Imperanant permanence.

The pressure to be perceived as what you have always sought to portray is blatantly high in this age.

Are you writing the script to your own lucid masterpiece or simply following the one laid before you? I, myself lose track of the overall mission that I went out to accomplish at times. Finding myself amongst the black and white algorithms that are ever so popular and frequent, believing a false script to be a true piece of insight.

Humanity’s plight is it not? To be programmed aimlessly as though you were a machine, platinum plated and rather obscene, for the truth is that this life could most certainly be a perfect dream or a nightmare that endlessly loops repetitive cycles until you break through the untimely endeavor, is this the message that you were hoping to receive?

For when the bell chimes and the whistle finally blows. You breathe your final gasp of invisible life and you are greeted by the Reaper in a violent death throe. Peace, deceased, at last, it has all ceased. Oh dear brother and my loving sister, this is the moment that you shall freeze.

Look upon the entire experience as though it were the utmost priority yet completely irrelevant. Don’t mock your own misfortune nor raise yourself upon a pedestal should you remember it. For maybe it was written beforehand and you a professional, acted the role through and through. Now as thin as air, your energy resurfaces within a spectrum of light, you wonder aloud, “It’s all said and done, what now sweet mother and endearing father, is there left to do?”

Speaking to the elders through yourself. Your children find peace within the concept of a lost heaven and a forgotten hell. As you find solace and beauty within the microscopic components of a cell, that break down into One Song, the Universe, forging chords through the Multiverse, a perfect composition in which we degenerate only to renew and excel. 

The simple matter of the fact is that until we look within and see the righteous justice that was meant to be exerted upon by our own better judgment, the world around us shall be a corrupt and ever darkening abode in which you shall rarely find solace. Yes, love, pray do tell; am I on a journey of everlasting life or under the most subtle of dark magic, a rare and powerful spell?

For this is what I seek, my own life to keep, your soft hand in mine and an ever-changing story that shall spin in a contracting and expanding circle; look me in the eye as we fade into a trance, for this moment should make you sing joy as you weep.

Sending you Light through Love,



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