Flumen Hominum.

Love shall guide you smoothly down the eternal river.

That is what I always believed. Once you have found love, in whatever form or preoccupation that truly ignited your inner flame, your very essence, then you shall be guided by that force that drives us all, like an invisible hand gently pushing you in the favoured direction. No longer shall there be constant doubts, chaotic self directed questions, breakdowns over what could and would be. You’ll simply flow, propelled by the passion of your hearts desire.

As I grow each and every day and experience brief portions of the various limbs that connects the body of Humanity, I acknowledge that this is most certainly not the case. For we are forever falling deeper, learning more and challenged by our own hearts. That which we intuitively pursue as it concretely within a part of you.

See the patterns align. Repeat them as they intertwine. For the last segment, don’t forget and simply unwind.

For the truth is if you fall completely into another human beings eyes then you can easily forget what deep within, you yourself hide. That is not to diminish that truly we as creatures of the light and night, most certainly require a companion so that we can accept the challenge, stand and fight, rather than take flight as soon as we are confronted with plight.

Yet never forget that you hold a gift, one that you must insist upon pursuing and always persist. For the game of life truly is a hit and can easily be a miss. Take the chance that is calling you from within. Always be inquisitive.

As we forget many times, both you and I. That we have dreams, fears and most certainly a mission from above, one that we cannot deny.

For we as spiritual beings possessing free will know that in the end, this short fragment of reality is all we possess to make a difference for one another before the last grain of sand falls to the bottom of our individual hour glass, one that counts each moment from the beginning to the last.

So this, once more I shall say to you, to myself as well so that tomorrow I do not forget anew. We are here now. Our time is limited. Our love is as deep as the ocean and as frail as the connection we share unified, the collective is unlimited.

Love oh dear, have no fear. Look within and accept yourself, forgive the sins so that you may unleash the blessings bestowed upon you.

That is all I have ever expected of myself personally. I believe that is all we expect of ourselves in the end eternally. To release the fear and accept the love that was hiding underneath. To accept our passions as the gifts that we truly seek. To break free from being a cog in an incredibly vast machine. For the truth is that in the end we are never unseen.

We are not numbers nor are we robotic drones.

We are not below or above another that we see out in the road.

We are one with the Earth, and in the end to her we shall return.

We are cells of the body, healing and restoring balance is what we truly yearn.

Cancer, no. However maybe that is how we have spread.

Destroying and maiming, taking advantage of the love right before us, as we were stuck in our individual heads.

So to you, brother. Tell me a story of your pain that we ultimately share, break bread with me as you speak.

And to you, sister. Show me how to love once again, all the colours of the prism that hold accountable the years of torture and torment, leaving you wondering what would be next.

Dear father, hold my hand, I’ll wipe the tears as you weep. There is much anguish that we have never touched upon, deep within your heart is where the treasures of a long lost art that you hold and still keep.

At last my mother, to you I owe it all. From the womb you carried me and nurtured each breath and worried through every fall. I know you have so much away, so that you could give to me. Know that it is returned thrice fold, grateful until the end of eternity.

Creator, that which is infinite, unspoken and unseen. Maybe this is your expression of love and anguish, both your nightmare and blessed dream. As love is the gift, neglect is the poison. Guide us to a brighter path in the end, even if it may not be on the horizon.

In the end, in the beginning, allow love to be your fuel. One that creates and sustains. Let go of destroying and repair the ruins.

For truly it is only inside yourself that you will find, the answers that you have been searching for, were within, all this time.

Sending you light through love,


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