Wolves, Butterflies, and Sheep.

What would have been, what is and what will be?

Is this a mere lesson or is it the beginning of an exceptional opportunity? Is the end the beginning and the beginning the end? Is a wound that didn’t prove to be fatal, a simple reminder that you are growing stronger as your rise upon the mend. Life is short and full of reminders and second chances. To expand or to contract, will you always be on the attack or shall you simply defend.

We allow ourselves to get lost in the waves of life’s turbulent sea. If you do not understand that from chaos comes order then surely you will drown aimlessly. For this is an experience that requires patience, grace and humility. The cards may not always be in your hand my friend, but they shall shift over eventually, just wait and see.

For there is no control over infinity, everything in motion fluidly and mechanically, designed perfectly, even if that isn’t clear to see. Tranquility only occurs once primordial insanity is laid to rest, permanently or momentarily, that is up to you, only what I decide is mine to keep.

I suppose it’s safe to say, that a trial by flames is at hand.

For I must be purified from the wicked ways that forced me to stay my hand in moments where I was the only one who could truly make a stand within the outer reaches of no man’s land, and rather stand than face the oncoming storm, I conformed to the norm of hiding away while internally I was pouring from every cell in my body. Screaming release me, appease me, please don’t ever leave me.

It made sense then that challenges that weren’t acknowledged suddenly arose at the worst of times, leading to a question that beckoned an answer, a decision, the one that I make shall be in time yet perceived as a crime.

For it is true that we lose ourselves in false mirrors that appear as the sublime, whereas in reality, it was nothing more than a vortex, a loop, one that ate at your life force, what we refer to typically as time.

As one who must design an experience that dictates how I live and ultimately die.

As once the womb opened and unleashed you softly, so too did the first-page turn, revealing a story that you shall play out until the final page is burnt and within a tomb, your lifeless corpse lurks.

Now, what shall happen in each and every chapter? You as the master finding the lost way to paradise or simply triumphing over a seemingly inescapable disaster.

For only challenges seek out those that are willing to overcome them, the one who is unconscious and uncertain must take a step each day to portray the release from the action that led them into the hole in the first place.

Yet, one must now acknowledge, accept and forgive.

Otherwise, the parasite will consume the host’s will to live until they are nothing more than a seething shadow of what is.

You as the host are the only one who may produce the certain remedy that will cure the ailment that has you worrying furiously over how you shall, you will, and you have dealt with this intruding force before, personally, you must choose, to win or to lose. To fall for a ruse a second time or understand and let loose as the joker swings another round at you.

There is a hunger within each of us. One to destroy and one to let live. One to conquer, another to pacify. These active forces of positive and negative consume both you and me but are they not the same once at last, you have the power within tame.

We are taunted and haunted by the way we walk when we truly are meant to fly.

So yes. Look me in the eye. You, yourself, the byproduct of the questions you constantly ask.

If, how and why?

Sending you Love through Light,

Brandon (Fragmented Illusions)

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