Silentio Magno.

An echo is all it takes. One to remember both your triumphs and mistakes.

Seemingly interwoven and precisely crafted so that you may now portray.

A new day, from the point in which we lay.

Selfishly pondering errors and miscalculations.

No, not always gifted with words, for years at times my vocal chords were not aligned.

Maybe it’s a simple sign. That I am not meant to use this colourful voice of mine.

Tattered and torn. Within this was how the mute feeling left me and my unspoken brothers and sister since the day we were born.

Yet in truth I am sworn, to break out of the dire environment that leaves me feeling rather sore.

A memory reverberates through me. Catching me as a refracted light in the prism.

Consuming and reinvigorating.

Nostalgic and seemingly fading.

Why is it that the emotional colours cannot frame the mute film?

I can’t understand the message that you are trying to get across to me.

As though it was untold, when it reality it it a wide rehearsed and loved story.

Maybe the greedy will gaze upon this figment in history with envy.

For when the day comes, the contemplation is done and we accept ourselves for what we have and always will be, we will truly be free.

For it is cleansing and unrelenting. Truth. It most certainly is.

One that can lead you out of a black abyss and into the arms of a schism, the final product of the quake being pure bliss.

At least for the moment, the realization, allow yourself to see it for what it is.

The pain. The unconditional love. The tears. The moments of interconnected skin. The raging inferno. The serene waters that eventually cave in.

This moment of acknowledgement is all that I have ever awaited. To be free as a bird. To feel as though I was constantly transparent and naked.

For this is how I feel, it is why I speak.

Truly the words of history’s greatest hour personally, the only question now is if it’s marked with an untimely victory or grave defeat?

Thank you for reading. Share if you truly enjoyed the piece and be sure to check out the rest of my work. Take care.

Sending you light through love,


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