Midnight sky, at last,  you have come to bless me.

Undress my weary mind until I am a blank slate and at peace with this very moment in time.

A rapid pace has been set upon me.

No, I do not regret my recent decisions lately.

Even if they somewhat plague me, yet a challenge is certainly more comforting than quiet uncertainty.

Wallowing in a dark abyss, this is what I used to devote more of my energy towards, no longer shall it persist.

For I am here for the present and maybe a little after, know my friends, this is no appointment with disaster.

On the contrary, I ride along an airwave of destiny.

Forming and morphing around me, distinguishing a once-blind man into one that possesses a vague form of clarity.

No longer do I seek a mystery, for the greatest one is all around and seeded deep within me.

A lovely time to think and pray, that one day a victory is all you shall portray. Devour, conquer and flow beneath the surface.

Another point in the Vedic practice of my own imaginary circus.

Diffuse my analogies and you will be greeted with the utmost form of simplicity. 

Me, a message in a bottle tossed into a chaotic sea of complexity. 

For I am the shepherd of my own mental flock of sheep.

For I am the wolf, aimlessly assaulting my own center of well being.

It gives me peace to release and allow the constant fluidity to cease, here we are now. 

Don’t you agree?

With haste, now before there is nothing left to reach, the light at the end of the tunnel, the photons are forming a vivid picture of my savior.

A mirror image of myself, what an answer to a question that I have already reached.

So tell me now friends as you scream, scratch and kick, is it the others projecting aloud and towards you that makes you sick?

Or the simple idea that what we give meaning to is what manifests unto our own island of infinite fixation.

The clock my friends, continues to tick.

Sending you Light through Love,

Brandon (Fragmented Illusions)

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