Tracing fading outlines

We are floating through time and space, to find a place that will see past our face. 

Since my inception and throughout the experience that has defined me to this day, I have fought to be where I am at this moment in life. I think we all have, in one way or another. There are many battles that are lost to history and others that have yet to occur, still full of mystery.

For this is perspective unto myself entirely, and others may flow fluidly and delicately throughout their climb to the summit of their life, rarely slipping upon the variables present as rocks and hidden footholds, hardly scraped, not that different upon their entrance into the tomb from when they exited from the womb.

Alas, that is life.

We are all various components of the puzzle. Different shades and strokes of the eternal masterpiece. Simple cells within an ever-expanding and infinite body. Different chords and notes adding to the Universe, the One Song.

As individuals we experience our ascension and inevitable fall in incredibly different ways, even in replicant situations that face us, we react, remember and deal with these differently, due to the fact that you are you and I am me. That is something no one can take from either of us until the end plants itself firmly upon our fiery bellies.

You are what makes you so very special and vital. The truth of who you are and what you shall become is that which will ultimately set you free. Until you acknowledge that you are going to be battling your own shadow aimlessly. Until you merge the yin and yang within, you will identify solely with pain in vain.

You are a Snake, that must grow wings and fly alongside the Crane.

Constantly transforming and morphing into various shapes and shades in order to fulfill the role of a new and coming day so that by nightfall you may portray to yourself that today was, in fact, the day that you allowed yourself to shed an old skin that was unbearable to carry, too much emotional and spiritual weight.

For it is true that although we may be born anew, our past tribulations and triumphs still cling to us deeply until we accept and release them, ashes to the wind through and through.

Flowing like the wind yet conflicted as an unsure hurricane, please know that in order to purge the old you must indeed grow estranged from that which led you down this dark and weary road in the first place.

See past the play you grew accustomed to, the lines that have been infinitely rehearsed.

For once you acknowledge fallacies as nothing more than fading poltergeist, they too shall burst. From the darkness came the light. From the pain and strife, and unrelenting urge and will to survive. For you alone can decide how to paint this canvas and play this song. There is no right, there is no wrong. For you must decide if you are going to play the game long and weary or short and strong.

The creator, the transmuter and translator. It is you, my brother. 

The lover, the fighter and most certainly the survivor, it is you, my sister.

Both roles fulfill one and the same if you decide to deliver rather than quiver.

The time is now, as it always has been.

Thank you for reading, until next time.

Sending you Love through Light,

 Brandon (Fragmented Illusions)

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