Novum Semita

A little more focus, and maybe you will truly reach the goal that you seek.

Allow your mind to meet your body with the same intent. Drift off into a state of uncertainty and the chance to move forward, to gain the ground that was given, is now no longer an option.

So do you want it, or does it simply interest you?

Are you willing to sacrifice immensely? Give your energy in exchange for the gift of knowledge? Is this the sole desire of yours, or one of many?

A master of one or none. A jack of all trades, one with skill in both the assassin and surgeons blade.

Forget what you believe you want and truly allow yourself to envision where you will be once you have reached the pinnacle of your hearts desire. At last, having attained the skillset you have worked tirelessly to attain. Accomplishing the goal that you set out for yourself ever so long ago.

For life is consuming and ever so daunting. It’s easy to forget yourself in a role or familiar situation that provides security and comfort. In exchange for that however, where are you left?

A shallow husk who seeks to constantly forget, that which makes your heart truly beat and at times most certainly skip. For if the love is poured into the garden which is your head. Then plants of gold shall flourish rather than one’s dying and filled with lead.

As easy as it is to lose yourself to an unconscious cruise. You alone can propose a self truce and denounce the parasitic hosts that feed on you.

Or maybe you are on track, leader of your own pack, fearless of the challenges that continue to stack.

A double edged knife that must be caught so that the youth will not die. The child within yourself is the only one who will cry.

When you are forced to look it dead in the eye. Above all circumstances, this you cannot deny, that it was you all along who tried to pry a treasure from underneath a cyclops, the monster within yourself whose eye you must blind.

For in order to remain within the social game only you can tame a beast that we all possess yet never speak of.

The one skulking within our internal labyrinth in search of a sacrifice that many would never dream of.

For it is in vain that we attempt to gain a foothold of sanity in the abstract realm of spiritual pain.

Rather than conquer, should we not simply sustain, a relationship of harmony, a chorus of positive reasoning?

Now tell me, are you willing to give up everything you’ve worked for up until now so that you can face a simple truth? One that may even break or maim the most important side of you.

For pursuit of the mission is ever so important. Bring a vision of passion to the table dear friend, please do not ignore it.

For the mind is a cave of vast wonders, each tailored fittingly to the owner, do yourself a favour and become an internal explorer.

Understand, analyze, comprehend and fantasize of the endless possibilities just on the horizon.

Only available to those who leave the vast den of aimless repetitive insanity.

For change is a constant and ultimately it is that which we all seek. A challenge to meet, a new enemy to defeat, a new territory to venture through, an unknown mountain, shall we reach the peak?

At the end of it all, our life, to the benefit or ailment, is what we shall reap.

Make sure you are aligned with your heart’s beat, and that every step you take is firmly planted in the direction you truly seek.

Thank you all for reading this piece. If you enjoyed be sure to check out the rest of my work on the site. Share it with friends and family if you please.

As always, sending you light through love,


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