Embattled Elements.

Caught up in the waves that crash upon my very plane of composure.

I feel as though I am struggling in vain to battle against the enclosing tide, the one that wishes to drag me away into an endless sea.

A sea that clings to me, one that is apart of me.

In my very core, I know it to be true.

To migrate to the best of my ability to the end of this constricting sea, and to myself upon the land, at last, at last face to face with you.

For I have foreclosed you. I have shunned you. I have cut your wings and hung them up on my wall as though they were a trophy.

A blatant defeat disguised as a heroic victory. Why is it that the hero and the monster ultimately hold hands as they dance through space and history.

Split the mirror and each half is still dangling between the host, torn between wholeness and the loss of a treasured ghost.

The fire is roasting, we need not boast, for the life of love that we cherish is the vehicle we rely upon to bring change from coast to coast.

Even if it is seemingly impossible to move forward in a time when we constantly rewind. Backward, never forwards, what is it you would ask of me, to find a paradise embedded within the valley of sublime.

For the only destination that fits that bill resides within our dreams, as well as our nightmares, do you care to walk in a straight line between heaven and hell, fall upon one half of the fence if you truly dare?

Then I shall stare, stalwart and unflinching into the eye of the abyss. Chaos incarnate, my love, is this what you have missed?

For I am in my element when I snarl and hiss, and then recover happily with a song of love as I persist that my earlier reckoning was simply a part of my to-do list.

Insist, please and verily do, that our combining chemicals create an unknown reaction within you. I see it in your eyes as the disguise dissipates, that you are exactly where you belong, present within our shared space.

Our shared space, where we reconcile in denial of flames and embers that consumed even the mighty and holy Nile. Where you kneel and pray.

As I sit solemnly in dismay, greeting the night as I wave farewell to the day.

Do you see me as I see you? Through and through. Face to face. Spirit to heart. Propose a toast to violent tranquility. I’ll see you when you remind me that I can truly be a beast that you one day wish to slay.



A new transformation that will untimely forge reliance upon an alliance forged in the flames of our tribulation, cooled by the powerful winds that I display and ultimately cooled in the serene waters of your solemn pool.

Until that day, I the siren, shall sing purposefully. 

Sending you Light through Love,

Brandon (Fragmented Illusions)

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