Quattuor Veris

We are gasping for Air. Lungs filled with that which is bare, a simple element in chemistry. One that rules above all and provides the most basic molecular reaction that sustains and can most certainly derange those that lack and greedily consume. Let me tell you, the first of the four within the core of the mantle. Inhale and exhale. For it comes in many forms. Relaxes deeply yet sends shivers deep into your bones. One that cleanses and heals, as well as seals the most certain deal. If you are born of the way of fluidity, then pray tell, do you take this statement seriously. High above a world that can bring us ever so low, it’s difficult to find solace so if you are like me than most certainly you shall watch from above like dear brother Crow. Land only when the time is right, yet in hindsight, there is always the decision to fight or take flight. I pick my battles and I believe you must too, as when faced against a nemesis that is infinitely more capable than only faith, silence and humility are true options until the perfect opportunity to strike presents itself to you.

I breathe fire, igniting within my belly until I glow serenely then grow tired and dire. This is a special trait that is nothing new to me. Bursting with passion, enraged at my own incapability. My ability to burn those around me in the way of light and dark was handed down my lost ancestors, the predecessors who understood the flames are an ally that you should never cross, alas should a disaster transpire. I have grown past the ways of the jester and the liar. A poetic warrior, veins pulsing with a question. What track shall I follow in order to move past this order, to the abyss of chaos, I shall light the way with my inferno and beloved embers.

Soft, soothing and within a consistent motion has never been my forte. I prefer the rapid movements of the turbulent ocean, for she aligns with my own uncertainty. The water, the river, the deep deep lake. It has always provided and given, yet is most certainly of taking and leaving nothing in its wake. The sleeping giant, for once she awakes. She could consume the entire dome that we walk upon, tears running down her face. I have walked this path unknowingly throughout my life. Lovers and friends have guided me along her bay, the light of my life rubs salt water in my hair, whispering that the fluid ocean shall never lead me astray. 

Dearest and most humble, the seed that sprouts and provides our everything. The all nourishing, compassionate earth that takes each and every pain of mine away. Grounding and understanding. Finding me in my darkest of moments and allowing me to understand that it shall be alright and that soon the moon will give birth to the sun, a new light and a new measurement of day, another moment to grasp the soft grass beneath, understand yourself and respect the concept of ultimate sacrifice and our dearest humility. I shall always be with her, the mother and the provider. There is not a doubt within that from the womb to the tom, I have never been without her.

The spirit finds understanding and guidance within the truth. The four elements allow us to experience the greater reality. When we fade away to the wind, are scattered by flames to dust, are drowned in a turbulent ocean or planted within the ground. Always know that the spirit shall find new meaning within our interconnected family, and will once again arise. 

Sending you Light through Love,


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