Soothing Serenity.

It eats at me.

More often than not to be completely honest, just as the earth, what you and I see is but a thin layer of what broils deep within.

Deep down within the core, maybe in fact I still remain somewhat torn.

Yet it wasn’t always this way, as I grow and change I am led astray and begin to decay.

Then once more I bloom, brighter and brighter until once more the process repeats and I am untimely consumed.

In gloom, I’d rather not say, allow these words to be a guide to the true and utter essence, that which I ultimately portray.

For the dust blows, the winds shakes and gravity pulls me deeper and deeper within the eternal quake.

Here I am at peace, at ease for the moment until a volcanic eruption ignites the truth buried within me.

As lava fluidly moves along its designated course, I sit and watch deep within the hills as the destruction takes place, as it nears me I speed away atop my crimson horse.

Yet it catches up, for I am rarely able to evade a monstrous creation whose sole purpose is to stain.

Emotionally, physically and spiritually, oh in the most colourful of ways. A new addition to the ever growing collection of experiences added up through the course of age.

Yet pray my dear, tell me now and have no fear, just another chapter discussing the discretion of how the young page became an old seer.

It was through time, time and nothing more. That and an enormous downpour of memories that made the mental cage battered and torn.

For the road is ever twisting and the end is never near and always yonder. Maybe this is the reason why I sit alone inside the eye of the hurricane and constantly ponder.

For there a is a key, deep within me. Cut me wide open, dissect my heart and truly look within the laboratory of infinity.

Another star, caught in the wave of the universal sea.

This is the feeling I receive internally when I see you look straight through me.

Judgement. Uncertainty. Lack of interest and doubt of purity.

A few traits I cling to in the wild jungle of humanity.

That has limited algorithms dedicated to intelligent decisions. As a mind, a creator, look where that brought us collectively?

Under the thumb of greed and power. Bowing down to hedonism and the unspoken queen, her majesty, the snarling Reaper.

For if time is a test, then I truly hope that we both awaken and acknowledge that we are blessed.

Blessed enough to make a change and see the bottomless pain that is constipated through our history- take my hand and now allow it to digest.

For if I were to digress, I would point to the wound sticking out of your chest.

It’s there, oh there my loves, we must begin our own journey. This is what I confess.

For it’s true. Easy to win and easy to lose. Yet never confuse the two, for they are one and the same, opposites that are woven and fused.

Brushed, battered and slowly crushed by the flightless wings.

I miss my love, the voice that allows me to sing. The one that rings out and truly stings. That which ends both happiness and suffering. Sticks out like a broken limb.

Now, oh now, shall we at last end the games and begin?

Begin to take baby steps from where we landed and where we have celebrated and wept.

Through the frozen inferno, give praise to my wind as it soars through you and you begin to forget.

That holding on and clinging to a dead man is the highest order of neglect.

For when you look in the mirror, you realize at last, that is was you and you alone, who you were unable to protect.

Sending you light through love,


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