am no druid, no soothsayer, I do not dabble in reading the future. I live each moment as though I have already passed over so that I suffer from no regrets when I succumb to eternity.

The simple point of me regurgitating the thoughts of a broken record is to acknowledge that I am in pain yet at peace with the wound- certain that it shall mend. Allowing strength to grow in place of empty space.

It feels as though I have been pondering over that which I am, that who I have been and that which I will become since my own inception. Fearful and disheartened by so many variables that are most certainly out of my control.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

For we are both master and creator of our own verse. Our own song. That which we have dictated, torn upon and engineered carelessly yet perfectly.

The song we play which corresponds to the collective symphony of infinity, that which we refer to as the Universe.

The ONE SONG that we as players of consciousness are infinitely bound to.

What is it that has led us to this very moment?

The past, present, and future are all synchronizing simultaneously. You cannot alter one without changing another. Your memories of triumph and tribulation ringing loudly in your ear. Voices that remind you of fading love and ultimate fears. All in unison, chanting propositions as to where you shall next place your feet.

So towards victory or digress upon a defeat. One is sweet as the other is vile. Yet only an analyzation, one that fully comprehends the overall equation which will truly bear the fruit of your labor. Enter solely if you dare, for I care and I will lay bare my very essence, bit by bit. I know you see me, but the problem, the anomaly within the system, do you see it?

A saint and a sinner. Pacifist and a killer.

I am that I am within this unknown land.

Here I make my stand. Alongside you, all. I need you to understand that I am nothing more than a simple cell, complimenting the body of Humanity. Shall I be cancer or purify the earth’s blood as a white blood cell? One to bring about symbiosis and healing or bring about pain and parasites.

Internally and externally, I strive to change and I pray you to do as well, whoever you are.

My heart goes out to you, and I have faith in you.

There is no failure, only redemption. Strive to progress.

I love you, as I see you in me. That’s all I can say, indefinitely. 

Sending you Love through Light,

Brandon (Fragmented Illusions)

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