Tender, tended.

If I knew exactly what the future held for both you and I, then I would hold the highly sought after gift of divination. Some would say that is a crime.

I would correct the faults that are clearly protruding from my essence and point others in the direction of how they could embrace destiny at their own discretion. I would see what the future of our collective holds and yell it to the heavens, ever so bold. Not a penny would be transferred, as this prize could not be sold, the only price we would pay is that we would have to face the future knowing exactly as it unfolds.

A mighty gift and a poisonous curse, responsibility comes in all shades and all sizes, now cue the verse.

For if I were to reach to the bottom of eternity’s purse and discard it’s contents to the void, would that make me Atlas, knowing and bearing the unseen weight, required to turn to dust when the final page is turned in the book of fate?

For as of late I see I have pondered each and every step. Each movement a shuffle of dispelling further regret. A statue. Broken and cracked as the fine instrument is played untuned. A poor fortune within the billionaires empty soul that lacks true fortitude.

Please oh please, allow us to steel together against this forsaken weather. That which blocks out the rays that nurture yourself and my mother. For once the toxic fumes are unleashed and the hunters unseen are released, will you join in arms, a peaceful revolution of free will, or simply bow down and allow yourself to cease.

No longer a part of the biological cycle that was written by the hand of infinite understanding. Succumbed to the plan of a created and nefarious mind, that dreams of locking the spirit of us all in a cage and dragging it to abyssal darkness, where it remains unseen.

Tortured and plagued, scream and cry, “make it stop, please no more” yet as you gasp your final moulded breath, you awaken in a sculpted body, nothing has changed and the nightmare continues, one you cannot forget.

Finding tranquility in the simplest version of serenity. It’s here you see that you will breathe alongside me. For we have risen and we most certainly see, that power is limited and not for the finite to grasp indefinitely.

Wisdom, you say. Gather more and more. If you understand the secret to breaking free of the established matrix will you truly live forever more?


For if you grasp humbly what this voice is attempting to say, it’s that if we simply live in the moment then it is our hearts that we obey.

More, more and more, do you feel it in your core? The jewels that you sought after, the control over your brother and sister, does it fill the hole that has eaten within you since you decided to give away the only possession you truly keep forevermore.

For it is you. Not the fragile body nor the easily influenced mind, it is energy incarnate, yourself that intertwined and interconnect you and I, looking dead in the eye of one another in this ever turning reality governed by the experience we call time.

We will either see one another on the other side or bide our time, drawing lines in the fabricated sands within the sublime.

As the bell chimes, we are redesigned, how about another round my love? It’s not like it’s our first time.

Choices, oh choices. Grandmother, do you hear me now? I’ve come to a decision as to how I shall make change upon the downward slope, but I can’t do it alone, will you synchronize alongside me now?

Maybe together, we’ll be able to slow it down.

For who shall wear the crown, it matters very little to me. We may have different perceptions, but when it comes down to who shall claim victory, there is but a sole recipient whose infinite mystery lacks substance in an egotistical realm that claims to herald he or she’s banner of climatic… drum roll please… insanity.

For the eyes hold a constant surprise if you are willing to read in between the lines.

I’ll say it one last time.

Would you ever deny the sun it’s right to rise?

Sending you love through light,


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